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Server Discussion / Re: Fake Population Servers
« Last post by Charity Case on Yesterday at 10:44 PM »
Originsro reaches 450-500 pop during woe hours.Also plenty of people from different time zones so not everyone is on at once.
So no its not "only about 50 players".
Actually pretty active as of now,about3-4 guilds attending woe regularly

Good luck finding a 1k+ pop classic server right now,unless your br or want to play iro RESTART.
Server Reviews / Re: SeireiteiRO Faith & Hope
« Last post by asmrislife on Yesterday at 10:24 PM »
Dont even try this server, GMs of this server directly sell items for real money such as MVP cards and +10 equips

and a lot of these positive reviews are lies

the GMs are barely online and the main GM doesnt know how to fix things and rely to another GM which is not very active, so if u got a problem u pretty much need to wait a whole day or more to inform the GM and not get fixed cuz they dont know how

there is a bug with the job disguise system which prevent u from using your skill points and use your real class skills which is a problem since the start and still a problem now

and the pokemon system is totally broken, there is no cap to how much the pokemon can be upgraded and there are already players with pokemon that does more than 10k per hit and pokemons does 2 hit/second and so most of them dont even hunt proper equips to mvp and just totally rely on pokemon dmg and u can upgraded pokemon dmg by using this item called evolution stone which the GM directly sell to its players too for real money when u should only be getting it from monsters for a very low rate.

and the cash shop is totally P2W too, the shop sells a headgear that give +5 to all stats and slotted and a lower headgear wing that is a requirement for other powerful wing such as +20% dmg to demi human,+15% hp and +15 MATK, and the shop also sells Hollow coins which u can use to no limit to upgrade an item called Bankai ring which every 10 hollow coins u can upgrade the ring to add 1% ATK,MTAK,HP,SP or demi human resistance, so if a guy spend $100 he will have a 10% damage advantage over you, and it has no limit so if he spend $1000 he will have 100% more damage than a normal player or 100% more HP than u or 100% more sp than u or 100% more MATK than u or 100% more demi human resistance than u.

so if you are willing to spend thousands of real money just to compete to the other cheating players then this is the server for you
and if you want proof to all the things i said then read this report http://forum.ratemyserver.net/rant-and-rave/reporting-seireiteiro-faith-hope-for-rmt-and-faking-its-population/msg194248/#new
Merchant / Re: [Non-Renewal] Help ws
« Last post by RistrettoJoe on Yesterday at 09:13 PM »
Cart Termination by passes Reflect Shield, meaning you will receive no reflect damage.

Weapon: Hurricane Fury/ Giant Axe + Water Converter. If you dont have this then Orcish Axe[4] w/ 4 Zipper Bear
Shield: Racial Shield if using one handed weapon
Armor: Pasana Card
Garment: Raydric Card
Shoes: +HP% Card
Accessories: +Attack Speed OR +Attack
Headgear: Welding Mask for fire resistance. Depends on what headgears you have, ideally get something like racial resistance/fire resistance/ +ATK/ +ATK Speed / +HP%

Your playstyle will depend on your build.

If you are going more of a tanky build, you'll be using more pots and it is generally more expensive.
If you are kind of a glass cannon build, bring fly wings and avoid Spiral Pierce of Kasa if you cant tank it.
well i think they should be removed from RMS cuz all of that stuff i reported counts as False Advertising

look at their facebook's cover photo
it clearly say "NO Spoon Feeding" which is obviously not true

and faking their population should also count as false advertising especially when they use their fake population as an advertisement like this FB post they made

like a said in my report those novices are there since the start of the server and even now the server doesnt have 30 active players not even close

and this post where they said the server has reached 60 peak players, just count if that is 60 players, my characters are even in this screen shot, i got 3, and all the soullinkers,bard and dancers were just alts too + the 20+ novices, you can also find more of like this at their FB page https://www.facebook.com/GMhope21/

Merchant / Re: [Non-Renewal] Help ws
« Last post by cady on Yesterday at 08:17 PM »
I will farm on thor volcano  kasa, imp, salamder etc. and im asking for the best weapon, equip and stats for Whitesmitg so i can survive there. There are no custom items we are just like the official server except for the costumes.
I get the RMT part, but I didn't know that faking population was terms for removal.
yC literally said it doesn't break their terms of services, where exactly did you come up with this concept?
If faking population was terms of removal, there would be about 3 servers on the listing.
I get the RMT part, but I didn't know that faking population was terms for removal. I assume all servers do it to some degree. GMs could @recall + @autotrade on an otherwise unreachable map. What about regular players just using a bunch of vendors? I've seen players on servers making like 10+ shops to help boost population count.

Either way, faking population count seems pointless for small populations. Eventually, people will realize there's not anyone roaming around.
General Discussion / Re: [Renewal] Unbalanced features?
« Last post by ChauGaming on Yesterday at 01:26 PM »
I thought it was made to tailor towards 3rd jobs which are OP....
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: Adel's Sprite Showcase
« Last post by ChauGaming on Yesterday at 01:25 PM »

Adel always impresses, beautiful sprites.
Merchant / Re: [Non-Renewal] Help ws
« Last post by ChauGaming on Yesterday at 01:22 PM »
What monsters are they implementing?

Can take a look at the race/element/skill sets they use

Doesn't cart termination bypass shield reflect as well in pre-re?
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