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Acolyte / Re: Pls help with my monk im only a newbie monk
« Last post by dragon1996 on Nov 15, 2017, 11:26 PM »
If your working asura / attack type go with Str Dex and Int build and in-case its for tank i believe pure vit and balanced dex will do good to you  /ok
Acolyte / [Non-Renewal] Re: iron body pre renewal
« Last post by dragon1996 on Nov 15, 2017, 11:23 PM »
Calculator's only calculate the "Mathematical" aspect of the game , if you're server is pre-renewal Steel body monk/champ to lure out the mob at bio lab 3 isn't that good idea , since they have many skill which pierce through defenses ! If its LK hitting you steel body is pretty useless to be frank xD
Rant and Rave / Old Chaos Ragnarok Online
« Last post by katsumuto007 on Nov 15, 2017, 09:50 PM »
 /omg I always disappointed when private server hide or add fake players something like online population.


How can we go Inside Malangdo Island? 
Server Seeking / Looking for 175/60 Renewal Server HOSTED IN EUROPE
« Last post by Rye305 on Nov 15, 2017, 11:11 AM »
Hi guys title says it all..

New / Fresh / Old / doesnt matter to me. The most important thing for me is HOSTED IN EUROPE and close to the Original.

Im kinda tired of playing with Bad Ping.. Please help me out  /kis

Server Reviews / LimitRO over some month's
« Last post by Guarho on Nov 15, 2017, 05:31 AM »
I was playing a lot this on from some weeks ago in the server and here we go, i'm not involved at all about the server so i think this will be a imparcial review.
I'm Guarho a not old, not experienced, just a dedicated RO player, a grinder one but i'm a indecisive (I'm that guy who have all the jobs on their account) so i don't have a short perspective but maybe not friendly for casual players.
And a full free to play player, that never gona pay/donate for anything. I'll preffer grind out by my own. (Maybe because the bad conversion rate of my currency /heh)
So having this on mind, here it's my experience.

- Rates 100x100x25x.
It's a "fake mid rates" the leveling it's nearly a joke thanks to 4 simply things: Mercenary custom system, Easy battle manuals (5+ per char), Infinite Space instance and 75 level share. On 30 minutes and some zenny you can go up from 0 to lvl 120 Third job (Buying a mercenary and using it to clear high densed maps) and then every 3 hours join to a Infinite space run and on 1~2 days you can hit max level without even kill something by you own. There is no partys for leveling up out of that instance.
Drops rates on "25x", but certain things have a custom lower rate for to keep the market more stable. (Pendants of Jitterburg, Bio Lab Drops, etc...), but cards from normal, miniboss and mvp have the same drop rate.
Sometimes for events or compensations there are 1.5x mob rate.

- The server it's renewall and had been for so many years online.
Understand. The end-game it's just insane, it's blow minding (People soloing Nightmare Biolab, isn't that rare).
You can't simply join the server and expect do something vs the old players.
There are a lot of MvP Cards, over-upgraded items and optimized builds.

- The server implemented items from diferents original servers.
There aren't customs items (Besides half of the costume window), are items from jRo, kRo and iRo. All mixed up.
So... you can have a lot of fun making crazy things, the versatility on PvM escenarios are increbile.
This could overwhelm new players of renewall.
And some 3rd jobs have their alternative jRo outfit/sprite (Exchangeable)

- Economy.
The server it's pay to win (Donate2Win). Simply. If you have real money you can buy nearly anything on the game.
BUT. The zenny it's worthy, as the same way you can make it donating you can do it grinding out ingame and even the "VIP Coin" it's tradeable, you can buy it from another players directly on zenny or by trades.
The economy it's really stable but pretty high (Considering all the tools that are implemented, it's fair), all the MvP cards, Miniboss cards have a price.
Have a dedicated map for trades and broadcasting (With cooldown and a price)
And! The real money trades are allowed. So, if you get bored of the game/server just sell your stuff/account and there you go. You don't feel you wasted your time or even make a market for your own.

- WoE/PvP/BG
WoE right now it's so one-sided. One guild it's dominating everything, just because numbers and some tactics so i can't say it really active/balanced/entretaining. There are Woe Point System, if you play woe you got it just for be there on the castle played (Exchanged for: Usefull items, consumables or simply Flashy Pendant/Ring) and there are new extra drops from the treasure chest.
PvP isn't noob-friendly, but it's on a accesible point. (Idk exactly, didn't get enough PvP Gears)
But at least there are a dailie tournament, making worthy gear yourself for PvP.
The BG it's some strange there are days that non-stops plays and there are days that no one plays. It's... weird. But nearly it's the same feeling that PvP. (There are 3rd Job BG and Trascendent BG) and the rewards beside the weapons and traditional equipment. There are the shadow gears (Scatter, 2nd and 3rd job)

- Community
The server it's mainly english but have people worldwide. If you are part of diferent language it's nearly for sure you'll find people to play with, the single rule it's don't broadcast on another language.
The average people are 500 (But like... 100~150 autovendors)
The people... there are varied. Trash talkers, egocentric, trolls and on the same rate friendly, patiente or helpfull guys.

- Cheating, Boting, Afking farm, Double Client.
The server have a good gepard shield, the quanty of bots are minimal. (On my time just finded 4 bots and all got banned)
For normal ways you can't use autoclickers and that things. And even the server have a fixed delay of aftercast (Matches with max ASPD) so you can't simply use macros to overpass it.
The server have a hard policy of no afk farmers (Auto casting, homunculus, etc...)
You can do a triple log-in if you want.
Good things?

- The server keep updating constantly.
Right now it's on 16.1 Banquet of Heroes, with fully functional Dorams and implementing cards slowly (Brasilis, Jitterburg, Faceworm, Moscovia, Nightmare Biolab, etc...)
There are implemented nearly all instances, equipments, quests before the 16.1
Maybe it's some slow? compared to another up to date server. But "usually" it's implemented right and stable.

- Whats custom?
The principal things are one instance (Wave mode), all the costume related items (Wings, Auras, Headgears) these are enchantables for some stats and some the things from Cash store (Name colors, +1 Safe Refine).
There are custom drops by mobs. Some normal headgears, some costume headgears.
For nearly all jro, kro content it's by crafting/quest. So there are a lot of custom quests and for costumes.

- GM Participation, Automated events
There are directly 2 GM's that stays active nearly dailie (At least, they anwser on 48 hours or less)
Have a system oh Helpers (Normal players with Broadcast unlimited), so usually if you have a question or need help you don't need wait too much for answer.
The report system it's fairly ordenated so you can keep track of what bugs/errors/problems are in the server and usually each week it's solved.
The server have a Event Point System, you can exchange them for: Costume hats, GYM Pass, Boarding Halter, etc...
To get that points are an automated event each hour and a "dailie per account", a lot of the events are pretty noob friendly.
Beside the events there are a Fishing system, that can give Event points or even the GM events gives it.

- Easy tools that pushes the end-game.
There are a lot of tools for a mid rates server, we are talking about: Safe refine +5~7 obtainables on the custom instance (On very low rate), the blacksmith top players have 5% extra succes rate at refining, the WPS  can be exchanged for Enriched or HD Oridecon/Elunium/Carnium/Bradium or buyed by Cash, there are +1 Safe refines on VIP Shop (Limited to +16), Godly Enchanter a service where you got guarranted a enchant (AWW, FAW, Mora, Verus, Malangdo, etc...), a Gemstone systmen for the costumes that gives diferent buffs.
So yeah, there are a lot of tools on the server. This, it's why i call it "fake mid rates".

I forgot something? Don't know.
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for a new home
« Last post by Kanashii on Nov 14, 2017, 11:55 PM »
Hello Kanashii!
You might want to try out Ragnaclan. Our player peak is around 550-650 on the weekends. (includes vendors of roughly 200)
Seasonal events are always there, our next one is Thanksgiving! With two spriters in our team cute headgears are quite common. We also have a lot of headgear quests waiting for you.

The rates are floating between 30x30x10x~60x60x20x and change every 3 hours.
99/70 Pre-Renewal Midrate - no itentions of adding renewal classes.

Server Information: https://goo.gl/RL4b81

PC Download: https://goo.gl/GtzVVJ
Android Download: https://goo.gl/sg5ceQ
Register Account: https://goo.gl/LuXnyy
Server Information: https://goo.gl/mvBMVj

Good stuff! Looking for more suggestions!
Low Rates / heRO ~ A Heroic Experience of Ragnarok
« Last post by heRO-GM on Nov 14, 2017, 04:09 PM »
HeRO ~ A Heroic Experience of Ragnarok

Main Page
Download Links
Register an Account


Base Exp - 5x
Job Exp - 5x
Drop Rates - 3x
Quest Exp - 5x

Regular pre-renewal Max levels (99/70 for trans, 99/50 for 2-1 and 2-2)
Homunculus Intimacy - 2x
Max Attack Speed - 190
Instant Cast - 150 DEX
Resetter - Free until Lv. 40
Healer - Free until Lv. 50
Max Party Limit - 18
Extra 50% Exp per party member when in share

Custom Headgears, Haircuts (100+), Hair Colors (10+) and Dyes (150+),
Town Warper
Dungeon Warper (Only warps outside the dungeon, or to the first floor.)
Multiple Public or Private DB/BB Rooms
Various PVP Rooms
6 Churches (Prontera, Lutie, Hugel, Neko Island, Rachel Sanctuary, Glast Heim Abbey)
Same-sex Wedding supported

Balanced Customs: No overpowered items. We take care to balance our customs, be it monsters or gears.
Super Stable: HeRO has been up for 13 with no wipes ever.
Nice, active staff and support ticket system always available!

Wednesday Vanilla WoE - 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EST GMT-5)
Sunday Vanilla WoE - Sunday 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST GMT-5)
Sunday Retro WoE (Only non-trans classes allowed) - Sunday 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EST GMT-5)

Commands: @rates, @autotrade, @exp, @me, @partyoption, @iteminfo, @ii, @help, @homtalk, @noask, @pettalk, @breakguild, @join, @main, @whosell, @ws, @reject, @autoloottype, @alootid, @who, @who2, @changeleader, @time, @uptime, @channel, @showexp, @showdelay, @accept, @whereis, @whodrops, @leave, @hominfo, @invite, @commands, @jailtime, @autoloot, @font, @homstats, @duel, @mobinfo, @mi, @petmute, @restock

Light vs Dark System: There is ongoing war and conflict between the followers of the light and the forces of darkness. The Light Allegiance is lead by Lady Thea, while the Dark Allegiance is lead by Sir Melot. You can swear your allegiance to either of them and by completing certain quests, you'll earn allegiance points and unique gears.

Chronicles of Heroes: The server's storyline! Watch as it unfolds with you as the characters!

Trial of Heroes: A monthly event where heroes gather to participate in a variety of trials: Monster Fighting, Item-Hunting, PVP, and Trivia. In the end, Light and Dark Allegiances clash in a mass battle. Those who obtain a certain score receive special rewards.

Mission Board System: With this fully automated system, you can post the item you want and how much you're paying, and other players can hunt the item for you!

Fishing System: By fishing, you can obtain bass, trout, salmon, etc, which heal HP/SP. Sometimes, you can even fish out other items. You You can earn points for fishing, as well as play a mini-game for items.

Mining System: Mine for useful rocks and ores! You can obtain Oridecon, Elunium, and Lv 4 Weapon stones, among many others. You can earn points for mining, as well as play a mini-game for items.

Nobility System: The Kingdom of Rune-Midgard is running low on funds, and King Ernst is willing to grant noble titles on heroes who bring him gold. Nobles are rewarded with a special mid-headgear gem that boost a stat of their choosing. They also receive monthly rewards from the King and have access to special clothing dyes and hairstyles.

Orphanage System: Create a baby class without the need to be adopted!

Seasonal content: We have many custom seasonal quests and different looks for Prontera and other parts of Midgard, depending on the season.

Custom Dungeons: We have various custom dungeons such as Thanatos' Basement, Fairy Paradise, Warzone and True Poring Island, among others!

Modified Official Locations: We have Renewal Locations that are rebalanced to fit our pre-renewal mechanics, such as Manuk Fields, Splendide Fields, Scaraba Hole, Dewata, Niddhoggur's Dungeon, Malangdo, Bifrost, and more!

Custom Monsters: HeRO is home to several unique monsters such as: Snow Bunny, Eralia, Autumn Leafcat, Selkie and Eye of Surtur. We also have many poring-types, like Sapling, Pandaring, Teddyring, Nekoring, Whispering, and God Poring. In addition, we also have awesome custom MVPs, like Skoll, Surtur, Midnight Jack, Levia Lusca, Orcus, and many more!

Custom Quests: There are countless quests to keep heroes busy and entertained. Sisterly Affection, Zodiac Gate, Wandering Spirit, Thanatos Party Quest, Guild Quest, Monthly Monster Extermination, Homunculus Quest and much more!

Pets: HeRO has several custom pets, such as Teddy Bear, Siroma, Galapago, Aliot, Mavka, Violy. They drop their own tame and usually, their food as well. Light/Dark pets, such as Angeling, Deviling, Retribution and Observation, can be obtained via Allegiance Quests.

Headgears: We have many custom headgears! They can be obtained from monsters, quests, events, vote for points or Mr. Hatter!

Donations: Our donations are balanced. No over-powered items are obtained through donation. They are mostly chance items or items already available in game (OPB, Hat Voucher, Rough Enriched Ore, Allegiance Token) or GM Services (which can also be voted for) used to change name, gender or transfer locked items.

GM Hosted Events: GMs host many different events, such as Monster Invasion, Hide & Seek, Trivia, PVP for Items, Flower Maze, and many more!

Automated Events: In addition to GM-hosted events, if you have an Event Bag, you can start an automated event and have fun! There's different events, such as Poring Smash, Fabre Tame, Zombie Run, etc.

Community: HeRO has the nicest people around, always answering questions on main chat and willing to help newcomers get started. What are you waiting for? Join us and become a hero!

Suggestions/Requests / Re: wrong skill with Paradin (Skill simulator)
« Last post by yC on Nov 14, 2017, 08:59 AM »
The skill description, in most cases, only give the immediate requirement for the skill.  For skills that are needed for the required skills they are not listed.  i said mostly because we based the skill tree on the emulator files.  This is how the skill sim make you get Faith level 10, it is required for Grand Cross and Grand Cross is required for Devotion, while you must have Devotion to have Sacrifice:

Faith Level 10
Grand Cross Level 4
Devotion Level 3
Sacrifice Level 1 Available

It is assumed you need to read the requirement for Devotion to see what is needed before that.  Same for Grand Cross.  Because if you have Devotion Level 3 you must have everything required before that so there is no need to list the whole chain.

Also I should mention due to kRO skill names are used first, in this context Sacrifice's iRO name is Martyr's ReckoningDevotion's iRO name is Sacrifice
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for a new home
« Last post by Daifuku. on Nov 14, 2017, 06:50 AM »
Hi guys! I'm looking for a new server to hang around and meet new players.
The following are what I am looking for in a server:

Players actively trading/selling/buying.
Seasonal events.
Cute costumes/gears.

Rates: Surprise me.
Main Currency: Surprise me.

Hello Kanashii!
You might want to try out Ragnaclan. Our player peak is around 550-650 on the weekends. (includes vendors of roughly 200)
Seasonal events are always there, our next one is Thanksgiving! With two spriters in our team cute headgears are quite common. We also have a lot of headgear quests waiting for you.

The rates are floating between 30x30x10x~60x60x20x and change every 3 hours.
99/70 Pre-Renewal Midrate - no itentions of adding renewal classes.

Server Information: https://goo.gl/RL4b81

PC Download: https://goo.gl/GtzVVJ
Android Download: https://goo.gl/sg5ceQ
Register Account: https://goo.gl/LuXnyy
Server Information: https://goo.gl/mvBMVj
Server Seeking / Re: LF>Pre-Renewal 99/70 Mid-Rate Server
« Last post by Daifuku. on Nov 14, 2017, 06:48 AM »
Hello there!
Ragnaclan opened last month in october as a 99/70 pre-renewal midrate server. The rates are floating and change every 3 hours between 30x30x10x ~ 60x60x20x.
We support multiple platforms (PC & Android) and have multiple proxies to lower the ping of our players all over the world. (PH, US, BR, EU)
Economy is great according to our players.

Feel free to join our community!

Server Information: https://goo.gl/RL4b81

PC Download: https://goo.gl/GtzVVJ
Android Download: https://goo.gl/sg5ceQ
Register Account: https://goo.gl/LuXnyy
Server Information: https://goo.gl/mvBMVj

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