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Low Rates / ragnaRIDE - evolution server next EP 6.2 Veins 12/12/2017
« Last post by cauexd on Dec 07, 2017, 08:36 AM »
Hello friends,
I come to invite anyone who likes to play a ragnarok on the server I'm playing, evolutionary server online since 06/01/2017 episode changes every 2 months. Actively are + - 400 online. Server with focus on WoE, PvP, PvM, has BG but does not have equipment yet as it will be placed only in Ep. right?!

25x / 25x / 15x
cards mvp 0.01 [has only 1 drake card dropped on server]

Last WoE:


Brazilian host server in Canada.
Hugs, come play with your guild =)

last woe live> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/207612732

Server Seeking / Re: LF>HR/SHR
« Last post by alderaminro on Dec 07, 2017, 08:26 AM »
 /no1 hope you enjoy your stay! we just need more playerbase to get the contents up and rolling!
Server Seeking / Re: LF>HR/SHR
« Last post by rikotoh on Dec 07, 2017, 08:22 AM »
Hello! Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely give it a try. I actually think that the server is going in an interesting direction. /heh
Server Reviews / NewbFuryRo (Formerly Alderamin) - A month 's playtime
« Last post by LxHyde on Dec 07, 2017, 07:45 AM »
Hello All,

NewbFury RO (formerly known as Alderamin RO) is a Highrate Pre-renewal server with a mix of Renewal content. I have been playing since its first week after its launch, and I have come to love this server in that short period of time. Sadly, the population of the server is suddenly waning, so I decided to share my experience in this server, and hopefully gain more people to play with.  /??

The Server is a High Rate (3k/3k/6k) so leveling up isn't that much of a problem. The server provides an account-bound high tiered equipment's (available for 7 days) and a vacation ticket (7 days, 300% XP and more) to help players level and get the feel of the game.

Something New
-New 'Pots' System
The server introduces a new potion regeneration system which changes instant recovery to an overtime effect. E.g. Yggdrasil berries recover 30% HP/SP for 4.5 sec every .8 seconds. A simple twist, but creates a nice shift in gameplay.

-Neo Weapons
As reaching transcendence is the peak job in this server, there are custom weapons endowed with  3rd job skills. These custom weapons are available through questing in game. The skills are randomly generated and could gain up to 3 skills depending on the weapon refinement level (+10, +15). Only when a player donates that the system will provide the player the option to immediately choose the skills for the weapon. (Gunslinger, Ninja, star Gladiator, Soul Linker, and Super Novice Weapon skills are still unavailable.-probably on the way)

Headgears and accessories
There are a variety of custom headgears to choose from. Each boosts skills of the different jobs to completely diversify the builds of players. On the other hand, each accessory adds a generous primary stat bonus. Most headgears are fairly easy to make, unlike the accessories which uses MVP drops for its item completion.

There are a number of (known)events that are running in the server :Disguise, Poring Catcher, Run or Die, devil Square, and Endless Tower.
The server also provides themed events depending on any special occasion. Last month, a Halloween event took place that brought a plague of roided jakks. Now, turning over to this month's Christmas event, A horde of Antonio's are polluting each city. Tons of goodies are in store during the event and its completion making it fun and competitive.

The bosses are buffed and are tough – some of them have added skills(Vesper has soul strike). It is recommended to hunt them by parties, but still be able to be killed solo (for a long time though).
The server also gives player a Daily boss system where the player can kill 3 random bosses to gain ‘card fragment’ drops. These drops, when collected at a certain amount, can be traded for their real counterpart.

The community still has a tiny population 10-15. So far all of the players that I've met are nice and helpful to one another.
The GM's are accommodating as well, and try their best in supporting players in game and in discord.


The only PvP content currently available due to the small amount of players is the PvP room. WoE is still not implemented yet, but will soon be as soon the average players reach a certain mark.


Zeny is still not that circulating much, what happens most of the time is bartering.

Extra Content

The GM posted an average player online milestone. When reached it opens new content, such as King of Emperium, WoE, and more Original PvE content.

Other notable NPC's/content in game:
  • Gold Room - PvP enabled map to farm high zeny lots (gold, treasure box)
  • MVP Warper - MVP's in Vanilla stats
  • Mining - Equipment farm alternative instead of MVP/Mob grind.
  • Dead Branch Room- private rooms to hold MVP summons
Server Seeking / Re: LF>HR/SHR
« Last post by alderaminro on Dec 07, 2017, 07:44 AM »

Give NewbFuryRO a shot! we do have 4 slot headgears only, and population is quite low but we're striving to get more players to play!
we have the features you are looking for and alot more unique features to come.
some features that're implemented now are weapon skill randomization, Binding skills, Luk type status resistance(this also affects duration) Rebirth system, and a pot system that you've never seen in any other RO servers out there! we've also proted some renewal mechanics to pre-re this ofcourse includes mobs. instances will follow through once we get more players!

if you're interested visit us at alderaminro.com

See you there!
Server Seeking / LF>HR/SHR
« Last post by rikotoh on Dec 07, 2017, 07:17 AM »
Hi, I'm a returnee player and looking for some fun and fresh experience. Here's some of what I'm looking for:

•255/150 - base/job levels
•Commands like @go, @autoloot, etc.
•All equipments have four [4] slots except shields with two [2] slots
•Has a warper, job changer, card remover, stat & skill reset, and healer (if you have more then it's better)
•MVP rooms
•Disguise event (if possible)
•If can, no donates item or can be bought by vote points. (if can't, please do have some items that we can get through quests)
•More preferable if there's 50~100 players online (except auto vendors), the more the better of course /lv
If you have more other features then it's more than welcome! /no1
SURPRISE ME!!  /ok /no1 /heh /ho /go
Long Lost Friends / Re: LunarisRO
« Last post by -Selene- on Dec 07, 2017, 07:10 AM »
Ah the memories  /lv

Of all the servers played, this must be the one I miss the most. I remember so many names and wish I could get back in touch with them. Like Kyrie, or my two lil' nabs Roze and Samui, and many more.

Jovian, I'll send you a private message. I have Talvaras contact details, too.
And I remember that emp hunt in the orc dungeon. As well as your clown, and the monk you played on the server prior to this. DeviantRO.

« Last post by Neffletics on Dec 07, 2017, 02:02 AM »
As a previous server owner, I can confirm that the responses above are accurate and correct.

I also checked your site and Facebook page, they're are all dead; no interesting post, no news and events listed in the homepage. And yet you still expect your population to grow?

If ever you relaunch your server and fortunately had 200+ online players on its first day, you must be ready for drama. When I say drama, I'm referring to unavoidable arguments between known players or guilds that will surely destabilize your server if not properly handled.

If you'll relaunch your server as it is; same features, same rates, same everything, I doubt it'll be successful regardless of your perseverance and effort. You must implement something interesting that will keep your players occupied.

As what the other guy said, you must be envision what you'd like your server to be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and so on.

tl;dr: more people = more responsibility = more events should happen = more time for brainstorming = more newcomers = more complains = more drama

Good luck!
« Last post by SZiaDaN on Dec 06, 2017, 08:25 PM »
So I decided to take a peek at your server website, forum and briefly your Facebook page to build myself an opinion on as to why you may have issues getting players.

I will mainly address your website in this post, since getting a player to sign up and download your client should be step 1.
If everyone is turning away before even walking up to your door then you have no hope of ever increasing your player base.

But first I wanted to address this:
My server is truly a non-donate one
The fact that people can donate to get an item in game that holds value means it's not a "non-donate" server.
If donations gave no in game rewards or perhaps purely cosmetic rewards (like a special hat that have 0 stats) then there would be no pay-to-win element.
Perhaps your donation rewards aren't as bad as they are on some other servers, but based on what I saw in the reward list people can still pay to get rich thanks to the gold.
(I'll get back to the donations later).

Moving on from that, your main issue with your server is lack of information and, mainly, making the information easily available and digestable.
As a new player, if I happen to come across your server some of the info I would instantly want to know BEFORE I decide to create an account and download your client are:
  • Rates - Which you are showing in relevant places.
  • Donation rewards - No mention on the website, have to dig around on the forum to find (partly).
  • Rewards for Vote for Points - Couldn't find any information on this at all.
  • Player count, preferably even a Who's Online page - No such info and no links to a Who's Online page (though changing the url to ?module=character&action=online will give you it, if you truly want to keep it hidden then you may want to fix that ;)).
  • Information on custom items - Couldn't find any information on what kind of custom items exist and for the few items that I saw mentioned, there were no information on what they did or what they were used for (specifically thinking about those "POD's" here).
  • Available Commands list - Players are adviced to "Just type @commands for more info" without any prior info being given on what commands exist.
  • Server Rules - No where were I able to see what kind of rules you have on your server.

These are some of the things I can think of at the top of my head right now.

As for point number 5, regarding custom items.
I mentioned POD's, but this also goes for the Vote for Points currency, I'm assuming you trade these in for other items.
A list of these items should be available on the website then, since those are effectively the donation items then.

You need to understand that as a player who knows nothing about your server and have a lot of servers to pick from, if I'm looking at joining a new server I do NOT want to create an account and download your client just to find out whether or not you offer something I like or dislike. The list above needs to be answered before I even consider creating an account on your server.

[..] near official-like gameplay [...]
I saw this quote on your website, yet your "lite installer" is 322 MB. Obviously you're have some heavy customs on your server, otherwise I find it hard to justify a 322 MB download for a vanilla like experience.
If you have custom items, custom cities or custom dungeons then that kind of information should be listed some where.

We're thinking of relaunching the server BUT without wiping it. Think of it as a welcome to all new players. Will run another race to 99 event, freebies, etc.
Sorry but something like that will not work, if you want the "new server launch" benefits then you have to wipe everything.
As a new player, if I were looking to join a "fresh" server that is about to launch, I would expect everyone to be starting fresh.
Server Seeking / Re: Mid/Low 99/70
« Last post by Styx on Dec 06, 2017, 07:50 PM »
No, he was a Sniper if I remember correctly and already took the name Styx, I used the name Stix on Feelro.
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