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Modification, Sprite & Tool / Flat Maps Maker
« Last post by kingdomro on Jul 23, 2017, 02:22 AM »
Hey guys!  Can anyone teach me how to use Flat Map Maker on GRF editor step by step?  I'd like to flat map payon fld 10.  Thanks in advance!
General Discussion / Re: Re: Ragnarok re-start
« Last post by lllaaazzz on Jul 22, 2017, 11:45 PM »

I could never get into the official servers. I found them boring and slow.

for me it was the free 7 day trial of iro when i was 10 yrs old, running out of time and going to a pserver, would be a pain in the donkey trying to catch up now and already missed the good ole days without 3rd job f*** ragnarok>maplestory
General Discussion / Re: Randomizer or Party register at battlegrounds?
« Last post by misterj on Jul 22, 2017, 10:27 PM »
parties shouldnt be allowed to go over ~3 players, otherwise they can steamroll easily, until about 30v30s~, depending on the competence of the average player there.
General Discussion / Re: Ragnarok re-start
« Last post by misterj on Jul 22, 2017, 10:25 PM »
...you must have never played iRO before.
Server Discussion / Re: LF> old/new potential players for a MR.
« Last post by dinosaurpie on Jul 22, 2017, 09:19 PM »
What would be a decent server for you Kris?

Most people just want a fresh server to play in so they feel they're not insanely behind everyone else, then they just drop it as soon as they have decently geared characters (there's generally nothing else to do other than PvP).

I just want a place where I can grind a bit and chat a lot, that's RO for me.
I don't care about WoE these days and I loathe BGs since they're half the problem that plagues RO servers with the freebies you can get from it.

Since people talked about woon and elaria-woon, just gonna leave my 2 cents here

WoonRO - was a ncie place, people chatted and had some fun there
Elaria-Woon - Well it was dead when i checked it, and it felt confusing as F-, especially the warnings on @go usage.

Most RO players are so afraid of change, they rather the server die instead of change. As a result, RO never goes anywhere. Server comes up -> dies -> New server comes up -> dies.

The whole problem with RO is that the end game content (PvP namely, whether it be WoE, BG, or PvP) is dead content. It's always the same. In fact, servers that promote change don't succeed, because the community doesn't want the change. If Elaria was confusing for you guys, look at Rise of Midgard. Great server idea, failed to take off.

If you're looking for a game where people grind a bit, chat a bit, idle around--and you don't want the group dying on you--you're better off joining some gaming group from Reddit. They wont play RO, but they do exactly that on whichever game floats the boat at the time, be it a steam game, rpg, or maybe even something more moba like league.

What I wanna see is a midrate server that plays itself like a highrate. DreamerRO does a particularly good job of this. Gear is easy to obtain. It turns RO's minigames into a MOBA fashion. In a sense, in League, you predict the game 10 mins down the road. Tanks building armor and health, I need my armor penetration to be built NOW, so that when they finish their armor 10 mins later, I have my armor pen ready to go. The other rising esport right now, overwatch, does exactly the opposite. They run dva, you pocket roadhog to displace her shielding. They run pharah, you switch to widow. You counter by changing the ENTIRE character as a whole in an instant. No prediction needed. You can always swap should something not go well.

In DreamerRO, I get the experience between these two types of games. In BG, you can't swap your entire character as a whole, but you can swap parts. Dueling a wizard? Get that GTB on. Dueling a monk? GR toggle ready to go. But a GX is a GX, you can't class change without leaving the game. Whereas league decisions are permanent, and overwatch reactions are purely consequential, RO provides a bunch of mini games in between these two types of games. It's a soft-counter MOBA.

As for midrate? I wanna see a midrate with a community that understands AD is OP as hell. AD should be nerfed, Asura should be nerfed. LK/Sinx/WS should be buffed and/or reworked. I wanna see a midrate that can change the entire meta of WoE/BG every 2 weeks with balance patching, like how league pushes their competitive scene. Sometimes we deathball (bragi, AD, prof, devo stacking). Sometimes assassins just run rampant and kill everyone with sonic blows. Sometimes LK Bruiser should be meta. I wanna see WoE get limited to guild sizes of 7--just enough to hold 1 of every base class. You don't need guilds of 28 and 4 creos. I rather have 4 guilds of 7, and 1 DPS Creo in each guild. May the best Deathball win. These changes would make RO far more fun.

How would this be a midrate? Midrate for me has NEVER meant 50-100x rates. That was a definition that somehow came about because of the nature of RO. Midrate meant that we would be 99/70 Trans, 150dex insta-cast, WoE/BG focused imo. < As long as these aspects are there, I would still consider the game midrate.

*Edit: I didn't realize this was Daifuku's thread advertising her upcoming server.*

This is what I wanna see:
Rates are negligible, make it like 250x/250x/250x or higher. Ban all mvp cards.

99/70 Level Caps, Trans, 150 dex insta cast.

MVP maps can be left alone, but gears such as combat knife should have an easy quest to creation. End game gears should NOT be hard to obtain.

Repetitive Gears should be patched bi-weekly to add new meta to the game. That is: Beret and Feather Beret should not have the same effect. If Beret is already doing demihuman-10%, let Feather Beret do something more interesting than +1mdef. For example, FBeret could do something like After receiving neutral damage, gain -40% reduction to neutral, +40% to all other elements.  After receiving elemental damage, +40% neutral, -40% to all elements. This means you can't build a true pure tank prof. Alternating damage between HW and Creo would murder the prof using this item, but AD spam is not effective. < Now the meta has changed. If they're only running AD DPS, trolololol on them. Toggle off when they decide to DFF you on your LP.

^RO's code is OLD. I'm not sure how flexible item abilities can be. If this isn't possible, I'm sure someone can think of creative ideas to alter the AD Deathball meta. 

Older game mechanics should be removed. AD should not do 10 hits. 1 big hit = no hit lock mechanics = more fair and fun to play/watch = no need ROext/alternate grf/ROmed. Potions should be HOT, healing over time, not spam.

Guilds limit to 7 members in WoE. WoE rewards should be costumes otherwise unobtainable. There can be other costumes for those who don't like woe, but woe costumes are for woe.

BG needs to be addressed somehow. Minigames are fun. When everyone starts rolling champs and team work goes to die, BG is not fun. This can be experimental though.

Lastly, Lead GM should shoutcast the WoE on Twitch. There's ultimately no place for RO in today's RPG market. RO is dead. WoE is what keeps RO alive and exciting in the majority of servers. As far as twitch goes, remember RO:RE? Remember how people started streaming it? Yea there's an audience, even in NA. With proper advertising, you make a game that reminds people of their childhood, of the fun, of the guild fights. Yet its new, its detailed, its different. It's nostalgic, yet new.

This might be one way to make a server that will last longer than 3 months. IF you get C&D'd, go lolololol at how you did RO so well you were actually noticed.

PSS: The hell happened to Kris? He actually typed a paragraph instead of replying with 2 memes? What kinda revelation did he receive to have enlightened him so??
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: Can I make a monster sprite un-clickable?
« Last post by SukiChii on Jul 22, 2017, 06:47 PM »

Not sure if they still work. Google is frend.
It's not allowed but I don't really care cause they have no way to know that I'm using modified sprites in a data folder.

So I just need to find the .spr or .act file of False Angel then use some tool to change it, was hoping you guys would help but I can probably figure it out
General Discussion / Re: Randomizer or Party register at battlegrounds?
« Last post by Reality on Jul 22, 2017, 05:56 PM »
As much as I like to team up with friends to demolish in BG, it's damn broken unless you consistently have 10v10+ happening.

So, random.

i don't understand why this is even a question..

Obviously random is better than party registration...unless you consider all the strong in one team vs all the weak/newbies in the opposite team a "healthy" battlegrounds.

Vets are smart, even if they are not friends or from opposing guilds, they will make a party with the strong players to increase their own chances of winning and farming badges. Long gone are the days where people purposely look for an intense/competitive/even fight. 9 out of 10 times they will prefer the easy way that rewards their time with items.
General Discussion / Re: Randomizer or Party register at battlegrounds?
« Last post by Echo on Jul 22, 2017, 02:12 PM »
edited the description, sorry
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