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Server Seeking / Re: pvm/pve server?
« Last post by yennar on Mar 19, 2019, 03:53 AM »
At ShiningMoonRO you got an active community, good party play which got promoted with their party system -  which is a good point for PvM - which is what the OP wants.

I can also recommend AsgardRO for progression & low rate. PvM is big there. You have to get used to the customs, which are btw. a good touch to the game.

ShiningMoon has way more comfort (in terms of warper, autoloot, etc.) than AsgardRO, it depends on what you're looking for.

Both of these servers have a good and fair admin on top and are still developing.
They are both already open and easy to find in the Server List - so ofc i expect people to look there for more information if they are interested.

About SeitereiRO:
It has a history of player abuse and RMT.
Of course this has nothing to do with you Jasc - you are someone completely different who just launches a completely new server with the same name and the same features  /ok
(just a tip: You got some threads from 2017 in your forum about certain features left, maybe delete them and make them new, so it's more believeable?)

All I tell people is to be careful because of past experiences with SeitereiRO - which happened - as you can see in my first post here.
Archer / Re: SS TYPE FOR WOE
« Last post by misterj on Mar 19, 2019, 03:47 AM »
it's not because of the item script, that's fine.
there are several bugs between officials and privates that makes sharp shooting way op on pservs

official setuppserver version
fas caps at 3x14 range fixed even on eathena, but golden age woes often had its cast range at 14
bonus crit damage applies on fason pservers, we basically get a free hydra card just for refining kvm bow. fixed on rathena only
true sight+provoke+gospel only use the maximum atk% booston pservers, we get 20(TS)+50(provoke)+100(gospel) atk% added. but it should only use the highest (gospel or provoke in woe). only fixed on servers i worked on
the aoe should only go in 8 cardinal directionsthis is usually turned off on pservers, which is much better imo. very stupid behavior on aegis
you must provoke in mbk guild+have bridgehonestly, this is better than official setup. you're welcome, i'm why it's standard on every server now!
falcon assault has 9 cell casthercules/eathena have full screen range. not related to fas, but still a nice buff for bg sniper anyways
General Discussion / Why the hate on customs?
« Last post by Kreustoo on Mar 19, 2019, 02:49 AM »
A lot of player (including me) are still there by nostalgia, but, I saw there a lot of people not liking "custom content" in servers, and I'm wondering why. I understand that some custom are extreme/changing the gameplay of the game or just "too op" (like custom stuff surpassing everything).
I did, years ago, made a server with custom jobs (like mining ect) and I wanted to make the game "something else", it didn't work and I thought it was mainly due to being "too custom" or not having the "ragnarok feeling". Because, back them, a lot of players told me it was too much.
But recently Asgard legends popped out (and I'm really happy for insomnia that it works, good luck !), and it seems I was totally wrong and that kind of server can work!

Excluding example like that, why people don't like custom? Shouldn't it enhance the game? Like making new area to visit? New things to discover?

No trust in those admin that just made server for money grab?
Unbalanced things everytime?
Simply because you want to play as vanilla as possible?
No game design behind it and boring as f***?
Never knowning where it will stop and fearing that it'll become too much?
Server Seeking / Re: pvm/pve server?
« Last post by Kreustoo on Mar 19, 2019, 02:40 AM »

What do you mean by PvE and PvM ?

MvP only ?
Exploring the world ?
Quests ?
RP Quests ?
New boss ?
PvM events ?

If you're into exploring the world/Quests/RP Quests and a true hard PvE instance (with a custom MvP with events like Baphomet or Nidhog), you can give us a try after the 22/03 : https://f-o-y.eu/Informations.php.
We will also set up temporary thematic event will be: adding quests and / or events and / or instances.

It's not a x1, it's a 15/15/5 on normal monsters.

If you have any question, you can ask here, on pm or join us on discord : https://discord.gg/kHfrkYG
Mid Rates / New Loki Grand Opening in March 29,2019
« Last post by shots on Mar 19, 2019, 01:33 AM »

(i`ll update this post for more info)
Basic Information

Episode: 14.3 Decisive Battle
Renewal 3rd job
Max Lvl 175/60
Max ASPD 193

Exp Rates

Drop Rates
Normal Cards x15
Boss Cards x 10
Mvp Cards x5
Rare Cards x3

Custom Map
Automated Events
Daily Rewards
Official and Custom Instance
Lots of Quest
Freebies Npc
Gepard Shield

Heal&Buff NPC
Reset Stats/Skill
Job Changer
Costume Enchantment
Platinum Skill

Homunculus S System
Battle Ground Waiting System
Shadow System
Bank System
Costume System
Party Booking System

Download Link: release date (March 26,2019)
Website Link : https://bit.ly/2s7u5St   (still under development)

Join our facebook group for more updates:
Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/2VIdmSS
Server Seeking / Re: pvm/pve server?
« Last post by Jasc on Mar 19, 2019, 01:12 AM »
I would be very careful about SeitereiRO


you can try ShiningMoonRO if you want a customable rate (or 1x)

That is a different server with a different admin and owner, which has since closed its doors. The Seireitei name has since been used by many owners for the last 10 years. I've stayed on topic and touched on the OP points of interest. I don't know what shining moon offers in terms of comparison, but if you intend to slander my server, you are not doing a good job competing with me if it is just rates you are boasting about.
Server Seeking / Re: pvm/pve server?
« Last post by yennar on Mar 19, 2019, 12:50 AM »
I would be very careful about SeitereiRO


you can try ShiningMoonRO if you want a customable rate (or 1x)

SeireiteiRO launches March 22. We have an optional hardcore mode for players.


Our rates are floating and player controlled from 8x - 18x.

When you create a new character, you have an option to enter into Hardcore Mode which increases your drop rates and EXP rates by 600%.

Naturally, when you die, you do lose all your items and your character. Players often use this hardcore mode to farm items and place in their storage for safe keeping for their regular characters. Once players are above level 80, there is also a risk of PK from other players, so be aware and stay on your feet!

Server Seeking / Re: pvm/pve server?
« Last post by Jasc on Mar 18, 2019, 02:38 PM »
SeireiteiRO launches March 22. Our beta testers have said it is one of the best PVM servers available.


  • Top 3 MVP killers get automated monthly rewards
  • Our rates are floating and player adjustable
  • MVP Respawn timer + Warper - Convenience
  • Pet + Support priest assistance
  • Instant equipment switch on command to fight different monster types
  • % chance to obtain server currency per MVP kill

Paid Services / Re: Old School Ragnarok Online - Hiring!
« Last post by Codehunter on Mar 18, 2019, 08:15 AM »
* BUMP *

Post Updated
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