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Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from CombatRO | FeelRO | ImaginaryRO
« Last post by Halfman on Dec 06, 2017, 05:21 PM »
Ohhh okey I will play
Server Seeking / Re: Mid/Low 99/70
« Last post by Halfman on Dec 06, 2017, 05:19 PM »
Stx are you the one from german guild in feelro ?
Hi there juvandweak

Try Ragnafied Chaos! It's a month old server and it fits what yo're looking for! It's a high-rate server at 500x!

Server Specs/Info:
*175/60 - check!
*Renewal - check!
*Enable MVP cards (1% - 0.1%) - check!
*Healer - check!
*Warper - check!
*Balance Gears/Donates - check!

Website Link:
Mid Rates / Shining Moon - Ragnarok Online
« Last post by Lunar@SM on Dec 06, 2017, 11:02 AM »

Shining Moon is a midrate server. It's very customized with more custom content to come.

Website: Shining Moon RO
Wikipedia: Shining Moon
Discord: Shining Moon Discord
Download: Shining Moon - Download now!
All features: Server Features - Shining Moon
30/30/10 - MVP Card drop rate is 3x however.
All official content to 16.1, and more to come.
Max ASPD 193,
Multi Hit Crit, Magical Crit
[ Gepard Shield protected ]


Daily Check-in:


Available Instances:

Sky Fortress,
Room of Conciousness,
Infinity Space,
Last Room,
Central Laboratory,
& more.

Including 3 custom instances with their own storyline.


Over 400 custom headgears.
And alot more moving ones!


World Boss

World Bosses are special monster's that have certain immunities and properties.
There is no limitation as to how many rewards will be sent.
The rewards will be sent to your Mailbox. RoDEX
You do not have to be online or on the same map.
There is no level requirement / stat requirement / gear requirement or any other requirement to fight a world boss.
You do not need a party or guild.
You will not get multiple rewards for multiple accounts used. Only the highest ranking character will be used.

A World Bosses spawns after 500,000 serverwide kills have been reached and a 12 hour cooldown.
You can check the status in @go 0.
A new World Boss will only spawn after the old one has been killed and the requirements above have been reached.


Weapon Evolution:

Weapon Evolution can be activated by either using the skill "Weapon Evolution" in your ETC Skill Tree or visiting the NPC Master of Evolutions in the Main Office.
You can activate the Evolution status on any weapon that is within the evolution table of each weapon type.
Upon activation every card and refine will get deleted and the weapon gets bound to character.
You can now see the status of your weapon evolution including the bonuses for having a weapon under the evolution status.
You cannot refine or card the item anymore until that status is removed.

At any given point you can stop an evolution if you prefer another weapon from the evolution table rather than the last weapon.
You can start the evolution at any given point inside the evolution table incase you just want an easier way for a certain weapon.


Soul System:
The Soul system is about monster souls and skills.
All custom Skills can be found in ALT+S -> ETC

Below level 175, you have a 1.5% chance to seal the soul of a monster when killing the monster.
At level 175 you have a 3% chance to seal the soul of a monster when killing the monster.

Note 1:[ There are exceptions to this rule. Fortessa Dungeon Monsters and World Bosses cannot be sealed. You might get a soul, but you'll not learn its soul. ]
Note 2: [ You have to be the one that kills it, party kills do not count. ]
Note 3: [ This only works when the monster is + or - 30 levels of your own. Example: You are lvl 100 - Any monster between 70~130 will work for this. ]
Note 4: [ You can only carry 50 Sealed Souls at most. ]


Dual Class

Class Change is a unique feature here in Shining Moon.

You can purchase a secondary class upon reaching level 99 and spending 25,000,000 zeny in the Main Office by visiting the NPC Secondary Master Brutus. [ @go office ]

- When you purchase a third class you get 118 skill points (49 first job, 69 second job).
- When you purchase Doram you get 0 skill points.
- When you purchase expanded class you get skill points depending on your class.

Note: You can only have 1 secondary class per character.
Note 2: You can delete your current secondary class for 10,000,000 zeny.
Note 3: 3rd classes are automatically level 100 / 1.


When you switch your class it will automatically save the following information:
Base Level / Job Level
Stats, Skills
Base EXP, Job EXP
Equipment Position
Hairstyle, Hair color, Cloth color, Body Outfit
Status Point, Skill Points

If you keep your equipment from either your first or secondary class in your inventory that you wore before switching class, it will automatically re-equip your items on the correct positions.
And it will load the new information of the other class that you have.


Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter is a custom feature of Shining Moon. You can complete achievements that reward Monster Hunter Coins. These coins you may exchange for tradeable or untradeable rewards. Each character may complete these achievements only once.

- Each Monster Hunt achievements awards 5 Monster Hunter Coin.png Monster Hunter coins.
- The Coin exchanger is located inside the Main Office.


custom Achievements & Titles

Over 200 custom Achievements and over 40 custom titles.


Baby classes

As a baby char, normally you had certain limitations and penalties, these have been reworked and you can now equip gear that you normally couldn't. For example, a baby Arch Bishop couldn't wear Diabolus Robe because of the "Transcended Status". As-long as it matches your gender, class and level you can equip it.
There is no longer a penalty to HP/SP. Every Baby Class have the 25% transcended HP/SP automatically.
You can equip any transcended equipment.
You will have the the same status points as the "adult" version. e.g. 130 max in a stat.
You will have the same skill points as the "adult" version.
You will have the transcended skills for your class, e.g. Assumptio for baby Priest/Arch Bishop.
Baby chars can purchase a secondary class, just like others. You can also make that a normal char, and if you are adopted, not gone through @babyme or the job changer, the secondary class, even "adult", will be adopted.
Baby chars has no penalties to stats e.g. ATK, FLEE, HIT.
Baby chars can purchase alternative outfits, just like normal chars.
Babies have no penalty towards crafting.
Baby classes are considered size small in pvp.


Nightmare Biolab

All the original 3rd class biolab monsters with their drop.
Mid Rates / CGRO Hybrid 30x30x10 - The Real Revolutionary Ragnarok Online
« Last post by Parachute on Dec 06, 2017, 05:20 AM »

For more, read the text version of the Server Information,
please visit: https://forum.cgamershub.com/t/cgro-server-information/730

Swordsman / Re: Help. Missing something about job change or iro interface
« Last post by yC on Dec 06, 2017, 04:35 AM »
I don't see any problem in your description.  You might want to share a screenshot as well.
Swordsman / Help. Missing something about job change or iro interface
« Last post by rikochet on Dec 06, 2017, 02:40 AM »
I've hit the time to job change into knight, started the quests and about the 4th one I've been directed to go to an arena and do several fights. I remember doing this quest years ago. I've read every guide online I can find. Once you talk to the NPC Im supposed to move to a waiting room and/or chat room depending on the guide I've read. But... I can't find anything on the small dark platform. Just myself and the NPC. I've talked with him, waited for hours in the room, tried every wall. and space available to walk. If I recall there was a teleport I was supposed to walk into. I'm confused and frustrated. I have tried every command and visual change thinking maybe the chat room is hidden somehow. I'm sure it is something easy and I am just missing something small and silly. Any help would be appreciated.
Server Seeking / LF>Renewal 175/60 rates 800x above
« Last post by makoy on Dec 05, 2017, 01:33 PM »
Currently looking for servers with:
  • Renewal server around ep.14
  • 3rd class maxed at 175/60
  • Exp rates 800/800/? or above. or instant max.
  • Normal Card drops at >10% while MVP Cards at 1%-0.01%
  • Other Drops can be >30%
  • NPCs (Healer, Warper, Stylist, Headgear/Equipment/Donation Quest..)
  • Either Fresh, or have lots of people.

I dont like servers with
  • VIP System
  • OP Customs
  • MVP Warper
  • OP Donates

I want to experience RO again after being away for too long.
Please suggest as much as you can think of.. Thanks
Server Seeking / Re: LF> Any rate, pre-renewal, no-trans, 99/50 server
« Last post by Anegan on Dec 04, 2017, 10:28 PM »
Hello ga2wana2man.

OriginsRO is a low rates (5x/5x/5x/3x) classic Ragnarok Online server with pre-renewal mechanics and official-like gameplay. What makes Origins unique aside from being completely free with no game-breaking NPCs, is that Origins is episode-based. Little by little content will be added so players can feel the nostalgia and enjoy RO for what it was was before the renewal patch went live.

Max level is 99/50. While we do not have Transcendant classes, we do have Super Novices and Taekwons(Rankings disabled for balancing purposes) and will eventually release the other classes to fit the classic content.

WOE is fun, with more than three guilds fighting each other to obtain the ownership of a castle. WOE is every Saturday from 16:00 server time and lasts for one hour.


Interested? Check out the website!


Have a question? You can reach us at Telegram @OriginsRO or join our public Discord server. More about it here!


Enjoy your stay in OriginsRO!

I have some few questions:

How long have been the server running?

How is the economy?

Is it single or dual log-in?

Is there soul linkers and taekwon masters/star gladiators?
Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from CombatRO | FeelRO | ImaginaryRO
« Last post by Immy on Dec 04, 2017, 06:21 AM »
Hello Jess been a long time.   (It's Pam)

Not sure if you remember v3, know he played Feel with us?  He died in an auto accident on November 28th, 2017.  /sob /sob /sob

btw if ya bored just started a server with Pano  Come by and visit.
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