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RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: Help Big Cards..
« Last post by dexkul on Yesterday at 10:37 AM »
Archive spr = data>sprite>¾ÆÀÌÅÛ>À̸§¾ø´ÂÄ«µå.spr

You can find it in your data.grf
Resize in act editor
Server Discussion / Re: Be honest to your favorite server GM
« Last post by Bedox on Yesterday at 10:05 AM »
to be honest I only made this topic to call out players who are not willing to give honest and direct feedback, I dont think the problem is factual in high populated servers, in the other side if there are like 20 active/daily in a fresh server and only 50 accounts registered in their forum u dont feel very comfortable sharing your opinion since no one is speaking up about it u convince yourself the problem is you but everyone is feeling the same, this is where GMs are a part of the problem u need to be conscious about your server and add some way to receive indirect feedback through a NPC or surveys in game.
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for low mid again ...
« Last post by Daifuku. on Yesterday at 08:58 AM »
Ragnaclan might be the perfect server for you.
We're a pre-renewal 30x30x10x mid-rate server with 99/70 as max level.
Playerbase is 250+ without vendors included. We opened just two weeks ago so catching up isn't a problem!
Android and PC supported with proxies for PH, BR and EU while main host is in Canada.

Give it a try! Hope to see you soon.

Server Information: http://forum.ragnaclan.com/index.php?/topic/47-news-server-information/
Download: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Game_Downloads
Register: http://ragnaclan.com/?module=account&action=create
Server Discussion / Re: Be honest to your favorite server GM
« Last post by Insomnia2000 on Yesterday at 07:33 AM »
For example, some servers have forum and a facebook page or group, they never use the forum.

I feel like maybe Facebook use for RO is culturally dependent. Some players might not want their professional-looking Facebook used for school and work to be intertwined with the same Facebook account that posts "server down pls fix" on some 15 year old MMO game's page.

What's the solution to get all players using the same medium of communication, or at least, getting adequate feedback from players?

Some ideas I had
  • Only have one mode of communication? As in, forums only. No facebook, no twitter, etc.
  • Maybe master accounts doubling as forum accounts make users more likely to post because they already have an account.
  • In-game feedback system that allows players to leave comments for GMs to read at their leisure.
  • Making some sort of anonymous feedback system so players don't feel like they will be ridiculed for posting their thoughts.
I think that last point is important. It can be difficult for someone to post their thoughts or suggestions when you have some people commenting things like "wtf is this garbage" or "learn 2 play" on all your suggestions/feedback and OP is labeled as some PvM scrub or whatever else and never wants to post again. Although, having anonymity could lead to even more of the non-contributing posting. Perhaps it could be a temporarily anonymous post until a staff member locks the thread?

You probably also need staff members that know what feedback is worth listening to as well.
Free Service Recruitment / [GM Recruitment] Angel RO
« Last post by Ceres on Yesterday at 04:11 AM »
Hello, /bo
We are from Angel RO looking for experienced and friendly Game Master.
First of all, let me introduce what Angel RO is.
Angel RO is the revo classic private server located in South-East Asia. Open beta in 5th of May 2017 and we have 409 Peak Players until now. In this month, daily player online is about 80-150. We want to make a revo classic community to share their experience, not in official, but also in Angel RO.
For further server information, you can visit this link : http://forum.ratemyserver.net/low-rates/angel-ro-restart/
Angel RO looking for Game Master as Player Relation,
A GM who can online/available at least 2 hours every day.
  • High integrity and commitment
  • High dedication
  • High decisive
  • Friendly
  • Work greatly in team
  • Open-minded
  • People who love Angel RO.
  • Work at least 2 hours/day, everyday.
  • Growing the community.
  • Famous in RO world.
  • Can reach many players.
  • Speak English.
  • You have to sit down in maintown, make relation with players!
  • You have to report to us (HIGH GM) if there is a problem!
  • You have to make entertain players, such as mini games (HnS, Dice, etc).
  • You have help us promoting Angel RO.
  • Once you have approved by High GM (Ceres, Enthusiast, Flask, Kazu, and Watcher), we will make a contract with you. Your paycheck is depend on yourself. More paycheck information please ask 1:1 with Ceres. Ceres is always available in Discord.
  • Who forced to ask VPS access.
  • Who forced to ask @item, or abussive commands without strong reason.
  • Always hiding GM and avoid players.
  • Individual personality.
  • Bad habbit.
  • Underestimate others.
Information : https://angel-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=recruitment
Are you ready to join the team?
Please fill this Form : https://goo.gl/forms/q7EG7sTdxL18oPqm2
Please do a check for website, to see announce of applied Game Masters. Or join our Discord : https://discord.gg/mZvJYUh
Server Discussion / Re: Be honest to your favorite server GM
« Last post by yC on Oct 15, 2017, 09:29 PM »
Asking players in game should give you the direct feedback and that's why active GMs give players a sense of "gm care the server".  I browse to many server's forum and for those that have a discord + social media such as facebook + forum or two out of the three, the forum is nearly empty or invaded by spam bots.  Possibly because they have to register to make a post while most people have a facebook account, sad but true.

For example, some servers have forum and a facebook page or group, they never use the forum.
Server Seeking / Looking for low mid again ...
« Last post by Drauger on Oct 15, 2017, 06:44 PM »
Hey today I woke up an decided I WANFED to play ro again.... suggestions ? If its pre reneval  ilI would like something between 10-25?
Im open to som renewal  but it has to be low , too easy to lvp u0 there  so 5-15?
Population  about 500 ? Dont know how it rolls these days  but  dont want to be on a ghost town.

I main gypsie  and hp haha I lo support but Im not sure if these are still useful on woe  or anything, so an update would be nice xD and party or guild invitations nice.
Server Discussion / Re: Be honest to your favorite server GM
« Last post by Insomnia2000 on Oct 15, 2017, 01:41 PM »
Part of the problem is that not everyone likes to use a forum and the GMs have a hard time gauging feedback on features. If not many people use the forums and there's a lot of upset people on the forums it must be a big deal, right? Maybe, but it could also be the vocal minority. This is why forum feedback can sometimes be hard to gauge.

You also have GMs listening for opinions in-game, but again, you can't overhear everyones conversations when you're just sitting in Prontera. It's also hard to express detailed reasonings for opinions with in-game chat. And how can you ever go back and reference them?

I'm all for trying to get players to provide more feedback on features in their servers, I think it's just hard to overcome the fact that not everyone likes to use facebook, forums, or discord. It's an additional step that a lot of people aren't willing to take for some reason. Maybe something bothers them, or they like something, but it's not a strong enough opinion to go through the extra steps to post about it.

Some servers in the past have made game accounts or master accounts double as a forum account, probably in hopes of getting more forum activity. It just doesn't seem to work too well. Maybe you could ask your GMs about putting in some sort of infrequent feedback survey that pops up in-game? Or just an NPC that asks questions about content? Anything that would make it even easier for a player to leave feedback.
Server Discussion / Be honest to your favorite server GM
« Last post by Bedox on Oct 15, 2017, 06:58 AM »
I have seen this problem happening a lot in mid rates servers/high rates when players dont give honest feedback in what should be changed or not for some reason. I have been playing this server where there is an edition I dont like. I went to like 10 players asked them what they think about it All of them said they want it removed, I had already made a post about it a lot of people seen it but they didn't bother to even share their opinion so they do the opposite and make a server review how they like the edition.
that is just one example I especially seen this problem happening in low populated servers where players cant really speak up alone.

Server Reports / Re: faetoRO Cash points for reviews.
« Last post by yC on Oct 14, 2017, 06:47 PM »
Thank you for reporting.
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