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Do you know where to look?

I haven't checked myself, but get GRF editor and open the data.grf file

There should be a sprite folder, try to locate any of the common skills and narrow itself down. You won't recognize the ASCII language, but you can see the preview box for the sprite animation
Server Discussion / Re: Pre-Renewal & Renewal [ Combination Server ]
« Last post by ChauGaming on Yesterday at 01:15 PM »
What client version is that?
Server Discussion / Re: Low Rate Ideas
« Last post by ChauGaming on Yesterday at 01:13 PM »
Make PVP interesting again, most are just PVM nowadays. Maybe an interesting reward system with the skulls?
Free Service Recruitment / Re: Mijaa's Resume
« Last post by ChauGaming on Yesterday at 01:12 PM »

Sent you a request on discord!
whats really sad is the server got potential and it was starting to really grow and they could have earned a lot of profit even without selling items directly to the players cuz their donation shop is already pretty much P2W.

and i thought i made friends there with the other active players but when i told them about these issues, most of them went against me, even after showing them the evidences, and later found out that a lot of them already bought items too. So that made sense why they would blindly support the server and defend its GMs, cuz they already invested too much money. They are totally the kind of players to blame why RO is dying.

Just imagine playing a 2 week server with rates of 8x8x8 and u found players that have multiple MVP cards and +10 equips and 1 billion+ zeny, what would a normal player think about how those players got that kind of items and wealth? even if this happened on a high rate server it would still be insane to think that they got it in a legit way, so how much more on a 8x8x8 server? and what are the odds of using hundreds of bloody branches and the first 2 cards u get are GTB and Tao gunka?

I just wish the GMs of SeireiteiRO Faith & Hope server would post here and defend themselves, and so that the whole RMS can hear how ridiculous their excuses are. But my favorite excuse is from GM Hope, cuz her excuse is "they are just lucky and you're just jealous" lmao
i think i did it correctly... or u got any video or tutorial to link me?
Thanks, appreciate that!
Just search for "flat map" here or google.
So you didn't do it correctly. Use GRF Editor's flatmap tool to do that.
i think i did it correctly... or u got any video or tutorial to link me?
Thanks, appreciate that!
RIP Seireitei-RO

I do understand Admins, who wants to make quick money.

I do not understand the Players, who do RMT like this with admins for money.
Really - What do they expect?
As a player, if it is possible for me (even when the GMs tell to stay silent) to buy top gear for WOE/PvP, it is completely logical that you are not the only one who can.
If you are not the only one, it is a completely shortlived P2W System on the Server, just trying to milk the players worth.

What will the players of SeireiteiRO do after the first WoE, when everyone recognizes that their opponents also have top +10 MVP Carded gear? What will they do if they like PvP and join in only to meet top geared guys with too much money?

Non RMT Players will quit pretty soon. RMT Players will stand alone on the server with nothing to do. SeireiteiRO is doomed.
So why are players paying money for Items? To get an advantage? over what?
This is the reason, why at the first hint about such trades the normal, logical and rational player quits such servers.
The RMT Players will get pissed a month later, when the server goes offline due "maintaince", "got hacked" or something similar.

But do not worry folks - the next server, maybe even by the same persons (under different names obvsly) will open some weeks later.
Merchant / Re: [Non-Renewal] Help ws
« Last post by Zereges on Yesterday at 05:50 AM »
What is Thor WS farming?
I googled that and no one concerns that Kasa's have Shield reflect. Does all servers disable this, or what?
Yes, it works if using the normal data.grf. Cause i tried to edit the map into gray scale maps, it's weird i can login prontera but not other edited maps...

So you didn't do it correctly. Use GRF Editor's flatmap tool to do that.
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