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Server Reviews / Re: OriginsRO
« Last post by Kirchen on Dec 05, 2018, 05:19 PM »
I think its worth to give this server a try, if you are looking for a long living stable server.


this video shows most of the good stuff in oRO
Server Discussion / Re: Season Based Server? (WoE guilds take note)
« Last post by Playtester on Dec 05, 2018, 09:24 AM »
The players that complain about servers dying after 3 months are players that would never join a server knowing it will wipe all accounts after 3 months guaranteed.

So instead of creating a server that survives for 3 months, your idea just creates a server that is dead from the start.
Server Discussion / Re: Season Based Server? (WoE guilds take note)
« Last post by Satos on Dec 05, 2018, 08:40 AM »
Thanks for the feedback.
My post is long and unsightly.

Your assessment of Ragnarok typically has and continues to be accurate (albeit in stronger phrasing).
I think several people have been interested in your project.

I saw some posts about it some time ago. But kind of lost track of it.

I appreciate your genuine appreciation for Ragnarok.
No one spends that much time on something they hate.
I hope your server is the magic fix.
Server Discussion / Re: Season Based Server? (WoE guilds take note)
« Last post by Blinzer on Dec 05, 2018, 05:15 AM »
yawn emoticon

what is this a million lines post long with nothing of substance in it

Server Discussion / Season Based Server? (WoE guilds take note)
« Last post by Satos on Dec 05, 2018, 12:25 AM »
Poke holes in this.  Support thinking through some processes.  Criticize however you see fit.
I don't create or run any servers.  So this is free brainstorming.  /no1

I've been spending some time on another game that I enjoy when I get bored with Ragnarok. (Read as, "frustrated that the server I've been playing on puttered out after 2 months because everyone is bored.")
And I'm wondering if it's primary concept would translate well to Ragnarok.

So, the main draw to said game, is that it offers Seasons/Leagues/Campaigns (just going to refer to the as Seasons from here on out).  You go into the game knowing that at the end of a set period of time, your character/items/storage/the whole economy is going to be wiped clean; and started over all over again.

Technically, I guess the character and storage get swapped into a different game mode...but 90% of the player base pretty much only plays the Seasons and are perpetually cool with the idea of their progress getting reset every few months.

Ragnarok has forever had longevity issues.  Most servers promise to never close or wipe your data...only to close or wipe your data.
Would it be acceptable for a server to promise to wipe your data every 2-3 months?

I'm not trying to copy another game into Ragnarok, or wildly change Ragnarok's gamepley mechanics.
I'm just brainstorming to see if instead of trying to promise years of gameplay, if it would be suitable to guarantee regular resets.

For those unfamiliar with Seasons in games (a few different types of games utilize this), the way they typically work is that the server will announce in advance that Season "x" will begin on mm/dd/yyyy and end on mm/dd/yyyy (or dd/mm/yyyy for all of you in the rest of the world /ok).

New characters created within that time frame may participate in the season, and as previously stated, at the end of the pre-determined time frame, those characters, and all of their items/currency either get wiped completely, or moved into non-season/"standard" gameplay to still be available for regular play. (That way players that found some really rare items can still play the game with them; and don't feel like they've lost their once in a lifetime find.)
Seasons will have different achievements/challenges/quests for players to complete.  And once the season ends, players will get points based on how many of the achievements/challenges/quests they were able to complete during that season.
Depending on the game, these rewarded points are (usually) used for cosmetic-only items, can replace currency for micro-transactions, or are usable in a special shop to buy items for use in the next season.

This is where a server's owner/team of administrators would need to decide what they are going to offer as the pointable rewards, to convince players that this system is worth the time.
3 ideas off the top of my head could be:
1) Season exclusive cosmetic headgears/equips for players to spend their points on.
2) A points shop offering cool little things like the infinite fly wing/gym passes/or some type of shadow gear that gives very small increases to damage/defense/resistance/etc.
3) A points shop offering customized, quality of life, skills.  Like putting Lv 10 Discount/Overcharge on your next season's character so you don't have to create a merchant character on the side.  Or something more customized, like offering a +10% success rate on brewing/smithing creation skills.

Go wild with this.  This will be what will help entice players to play on your server.
The idea is that these rewards would be usable only for the next season, and would then be transitioned to "standard" mode, or wiped completely.

Typically, characters participating in a season cannot swap items with standard characters, and don't have access to their storage from outside of that current season.
So if a player finds some really cool stuff, he cannot stash it in storage hoping to use it again at the beginning of the next season.  So some coding would be required to have 2 different storage systems for each account.
Likewise, if a season player is partying with a standard character, you would need to somehow code the drops to be separate for each character.  That way you could not use a geared out "standard" mode character to hunt gear for a fresh season character.

The bulk of this brainstorm is to determine if something like this would be accepted by RO's players, and how best a server could implement a season based system.

On the technical side...
1) I've seen enough variety in Ragnarok servers to know that it is possible to run Pre-Renewal and Renewal on the same system, and to freely interchange between the two, while keeping drops separate.
I don't know if this means that it would be possible to designate some characters as "season" characters, and other as "standard" RO characters, and still allow them to see and play/interact with each other.  But it makes me hopeful that it wouldn't be a long stretch of the imagination to make that possible.

I don't know if it could be as simple as having Lv 1/1 Novices register for some date based quest...thus designating them as a "season" character.

2) There have been custom quests, achievement systems, and all manner of custom content for years.  So having some special tasks to award season points should be totally doable.

Those two things should be enough to at least lend credence that the idea *could* be implemented.
I'll leave the actually development of the programming to those that have the know how to do it. (Because I no absolutely nothing about coding and programing.)

I guess the rest of the post should just be to write out a proposal, and let it get picked at.
(Again, I am not actually going to be implementing ANY of this ANYWHERE.  I'm just a player that is tired of "starting over" on new servers every few months.) (Is it ironic that I'm proposing that a server be based around starting over every few months?)

So here are some perks I could see as potential pros:

Economy:  Most servers experience issues sustaining a decent economy after awhile.  Having the entire season's wealth/items shift into "standard" RO afterward, keeps the economy clean and refreshed with each new season.  Instead of altering prices, or trying to install zeny-sinks...this would be a regular clean up of the server's economy.

Leveling:  Most of RO's players have become very efficient at leveling.  So much so that some servers have started offering multiple rebirths to keep players interested in playing.  And honestly...with how frequently servers open and close, most of us are leveling multiple times a year anyway.  Multiple back-to-back seasons would at least allow us to keep our friends, guilds, and reputations on one server; instead of having to coordinate a guild move or create "seeking lost friends" threads with each new server that opens/closes.

New players:  Long established servers for some reason (probably the inflated economies, if I were to honestly guess) are a deterant to new players.  Many of the threads you see are people searching for either the new upcoming hyped server, or some stable server that is around 6 months old.  Having seasons would keep a server perpetually new player friendly.  "Joined late in the current season?  Complete some achievements/challenges and get some points to spend on your new character as soon as the new season starts.  Congratulations, you're on equal footing with everyone else."

WoE/Rankings:  (Maybe not a perk...but possibly) Have WoE rankings.  The most winning guild at the end of each season gets an entry to a once a year RWC style tournament.  Could be VERY interesting if you had several large competitive guilds.  Or could be very boring if only one guild dominates WoE every season.  WoE remains fresh and offers a chance for hope next season.  "Learn your opponets' style, hit them differently next season, and earn your place in the tournament.  Everybody starts new again next season.  Find an MVP card?  Lucky you!  Make it work to your advantage this season."

Testing new things:  Several times, seasons can have a theme, accompanying an obvious change.  "Want to try a new 'balance' patch?  Good news!  If it sucks, you're resetting everything in a month or two anyway."

Here are some potential cons I can initially see:

Programming:  I no nothing about coding.  This might be an impossible task.

Loss of "security" for the player:  Some people do want that long lasting guarentee that the progress they've put into thier character won't be lost.  The idea of the majority of the server play being reset every 2-3 months might not appeal to them.  Even if they do get to keep their character/items in "standard" mode after the season ends, they might not feel like they have anyone to play with if most of the population is moving on into the new season.

WoE/Rankings:  Some guilds might not be ok with the idea of everyone having a chance to catch up with them every 2-3 months.  Or with the hassle of having to re-acquire cards and equipment that they just spent a month or two hunting.  If you can find 4-8 large guilds that are ok with the season system, you are going to have a well populated server.  If you can only find 1 or 2 guilds...your server will most likely suffer the same problems that most every other RO server suffers.

Testing new things:  RO players have grown acustomed to leaving if a server has implemented something they don't like.  It might take awhile to get them used to the idea that generally bad changes can be temporary; with obvious fix/update times between seasons.  "Holy crap!  We should not have given the Super Novices 'Guillotine Fist'.  Maybe we should revert that back to normal."

So there's my proposal.  I don't know if it is already being implemented on a Super High Rate server somewhere.  I usually only play around on the low and mid rates.
I think this *could* solve some of the problems with endgame content and guild competition...if you can convince some of the major guilds to all congregate to your server.

I'm a huge fan of full scale WoE, and RWC, and God Item creation...and that's all missing from RO today.
I'm not sure *if* it can come back like it was, fully.  But I think a rotational, season based server could breath some life back into RO.
It gives WoE guilds something to continually play toward, and it keeps the server free from some of long term economic problems.
I think this would be better implemented on a mid rate 50x-100x range server.  That would let people level quick enough to not feel the grind, and will allow them time to hunt their gear with enough time to still use it for the bulk of the season.
Seasons should vary in time.  I'd say 2-3 months would be a good rotation.  If you are trying a RWC tournament with WoE qualifers, that would give you 4-6 slots for teams to fill.  If a guild wins more than one season's WoE ranking, that's a good way for them to limit their competition for the tournament.
If you are going to try some signifigant change, or offer some potentially game breaking reward for some reason, a shorter season might be necessary.  If it works out, then just keep it implemented/offer it again as a reward for the next regular length season.

There it is guys.  Start poking holes, I guess.  /hmm  Let's see how this stands up.
Thanks for reading.  /...
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for a low to mid rate
« Last post by Develon on Dec 04, 2018, 08:00 PM »
To follow up I looked at both of your servers.

RightRO has 3rd classes which are notoriously hard to balance, and are also not really what I'd consider classic, and drop rates so high that cards are a guaranteed drop. Not really my cup of tea, sorry.

Just leaving my 2 cents, regarding RightRO it has no 3rd classes, what you most likely saw was class sprites.
You can for example be a Lord Knight, as the screenshot shows ( https://gyazo.com/7d08a1257dd98fbbc99300db3c57c2ba ). And show up as Knight, Lord Knight, Rune Knight or jro Rune Knight sprite/costume as Zain mentioned on his post.
Classes are only up to rebirth, but regarding your recent "edit in", of people who own mvp cards.
Every card is indeed 100% except MVP/mini boss cards which are 5%, you can obtain bubblegum with relative ease, i.e.: up to 2 characters online 8(?) hours, equals one bubblegum (hours do add up).
You have access to a MVP room which lets you summon a few specific MVPs and sinks a LOT of zeny. A few custom instances/challenges, with rewards actually worth bothering with, among other things. Honestly, it has a fair bit of content.

Also, some MVP cards are slightly nerfed, since you did mention the removal turned you off I thought it'd be worth mentioning them.
A few being:
Fallen Bishop is +25% magical damage on demi humans instead of +50%.
GTB is -50% magical damage instead of 100%, still makes you immune to dispel/quagmire/dec agi, etc.
Thanatos only works in PVM.
Most likely some others i'm forgetting.

Anyway, best of luck.
Server Seeking / Re: LF > HR/SHR RENEWAL
« Last post by tatacho on Dec 04, 2018, 06:09 PM »
I have search all over ratemyserver, xtremetop, reddit, toparena etc for that 1 server I would call my home.

In my experience most renewals are either too much donates, ghost towns, dead servers(even servers from july are dead now) low rates or lack of content (not going beyond wolfchevs laboratory).

Lets hope I don't have to make another server seeking post next year (fingers crossed).
Long Lost Friends / Re: ValkyrieRO?
« Last post by Ramen Lunei on Dec 04, 2018, 01:58 PM »
i happened to see this thread randomly, hi
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