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seems like only way to block expulson is auto guard, or/and parry... during 1st phase you can use safety wall to block expulson, but during 2nd phase beel uses land protector...
General Discussion / Re: Is expulson blocked by land protector?
« Last post by Zereges on Today at 04:28 AM »
Expulsion doesn't work in endless tower.

Expulsion has 1% chance so it shouldn't happen that often. I realize it's annoying but I killed many beelzebubs and never got more than 3 during the kill.
General Discussion / Re: [Non-Renewal] x30 rate Zeny making
« Last post by yennar on Today at 02:47 AM »
No comp bow with cards.
Get an overupped OAB + Steel Arrows and Endow (or Aspersio for Geffenia)

farming in Moscovia or Geffenia.
For Leveling if you need money you can also go hill winds or just farm whatever you need.
Server Reports / Re: LimitRO benefiting players for review.
« Last post by yC on Today at 02:13 AM »
These 2 images alone serve very weak supporting evidences to the story you are describing.  First, the review screenshot doesn't show anything useful.  The chat screenshot doesn't include anything before and after and most importantly who is talking.  How is the two screenshot related if at all.  If you have the full conversation you can pm them to me, we need to see more than that.
Hi, been playing on pre-renewal for a very long time and i think its time to get use to the new content.

Looking for any new/relatively new servers (SEA based)
Renewal or Revo-classic
Rates of 7x-150x
Non P2W
Friendly and helpful staffs and community/newb friendly =D
English main server
WoE enabled
At least 50players online on avg
Non custom items

Not too much to ask for i guess
Server Reports / LimitRO benefiting players for review.
« Last post by ManteigadeCacau on Yesterday at 07:49 PM »
So a lot of players of LimitRO have found that GM Lai is unbanning players that commit infractions in the game if they give a RMS review.
A very old player called Dafi got banned for scamming and breaking the economy while buying thing for a very low price.
He got banned, but then GM Lai asked him for a review in RMS to unban him. https://imgur.com/a/sR91G8w


Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from qRO? (Quality Ragnarok Online)
« Last post by Aurelie on Yesterday at 06:17 PM »
wow it's been so long ! remind me a lot of good memories...

I used to play LK and my IGN was Aurelie but i often changed to play different character...

I was the leader of SubWarZone aka SwZ

so sad i lost most of my screenshots...

dm me if u remind me and were friend at this time !
Server Seeking / Re: LF - upcoming LOW/MID rate server
« Last post by [email protected] on Yesterday at 04:22 PM »
Good day,

I would like to invite you to take a look at https://playodin.net/. I'm the server admin.

You're welcome to join our small community. The server itself is international, but hosted in Amsterdam.
Everyone who lives by the rules of Odin is welcome. Also, I improve and add stuff almost every day.

The server is close to the core of how Ragnarok should be, and I try to extend that by making everything as balanced as possible.

Unfortunately the server population is very, very low. But the people are very friendly.

Today I implemented a daily reward system which gives out Kafra / Free Cash points.

Any questions? Let me know! I'll do my best to answer them!

Thank you for your time,
And hopefully we see you in Odin,


General Discussion / Re: Re: [Non-Renewal] x30 rate Zeny making
« Last post by Drachenlord on Yesterday at 12:12 PM »
try change your Farming Character.

Autoloot + FlyWings/Teleport + Sniper is the way to go.

For Zeny
For Equip
For almost everything

Yes we have autoloot enabled.

Sniper is used for geffenia? You recommend a comp bow with 4x cards for succubus/incubus?
Or where would you farm zeny with sniper?

Sorry might sound stupid but I'm really not playing that long. Just a few weeks of Ragnarok now.
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