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Server Discussion / Re: Heavily modified RO servers yay or nay?
« Last post by Jhon on Yesterday at 03:59 AM »
Just had this arguement earlier, Ragnarok is one of the best games ever made.

its like game design at its best, the only other game comparable happened to be runescape.
Server Reviews / Re: Review about Woonro Reloaded 2015
« Last post by Fino on Yesterday at 03:23 AM »
Actually he talks about an incident on woonro that happened in a 2015 DS party - He never stepped a single foot in rops DS has he has no character that would be allowed to join in the first place. (He failed to "buy" a sniper account for cash until now)
He is upset that Seffi (a woonro admin who is not around anymore) had punished him back then for issues no one can track anymore. He then continued to make multiple accounts on discord and forums to spam mail the community and the staff who desperately tried to help him. He is questioning a rule on rops and asks why he got punished on woonro by seffi.

As to the community firing back: the one who starts going around and calls people immature is the OP himself. At first people tried to really help him out but all his reactions were plain rude to these answers as those people answering were apparently not capable enough to answer him. Its tiring for everyone dealing with such a matter especially since his issue had be more than enough addressed.
Server Discussion / Re: Heavily modified RO servers yay or nay?
« Last post by Styx on Yesterday at 02:27 AM »
Like playtester said, stick to original. As a matter of fact there is almost no server offering exactly that at all.
Server Discussion / Re: Heavily modified RO servers yay or nay?
« Last post by Achelexus on Yesterday at 12:29 AM »
RO's engine is just, so, so bad. Even for a 2002 game. Which is partially why trying to change it heavily can be just a big waste of effort.

In general, yeah, trying to fix so many of the game's flaws is a noble goal. Sadly, most players don't seem to think that, as they feel alienated by most custom changes. It doesn't help that most custom features I see in servers don't actually make the game better.
Server Discussion / Re: Heavily modified RO servers yay or nay?
« Last post by Jhon on Nov 15, 2018, 11:24 PM »
actually a good topic

1.Renewal Content offers great content updates into the game, servers should re-itemize those things to pre-renewal

2.Renewal Content should be offered to pre-renewal players but not like extremely difficult in objectives, the ability to farm items and gear and WoE is ragnarok

3.high developed servers are better servers, anyone is able to pick up scripts for server hosting.

4.server communitys are attractive

Three and Four in this post have like no obvious reasoning

Ragnarok is still a really good game
Server Reviews / Re: Review about Woonro Reloaded 2015
« Last post by frenchbaguettey on Nov 15, 2018, 07:32 PM »
Server the original post is referring to is ROPS, owned by Daifuku and Nihad (aka Ragnaclan).

While OP is annoying because he is constantly asking questions using a translator, the server is toxic, racist and simply bullying the dude. The dude is Vietnamese and I've not seen one person defend the dude for the racial slurs they've been poking at him. He made a topic post trying to report them, and they respond with Vietnamese words as puns. The GMs are rarely active and the moderators which they've staffed are completely biased, siding with the offenders. They've been cleaning up the forums by deleting extreme posts but as another player, I can totally feel this viet dude. Just look at the first comment already, harassing this dude's mentality.

As for the owners, who are relatively MIA, they've been poorly managing this server and despite their claims of progress on the server, they are not putting their side of the work as was promised. WoE was recently held and has basically lead to the demise of the BG and WoE scene as the players that were trying to keep it alive were completely disappointed with the GMs lack of effort in fixing simple things to make it run smoothly. As there is literally 0 WoE guilds, the remaining 20ish players online are basically bickering at one another because they are forced to stay in Prontera with each other for free warps. As much as they wanted to boast on how well Ragnaclan did for the months it was up, their latest server is a complete fiasco and did not last 1 month with their poor management and development. They are so salty at people commenting about their server, that they filtered the word 'meme' in their discord. They've removed their motto "no p2w, only cosmetic" which was lavishly used in Ragnaclan after they were meme'd so hard because it was basically a p2w server (RWC donate only).
Server Discussion / Re: Heavily modified RO servers yay or nay?
« Last post by Blinzer on Nov 15, 2018, 03:58 PM »
The playerbase isn't big enough anymore to warrant all that effort. Seems like a waste of skill. If I had lots of free time today, I'd rather develop my own game.

yeah, i agree with that in most cases. but that scales exponentially with your skills as a developer, and the thing is most people can't just snap their fingers and start pumping out a good game. changing an already existing game really goes a long way to teaching you all of the basic bricks and understanding the essence of what a game is and how everything interacts with each other. if we're talking about efficiency, a mediocre player would have a very hard time developing anything that isn't a complete disaster.

i was a master of playing RO and thought i knew it all just because i was perfect in-game, but once i started messing with my own server i realized that i actually knew nothing(and i'm not talking about programming either, but true understanding of games at their core). i was just hardwired to conduct myself between these very fine parameters and be perfect within these very specific closed walls of one way things could be, but compared to the infinity that you find out was out there from the start you were just nothing all along. RO has taught me so so so so much, so even though it's old and what you're saying is right, i would still never oppose someone getting into playing around with a server because there's so much to learn there. can you learn it anywhere else? maybe, probably, but i dunno for sure. but here i know you can learn a lot, so for me there's no need to risk elsewhere.

i still wonder how it's possible to be able to execute with such precision without understanding jack s*** about the world you live in. i mean you obviously do understand or you wouldn't be able to play so well, but you totally don't. kind of like real life living beings, if you think about it...
Server Discussion / Re: Heavily modified RO servers yay or nay?
« Last post by Playtester on Nov 15, 2018, 02:20 PM »
The playerbase isn't big enough anymore to warrant all that effort. Seems like a waste of skill. If I had lots of free time today, I'd rather develop my own game.
Mid Rates / AevisRO - 99/70 - Unique Features- November 24, 2018
« Last post by AevisRO on Nov 15, 2018, 01:57 PM »
AevisRO is an upcoming Midrate Ragnarok Online Server ( 99/70 Pre-Renewal )
We look to be the place where you can interact with a friendly community in a fun, enjoyable environment and engage in intense competition with hundreds of other players!

Server Settings:

• Max Level: 99/70 ~ Transcendent
• Experience Rates: 75x
• General Drop Rates: 25x
• Normal Card Drop: 0.30%
• MVP Card Drop: 0.01%
• Max Stats: 99
• Max Party Size: 20
• Max Share Range: 20
• Max ASPD: 190
• Instant Cast: 150 Dex
• Quest Experience: 10x
• Humunculus Intimacy: 5x
• Episode: 13.2 ~ Into the Unknown
• Mechanics: Pre-Renewal

Server Features:

• Class Special Weapons -  [ https://aevis-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15-class-special-weapons/ ]
• Custom Maintown       -  [ https://aevis-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13-custom-main-town/ ]
• Centralized Supply    -  [ https://aevis-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14-centralized-supply-system/ ]
• Zeny Burn Out         -   [ https://aevis-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14-centralized-supply-system/ ]
• Unique Rewards System -  [ https://aevis-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16-rewards-system/ ]
• Hourly Ticket System  -  [ https://aevis-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16-rewards-system/ ]
• Modifications & Fixes -  [ https://aevis-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/12-modification-fixes/ ]
• Battlegrounds 3.0
• Aevis Special Headgears

Utilities & NPC:

• Healer - ( With Blessing & Agility, Magnifier, Curse Removal & Repair )
• Warper - ( Warps to Towns, Dungeons & Fields + Guild Castle in the Future )
• Job Manager - ( Enables you to Change Job, Reset Builds & Rent Services )
• Tool Dealer - ( Contains everything you need for battles! Consumables,Miscellaneous, Ammunition )
• Kafra Employee - ( Enables you to Save & Use Storage Service )
• Private Dead Branch Room - ( Rent a Private Room to cast your Branches for yourself,party or guild! )
• PVP Warper - ( Enables you to Enter the PVP Arena for Free! )
• Stylist -  ( Change your Hairstyle, Hair Color & Clothes Color for Free! )
• Costume Master - ( Turn your Headgear into a Costume for 2.5m Zeny or Revert it for the same Cost )
• Banker - ( Deposit & Withdraw your Zeny )
• Donation Redeemer - ( Redeem your Donation Rewards )
• Aevis Coin Shop - ( Buy Items using your Aevis Coin )
• Reward Shop - ( Contains Various of Currency Shop such as BG Shop, Copper coin Shop, Hourly Ticket Shop )
• Quest Shop - ( Brose through hundreds of Quest! There are basic quests aswell as hard-rock Quests! )

@go, @storage, @autoloot, @arealoot, @alootid, @autoloottype, @autotrade, @changegm, @changeleader, @help, @rates, @uptime, @showdelay, @exp, @mobinfo, @iteminfo, @whodrops, @jailtime, @hominfo, @homstats, @showexp, @showzeny, @whereis, @refresh, @noask, @noks, @request, @time @breakguild, @gstorage, @whobuy, @whosell, @feelreset,@storeall, @storeit, @lgp,@shake, @circle, @square, @joinbg, @leavebg, @reportafk, @leader, @ignorebg, @bgranked, @bgregular,@order.

Client, Protection & Settings:

• Client Date: 2015
• Emulator: Hercules
• Gepard Shield Anti Cheat
• Anti DDoS Protection

Server Seeking / LF> 99/70 PK/PVP ALL MAP SERVER 10/10/x
« Last post by madliquid on Nov 15, 2018, 12:44 PM »
Looking for a server max 99 player lvl with PVP/PK open on all maps with the exception of cities.

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