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High Rate / Ragnafied Chaos
« Last post by theory_fury on Yesterday at 02:28 AM »
An Episode 15++ Server that has Doram Classes! It utilizes 2017 Client to give new features such as Achievement System, M/F Char Creation, New Refine Interface, Multiple Hit Critical! and more!

Basic Info:
175/60 - Renewal (3rd Jobs):
100 Lv. Share Limit

Not heavily customized.
Balanced Gameplay.

Item Cash Drop.
Friendly/Supportive GM's.
Competitive Players. PVP/WOE/BG

Your Renewal Home Server!

More to be updated!

P.S. Not a PAY to WIN server.

Hi. I'm an old Ragnarok player who transferred to playing MOBAs a few years ago (about 5 years ago) and played that genre for a long time, due to its nature of casual gaming. But a few months ago, I missed the genre that I really loved since I was a kid, MMORPGs. So yea, I started looking for a good game to play and decided to go back to my roots (with a twist).

So I started looking for a good renewal server where I can try out all the new classes and contents of Ragnarok online with a good balance (meaning there's not too much gap between donators and non-donators as I've always been a nondonator player who took it as a challenge to play without any donation).

So I stumbled upon RAGNAFIED server and decided to try it out. And oh boy, I'm glad I did.

At first, I was also turned off by its low population (like most of you will, too) but I overlooked it for now and decided to play it for a couple of days, and I saw that the population was actually bigger than it seems as the player base is actually from different regions, hence playing on different time zones.

Regarding the server, this server has NO DONATION LOCKED ITEMS or whatsoever. You can pretty much get everything in the cash shop and the cash shop is VERRRRRRY ACCESSIBLE due to the fact that you can exchange ZENY to CP. So yea. THIS IS TRULY A "PLAY TO WIN" server.

As for the PK, for those you wants it, then you'll like this. If you don't, then just turn it off in town. That's it.

The server is somewhere in between episode 15 and 16 and the moderator is really working hard to keep it up to date.

I've been playing this server for a month now and I'm really loving it. If you're looking for a good server to play on, whether you're a veteran, or you want to try out the new contents of Ragnarok, then this server is for you.

The server has all official contents of the official servers and the moderator is quite active.

I hope you come so we can build probably the best server you can play on.

- A player who just wants the server he's playing on to thrive as he believes it deserves so much more. :D
Server Seeking / Re: Server seeking with some friends!
« Last post by BishopRO on Mar 17, 2018, 10:16 PM »
Hello you should come play BishopRO its a balanced server with active woe and pvp server is only 1 month old, also mvp cards are 1-5% and normal cards are 20%, in this server our economy is not based on custom is based on mvp cards. Also we have endless tower event all the time and events by GM hosted daily, if you would like to have more information please look at our post

Server Seeking / Server seeking with some friends!
« Last post by DroppedPJK on Mar 17, 2018, 08:19 PM »
Just going to describe the features we tend to enjoy and then some we absolutely hate. We're thinking pre-renewal because renewal RO might as well be a new game and we already know where we would like to try for that.

1. Accessible PvP (or No MVP card PVP)
-What we mean by accessible is, how accessible it is to obtain gear for pvp. We're no longer fans of the s*** grind for cards and only go for no mvp cards PVP or have all the cards easily obtainable. It's tiresome and just not as rewarding anymore farming s*** at less than 10% drop rate let alone at 1%, .1%, or .01% that tend to be so pivotal to PVP because the gap in strength is large.

2. We prefer our LRs/MRs populated and retail-ish experience. Please no customization that affects the game details too much. We like most of the original RO experience and usually custom servers just can't mirror that experience with their own content.

3. SHR/HR are cool too.
- Populated enough that the PVP Arena is flourishing and usually easy enough to get all the gear going.
- A few pieces of custom headgears is OK, anything else and we start questioning it. Extra slots in gear is cool as it tends to balance PVP very well.

List of instant NOPEs,

1. Custom content way over the line is a big NO. There's a difference between different server rates affecting gameplay vs custom items completely defining a META. A lot of servers are guilty of the latter.
2. To follow up, an economy based on custom content is a big NO too. Are we playing RO or are we playing something else. A little leeway with SHR/HR, but very little.
3. SHR/HR with ridiculously low MVP card drop rates (looking at you 1% and 3%). Remember low spawn rate artificially lowers card drop rate too xd.
4. Healing PVP is garbage outside of WOE, don't do it.

Some of the more memorable servers we used to play on.

XileroPK (before it became a hot mess), TalonRO (eh), ggro (and it is DEAD), InsomniacRO (sucked it up and learned how to play SHR), Nameless RO (the true glorious HR days), a plethora of other mid rate servers (the populations tends to be the problem here).

TL:DR hit two of the good points and absolutely none of the bad points and we'll hop on it no questions.

Server Seeking / Re: Looking for an upcoming server (NO DUAL CLIENT)
« Last post by v1c on Mar 17, 2018, 06:23 PM »
Thanks for the input. Will look into this as well.  /no1 Downloading the client now.
High Rate / OMG!RO Renewal (Episode 16.1)
« Last post by HundredSpears on Mar 17, 2018, 02:12 PM »
OMG!RO (Opened September 2017) 
*Active GM
*Monthly Cool Events with awesome rewards
-Facebook Cover Design Event
-Like And Share
*Monthly Events Depending on real time events
-New year
-Chinese new year
And Many More
*Weekly Event During Saturday
-MVP Summon Event
-Hide and seek
-Gift Giving to all participants
*Weekly Rotation MVP Boost Event
-Weekly rotation of random mvp with increased stats and exclusive rewards
*High Rate
*Episode 16.1 Banquet of Heroes
*Main Currency Zeny
*Cash Shop items has same items  in quest shop all could be get by farming and grinding
*Weekly Rotation of Headgears in cash shop and quest shop still same what new hg in quest are also new hg in cash shop
*New 3rd Job Sprites Available
*Real Money Trade Legal
**Active BG/Woe/PvP
*Guild of the Month
*36 Guild Cap Implemented
*Alliance Disabled for much more Intense Woe
(5,000,000 RP)  Prize Money GOTM
With 200+ daily Players
400+ During Woe
3 Guilds Playing
*Aneka Jajanan
  • Gepard Shield
  • Full Renewal
  • Latest rAthena
  • 1000x/1000x/custom drop
  • Job3 MaxLv 175/60
  • Awakening Rebellion
  • Doram with latest skill
  • ASPD 193
  • 2017 Client
  • RODEX System
  • Lasagna Town / Field / Dragon Nest
  • Official item
  • All item farmable

  • Mvp Killer Rank (Weekly Reset and Exclusive Reward)
  • New Job 3 Sprite (Sura & Sorceres Available)
  • Achievement System Enabled
  • Title System Enabled
  • NPC Job Changer
  • NPC Reset Stat & Skill
  • NPC Costume Quest
  • NPC Equip Quest
  • Rockridge Mine for farming item
  • Fishing
  • NPC Hat Maker
  • Party exp share limit 15 level
  • Healer with VIP Buffer
  • Hourly automatic event
  • Super Poring Event

=== Refinement Features===
  • Ore Crafting

get this ores by exchanging your oridecon and elunium by ?Number depending on what ore
excluding blessed ore need more required materials not only oridecon and elunium
*Enriched Ores
*HD Ores
*Blessed ores
  • Infinite Space
  • Room Of Consciousness
  • Temple of Demon god
  • Sky Fortress
  • Old Glash Heim
  • Isle of Bios
  • Morse Cave
  • Bakonawa Lake
  • Faceworm Nest
  • Malangdo Culvert
  • Endless Tower
  • Nightmarish Jitterbug
  • Sara's Memory
  • Geffen Magic Tournament
  • Horror Toy Factory
  • Buwaya Cave
  • Ghost Palace
  • Charlseton Crisis
  • Last Room
  • Devil Tower
  • Central Laboratory


  • MVP Card
  • Angeling, Ghostring, Deviling, Maya Purple Card
  • Siege Set, Vellum Weapon, Hall of the Abyss Card

@go @load @storage @mi @whodrops @refresh @whereis @at @rates @duel @autoloot @alootid @request @whosell
  • Newbie Reward
  • FB Group Reward
  • KasKus Reward
  • Guild Migration Reward

Server Seeking / Re: Seeking Low to Mid Rate Pre-Renewal
« Last post by megalith on Mar 17, 2018, 07:27 AM »
Hi Bonesy,
You can try our server, MegalithRO, it will be opened soon, on 31 March 2018.
It's on pre renewal episode 13.2, we preserves classic taste while adding some new features to make it fun :D
The server is located on Northern America, so it's best suited for you because you will get small latency, which means you will less likely to get lags when playing on our server.
You can read the full information here

We are looking forward to see you  /no1
Server Seeking / Re: LF>MID RATE PRE RENEWAL
« Last post by megalith on Mar 17, 2018, 07:19 AM »
Hello cady,
We are from MegalithRO and we have almost everything you are searching for.
im looking for MID Rate Pre renewarl trans only
--> Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown (pre-renewal)
150x below
Base Rate: 150x
Drop Rate: 50x
99/70 190aspd 150 ic dex
Max Level/Job: 99/70
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
english or filipino community
Main Language: English (international server)
We have lots of costumes to choose

What we don't have yet is WOE schedule and decent population, because our server will be released on 31 March 2018
We are looking forward to see you, thanks  /no1

You're a guild leader and want to participate?
Join our discord and ask for access to instant woe channel! Click the link below.

Ragnaclan Discord

Other useful information

(click to show/hide)

Rewards for the winning Guild
5x Steam Cards (5$ ea.)
Some guilds do gaming nights and purchase random low-cost games on steam. Use these Steam Cards and have fun!
50,000 Cash Point (50$) reward for the Main Server. (gleader only)
We are currently discussing consolation rewards within the team.

Information Links & Registration
Instant Server Advertisment
Ragnaclan's Webpage
Ragnaclan's Forum
Ragnaclan Discord

Registration: coming soon

Server Reviews / Re: Divergent Ragnarok ((Dystopia) review
« Last post by emancipate01 on Mar 16, 2018, 09:54 AM »
putting you down? wow.. why would i do that? that is what u call baseless accusation. 

Im just a player that trying to find a good server.

And i wouldn't want this quarrel to continue any further so no comment here. Re-read my 1st and 2nd post. this going to end up a loop of quarrels and thing will only get uglier. My conversation ends here and i don't wish to reply on this. no benefit even if i win this conversation or whatsoever. And again.., I'm just a player who is trying to find a good server to enjoy ragnarok and ur server definitely isn't one. thank for the bad experience and unfriendliness.

My point still stand. genuine review.

Summary of this server = Bad experience.

-From a ragnarok lover

My accusation is not baseless why? You were indeed pissed when I checked and verified that you lied about something resulting to advertising on my Server's MAIN CHAT. Now I replied with all honestly and you can't seem to accept it. Whining here is your only solution so yeah go ahead.

Just my tencents, if you cannot get what you want you call it Bad Experience. Not all odds are in your favor.

"You reap what you sow"

Xiao. End of me. I'll stop here. Good luck!
Server Reviews / Re: Divergent Ragnarok ((Dystopia) review
« Last post by emancipate01 on Mar 16, 2018, 09:50 AM »
well, first - congrats @athena. you really did it and opened a server and you still work hard at it. i guess i owe you an apology then. Sorry for doubting.
I still don't like your tone though.

This review textwall (sorry, there is no review about the server) itself just reads as whining.
Didn't get the items you wished for? Maybe complained in #main to the whole Server? Then you're pissed if the admin responds?
That's tragic - just look for another server then. No wait, let's spam RMS - that's much better. So here we go.

Hi yennar,

Apologies accepted. Somehow my tone is different to everyone. It depends on how they interact. I just hate someone who judges prematurely, so my revenge is just to show them silently the progress that I've made. Hehehe! Anyways back to the original whining I can't help it. Here we go again, I'm on my 1st day lol.

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