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Server Seeking / Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Last post by Sol Invictus on Yesterday at 12:17 PM »
You could try the one I'm on currently.

Ragnafied RO
500 exp/ 500 jexp / 500 drop, with mini-boss and mvp at 0.01%.
It is a Renewal server with content up to Episode 15, with some added in from 16. The dev is currently getting the rest of the E16 content stable for the server.
You can farm zenny and transfer it to cash points to buy headgears, and there are no donation exclusive items.
There are automated events to earn Cash Point cards, they also drop from all mobs at a 0.01% drop rate (in 15 minutes of continuous farming for zenny you could get up to 5, all depends on mob density of the map)
There are no hourly points, but you can earn daily rewards and loyalty points every 24 hours, and extra rewards every 12 hours.
Server population hovers around 30 to 40 depending on the time of day since a lot of people play in different time zones.

If you are brining a guild the GM also awards a pretty good guild starter pack, check it out.
Server Seeking / Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Last post by Syphon on Yesterday at 10:29 AM »

My server recently launched a month ago!

Right now Users Online 491 Peak 549


General Information
Rates: 100x / 100x / 20x
Maximum Level: 255 / 120
Max ASPD: 196
Max stats: 255
Pre-Renewal (no 3rd class)

Artistry and Crafting System
Cedi MVP System
MvP Arena
Eden Mall
Server Seeking / looking for "new" RO server
« Last post by marsmith on Yesterday at 10:14 AM »
- any rate ( low , mid or high rate)
-pre renewal or renewal will do
- release date: 2018
- farming server (custom item quest,MVP cards,gold room,costume etc...)
- pods or donate items can be obtain in game quest or farm (not a pay to win server)  /no1
- hourly automated event (dice,cluckers,poring,disguise etc...)
- hourly login points (worth staying in game)
- active GM

i really don't care about the population of the server as long as the server is farm-able to keep us/me busy.
Server Reviews / Re: My experience in TalonRO
« Last post by applecidervinegar on Yesterday at 10:02 AM »
Why was that picture deleted? I swear admins here are paid by seiren and boreas
Server Reviews / Re: My experience in TalonRO
« Last post by DeePee on Feb 20, 2018, 08:36 PM »
I like how you searched through 4 years of RMS reviews and forum posts to find "proof" for your trolling. Nice.

Sort of disappointed that after searching back 4 years, all you could find is a GM saying they used to play WoE. :(
Server Reviews / Re: My experience in TalonRO
« Last post by Keng on Feb 20, 2018, 08:03 PM »
One of the samples your twisted tongue, I won't argue because  /heh

*The excuses remain excuses while he just close his eyes when it comes to his gf/friends.

Don't bother to find/delete/lock others thread in your forum as I don't bother to put more SS from forum/in-game chat between 'another High GM friends chat'
Your decreasing population is all the prove what I just said before.

p/s: its a bit late to hear our opinion in Woe/PvP/BG after most of them already leave your server. But good luck nonetheless
Server Discussion / Re: Pre-Renewal & Renewal [ Combination Server ]
« Last post by Takendevilz on Feb 20, 2018, 05:13 PM »
 /ok This server has alot of custom features! World Boss spawns! Custom Drops! Double Drops till 2/28

Long Lost Friends / Re: ValkyrieRO?
« Last post by Waffs on Feb 20, 2018, 01:37 PM »
It's crazy that you still remember my name, though. I don't think you and I really even talked that much. What do you do these days? I'd imagine it's not RO.

Well you definitely have a memorable personality Alex, though I'd like to think I remember most of the people I played with considering how much time we all spent on RO over the years.

I don't think we ever talked too much either, but we were around similar people and I was IRL friends with Ramen Lunei / Soul Assassin / Frosty from our days back on FaithRO and the whole fiasco with Carnage.

Not doing too much gaming these days, I play league with my friends once in awhile but spend most of my time at the hospital doing my rotations as a clinical pharmacist now.

Rant and Rave / Re: Accused of Stealing Server Name
« Last post by yC on Feb 20, 2018, 10:33 AM »
It was mentioned over and over again in this forum that there is nothing wrong with server having the same name.  In the last 10+ years there have been many aRO bRO etc and the most common has to be server names with the word Valkyrie in it.

Just like human names, can you be sued for calling your son David because there is another David existed at some point in time?  I hope not because there isn't that many unique names in the alphabetic to serve everyone without having very long names when we reach the year 2118.

As far as RMS is concerned, server name cannot be stolen because they are all free to use.  If anybody wish to protect their server names as part of their intellectual property, I believe the correct step is to send a DMCA to the infringing party or seek legal action.

Anyway, my view is, what's in a name doesn't matter because it is the server's effort that attracts and keeps players.
Server Discussion / Re: Divergent Ragnarok (Dystopia)
« Last post by emancipate01 on Feb 20, 2018, 10:19 AM »
Off-topic posts have been removed, please stay on the topic of discussion.

Thank you for that! Much appreciated!
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