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Server Reviews / Re: DarksideRO - experience of an old DarkRO player
« Last post by MrSplashy on Yesterday at 09:11 AM »
Well if you want to do PVP and WOE then you have to donate them. Though you can farm for weapons and armors but some maps aren't available and at the same time as a LK I need that particular armor/garment/accessory and yet it isn't available. Though I could farm at the Gold Room for 2 - 4 hours to get the money still you can get the equipments you need but as the OP said. The Donators will always have the upperhand no matter how hidden it is, they will always have the upperhand. /oni_light
Server Seeking / Re: LF> 99/70 HR/SHR (No MVP if possible)
« Last post by Hagoromo on Sep 22, 2017, 10:11 PM »
Looking for 99/70 max lvl High Rate / Super High Rate server that has daily WoE or at least almost daily. Good drop rates on the cards please, I don't wanna spend ages for 1 card (5% and above). I don't mind ready to pvp/woe server as well as long as the player count is not below 50 (excluding vendors). Thank you.

Hello demon57,

High Rate server? I will recommend you to play in our server ggRO. Well our server is just started 5 days ago with 110+ Players active during peak hours. I would like to give it a try since we're a semi-grind server and as stated in your seeking you want a fast phase gameplay. When it comes to farming i can assure you that you will gone through challenges but not pretty hard. We wanted to maintain a long-term server. Good thing about what you wanted is we have Battleground System where you can DO pk'ing and earning badges at the sametime. You can trade those badges to Supplies & Items for PK/BG & WoE. When it comes to MVP our card drop is only 0.01%(consider as disabled) If you're interested to play in our server feel free to contact me anytime through chat here or in our page.  /heh

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ggroofficial2017/
Advertisement: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/high-rate/good-gamers-ro(ggro)-pre-renewal-100-balance-fair-play-competition/
Server Seeking / Re: LF>fresh server in last 5months
« Last post by Hagoromo on Sep 22, 2017, 10:01 PM »
Looking for fresh new mid/high rate servers  /??
pre-renew/classic  /ho
193-195 max ASPD  /pif
prefer with english lang population, cuz sometimes i feel uncomfortable when seeing ppl chat with unknown symbols/lang  /wah

Hello coroonights,

If you're seeking for newly opened server then i would like to invite you to play Good GamersRO since we just established 5days ago :). Our rates is 1000x/1000x/100x with Maxlevel of 99/70. The only language that we use here is English since we have other players from other countries. To be honest our max ASPD is only 190 but i would like to give it a try :). If you're interested just let me know and i will give you the warmest welcome to our server. I'm always active here or in our page. If you wanted to ask more questions don't hesitate : /kis

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ggroofficial2017/
Advertisement: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/high-rate/good-gamers-ro(ggro)-pre-renewal-100-balance-fair-play-competition/

Server Seeking / Re: LF> SHR/HR/MR PvP/WoE Server
« Last post by Hagoromo on Sep 22, 2017, 09:52 PM »
Hey everyone as the title says im looking for a server that is active with 100+ players that arent AFK/Vending. I would prefer a server that doesn't have donations and doesnt require me to grind for weeks/months just to be able to start PvP.

Ive basically already looked through all the front page RO's on RMS but none seemed to appeal me, and if they did there would be an issue where I wouldnt be able to play because of unresolvable client issues.

EDIT: Also no 3rd jobs!

EDIT 2: If there are donations, I'd like for them to be obtainable through questing

Hello House,

If you're still seeking for a server then i would like to recommend you to play ggRO. We established 5 Days ago with 110+ Players active during peak hours. Our rates is running with 1000x/1000x/100x. I can guarantee that you would'nt grind too much in this server and if your interested with pure Battle & PVP we have Battleground System where you can buy supplies for BG/PVP and WoE. Donations is not too necessary since you can obtain it thru Voting / Quest & Battlegrounds. If you need more info about our server you can check our advertisement link here in rms or you can talk to me directly by chatting here or in our Fanpage. I hope you find the server that you're looking for. /no1

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ggroofficial2017/
Advertisement: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/high-rate/good-gamers-ro(ggro)-pre-renewal-100-balance-fair-play-competition/
RMS Test Server / Re: Malicious or false positive?
« Last post by yC on Sep 22, 2017, 07:52 PM »
Well, nobody can tell you what to do we have said use the client at your own risk.  You can google "win32 bazon.a" with or without kaspersky and decide for yourself.

If your computer is not infected with something else that infects your file I'd say the client you downloaded is safe because obviously I have a copy of it on my computer just fine. 
Rant and Rave / Re: NovaRO to change name to CareBearRO
« Last post by Bottles on Sep 22, 2017, 01:11 PM »
The situation has been resolved
RMS Test Server / Malicious or false positive?
« Last post by Jake on Sep 22, 2017, 12:26 PM »
Please look at the attachments. Kaspersky Internet Security shows these warnings since about a month ago. Is it actually malicious? Please help.
Server Seeking / Re: LF> SHR/HR/MR PvP/WoE Server
« Last post by tohruchan on Sep 22, 2017, 09:10 AM »
Good day house, I believe Darkside-RO meets the most preferences that you're looking for.


Facebook Page
Download Page

Account Creation Page

server that is active with 100+ players that arent AFK/Vending.

With the sever population of 1100 you can interact with the players in real time.

EDIT: Also no 3rd jobs!

Currently Darkside-RO sticks with transcend class and pre-renewal mechanics and the server offer you star war classes which is a unique feature and you can't find it anywhere else.

EDIT 2: If there are donations, I'd like for them to be obtainable through questing

Most of the equips in the server are obtainable through quest and some are donation items.

If you have plenty of time you can just drop by in our server and feel free to make a review and feel at home because this is the place that you will be always to be.
Low Rates / MidiCityRO
« Last post by dgrey on Sep 22, 2017, 06:22 AM »
Greetings Everyone!

MidiCityRO is finally in it's open testing stage which is the last stage before releasing the official playable client!

A little about the current test phase is that rates are set at 3/3/7 for the time being. Do note however that the experience tables have been edited.

For those who aren't aware! MidiCityRO is completely a 100% Customised Ragnarok Online Private Server.
We do not mean this lightly either. You will not find anything similar, besides nostalgia to the original RO experience.

There is no Prontera, Payon, Morroc, or Episodical releases following the official RO.

It's all custom! 100%. Just thought I'd truly make this clear.

We have an extensive database filled with customised mobs with unique names and drops

Currently implemented and in current testing is a new Card system. These cards allow for the use of skills in exchange for some form of debuff applied by that card.

Our maps and quest line follow a totally new path in a totally new world which really enforces that customisation.

Upcoming features include -

Profficiencies - Mining, Hunting, Fishing, Crafting, Cooking

Apprenticeship System

Album Collection System

Customized GvG and PvP System

Unique Rest and leveling System

Dungeon and exploration System

Hunger System / Stamina System

And well, tonnes more.

This current server is set up as a permanent testing server. So we apologize about the size of our current client (nearing 4GB). This mostly includes new BGM's, and all the new features mentioned above.

Official release of server is due in December!

Server stats include:

~ Episode 1 (Custom)
~ Max level 30/25 - (With incremental level caps dependant on episode)
~ Server Rates 3/3/2
~ Customized NPC's & Quest line 
~ Exclusive NPC's / Mobs / Items and Costumes
~ RP Aspects - Expansive Towns and Fields + Major Story line
~ Cosmetic only donations
~ Full Gepard Protection

~ Commands (Testers Group ID: 0)

whereis: true
mobinfo: true
iteminfo: true
rates: true
commands: true
refresh: true
noks: true
autoloot: true
autotrade: true
whodrops: true
duel: true
accept: true
reject: true
leave: true
time: true
showexp: true
noask: true
channel: true
me: true
jumpto: true
who: true
who2: true
who3: true
whomap: true
whomap2: true
whomap3: true
monster: true
monstersmall: true
monsterbig: true
killmonster2: true
item: [true, false]
zeny: [true, false]
disguise: [true, true]
undisguise: [true, true]
speed: true
warp: true

We invite you to join us on our main platform of communication which is Discord - https://discord.gg/eDtVz3v
(Download Links are in Discord)

Our landing page - http://www.greytro.com/
Our intergrated FluxCP Website - http://greytro.com/portal/
Our forums -  http://forums.greytro.com/

To register - http://greytro.com/portal/?module=account&action=create

(Please note - As our team is heavily focused on the development of the game, our websites / forums are quite unfinished)

Been carrying around those heavy customised ideas that might be the next big hit for RO? Drop them off here, and watch us make it a reality for you. We may just offer some royalties...haha!

On behalf of myself and our passionate team, we invite you to come and join our ever growing community and explore something new, refreshing and completely different on offer to the normal RO experience!

See you in game!

My kindest regards

Server Seeking / Re: LF> SHR/HR/MR PvP/WoE Server
« Last post by Daifuku. on Sep 22, 2017, 06:02 AM »
Hello house!
Ragnaclan is an upcoming 99/70 pre-renewal mid-rate server with 30x30x10x floating rates.
We have donations but you'll be able to get them through ingame activities like questing, joining events, gathering, hunting missions and more.

If you want to read more check out our RMS topic here: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/mid-rates/ragnaclan-30x30x10x-floating-multi-platform-computer-android-mobile/

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