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Server Reports / LimitRO benefiting players for review.
« Last post by ManteigadeCacau on Yesterday at 07:49 PM »
So a lot of players of LimitRO have found that GM Lai is unbanning players that commit infractions in the game if they give a RMS review.
A very old player called Dafi got banned for scamming and breaking the economy while buying thing for a very low price.
He got banned, but then GM Lai asked him for a review in RMS to unban him. https://imgur.com/a/sR91G8w


Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)
« Last post by Aurelie on Yesterday at 06:17 PM »
wow it's been so long ! remind me a lot of good memories...

I used to play LK and my IGN was Aurelie but i often changed to play different character...

I was the leader of SubWarZone aka SwZ

so sad i lost most of my screenshots...

dm me if u remind me and were friend at this time !
Server Seeking / Re: LF - upcoming LOW/MID rate server
« Last post by [email protected] on Yesterday at 04:22 PM »
Good day,

I would like to invite you to take a look at https://playodin.net/. I'm the server admin.

You're welcome to join our small community. The server itself is international, but hosted in Amsterdam.
Everyone who lives by the rules of Odin is welcome. Also, I improve and add stuff almost every day.

The server is close to the core of how Ragnarok should be, and I try to extend that by making everything as balanced as possible.

Unfortunately the server population is very, very low. But the people are very friendly.

Today I implemented a daily reward system which gives out Kafra / Free Cash points.

Any questions? Let me know! I'll do my best to answer them!

Thank you for your time,
And hopefully we see you in Odin,


General Discussion / Re: Re: [Non-Renewal] x30 rate Zeny making
« Last post by Drachenlord on Yesterday at 12:12 PM »
try change your Farming Character.

Autoloot + FlyWings/Teleport + Sniper is the way to go.

For Zeny
For Equip
For almost everything

Yes we have autoloot enabled.

Sniper is used for geffenia? You recommend a comp bow with 4x cards for succubus/incubus?
Or where would you farm zeny with sniper?

Sorry might sound stupid but I'm really not playing that long. Just a few weeks of Ragnarok now.
General Discussion / Re: Is expulson blocked by land protector?
« Last post by Lioran on Yesterday at 10:50 AM »
that's so annoying. Why is beelzebub so stupid to kill? it would be a straight forward fight without that non sense. I already struggle to get the people for it then gotta worry about everyone understanding whats going on.
I know expulsion was working in endless tower a while back i don't know if that's still a thing All i know is the Eathena dev back then made that change on their own claiming it was official. Which to me sounds absurd to think that you have a chance that your tank will basically be warped to town.
General Discussion / Re: Re: Best Farming Spot
« Last post by User1 on Yesterday at 09:36 AM »
is autoloot enabled? Then just go for sniper.

Geffenia  > Moscovia > Hill Winds > Kunlun.

But normally when there's low population, zeny won't get you anything.
Best farm the gear you need yourself

What mob is in Kunlun worth farming?
General Discussion / Re: Best Farming Spot
« Last post by yennar on Yesterday at 05:11 AM »
is autoloot enabled? Then just go for sniper.

Geffenia  > Moscovia > Hill Winds > Kunlun.

But normally when there's low population, zeny won't get you anything.
Best farm the gear you need yourself
General Discussion / Re: [Non-Renewal] x30 rate Zeny making
« Last post by yennar on Yesterday at 05:03 AM »
try change your Farming Character.

Autoloot + FlyWings/Teleport + Sniper is the way to go.

For Zeny
For Equip
For almost everything
General Discussion / Best Farming Spot
« Last post by Domz on Yesterday at 03:30 AM »
Hello guys Im playing in a non renewal mid-low rate server with rates at 25x25x5x
and i need some guide whats the best place to earn zeny? the server is episode 12
Server Reviews / Eris-RO
« Last post by azharradiany on May 23, 2018, 11:07 PM »
Come and explore the story of heroes, the joy of battle and the glory of battles in our Ragnarok Private Server, Eris.
A no pay to win server, with fully protected Gepard Shield Experience a balance and fair play with 2nd-Trans Job, immortalize your guild's name by taking a castle on the War of Emperium.

Hone your skills by hunting the MvP that roam across Midgard and test your mettle and wit against other adventurers through PvP and GvG. A diverse and unique world awaits you as the Game Masters work around the clock to make sure that you get the best possible experience.

  Ragnarok Eris Online Private Server
2nd-Trans Job, Balanced MVP-WOE-GVG-PVP Server.
We are looking for battle mania and farm mania!
This is the most balanced server! NO-OP (NO-OverPowered)!
 /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg

- Server Spefication -

* Language: English / Indonesia ( Main ) /lv
* VPS No LAG / Balance Server 24/7 ( International Server : SGP Host )
* High Rate Pre-Renewal !

> Gepard Full Protection + @LGP ( RCX )  /omg

* Main - Town : Prontera
* Job 2 Trans : High | Priest | Gunslinger | Champion | Paladin
* Max Lv : 99/70
* Dex : 150 No Cast
* Max ASPD: 190
* Instant Lvl UP / Aura (NPC)  /lv /lv /lv
* Experience Rates : Base 5000.00x / Job 10000.00x
* Drop Rates : Common 1000.00x / Healing 1000.00x / Usable 1000.00x / Equipment 1000.00x / Card 10%
* Boss Drop Rates: Common 100.00x / Healing 100.00x / Usable 100.00x / Equipment 1.5x / Card 0%
* Other Drop Rates: MvP 100.00x / Card-Based 100.00x / Treasure 1000.00x
* MvP Card : Disabled
* Battle Ground : Disabled
* Godly Equipment / Item : Disabled
* Free Ransom (Usable Items for Battles)  /lv /lv /lv

Free Reward For New Player  /omg /pif

Eris Harmonia Starter Pack: Refine/Trade Disabled

Harmonia Scarf
MDEF + 2
Defense: 8
Slot [1]
Harmonia Shoes:
Resistance to Water Property  by 3%
Defense: 8
[+ Harmonia Scarf]
HP Recovery + 5%.
Increase Maximum HP by 7%.
Harmonia Cutter:
Attack: 175
No Slot[]
Harmonia Glove (2)
Effect: Dex+4
No Slot[]

Ready For Hunting •PvP/ MvP / WoE•

# ( Freebies Box @1stmaptospawn ) #

Free Guild Migration For Every Guild  /omg /omg

Eris Harmonia Guild Migration Pack:

Harmonia Scarf (Added Defense by 2)
Harmonia Shoes (Added Defense by 2)
Divine Clothes (Free Enchant 3)
Orleans Server +4 / Bradium Shield +4
Customized Cap Dex+3 Reduce Demi Human +3% Hp +2%
WOE VIP Buff Ticket

# ( Freebies Box @Yuno ) #


- Interactive Events/NPCs:
- Instant Lvl UP / Aura (Monthly/Weekly Event)
- Item Mall Quests Npc: Kafriodan in Mall!(NO PAY TO WIN)
- Chicken Event
- Headgear Quest
- Turbo Track
- Devil Square
- Endless Tower
- Poring Dice
- Disguise Event
- Jackpot Machine
- NPC Stylish
- Eris Fishing Pond
- (And many more)


# Commands:

@go | @autoloot | @alootid | @autotrade | @duel | @leave | @accept | @load | @whodrops | @whereis | @mi | @ii | SPECIAL @lgp + @hold| @request | and many more!


# Friendly GM :

( Head GM / Admin )
- GM Event
- GM Police / Patrol
- Sub GM (From All Over The World)

More Site :

* Group : Eris (High Rate Pre-Renewal) Gaming Community
* Site : http://www.eris-ro.com/
* Register : http://www.eris-ro.com/module=account&action=create
* Download : http://www.eris-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=download
* Discord  : https://discordapp.com/invite/Z2R54Kw

Be ready to become Erisian!

 /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv
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