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Server Discussion / Re: DivergenceRO update and what to expect in 2019
« Last post by Bue on Yesterday at 08:20 PM »
Your major drawback is that you still don't have the technical expertise to finish what you set out to do, which is why you get demotivated and pull your disappearance act every now and then. It happens to all of us who walk down this path.

I don't think you will get much help as far as the real work goes. And I suggest you limit the scope of your work and stop pretending to be RO Jesus. In the past, I know of few server owners who get by with basic system administration skills and minor adjustments to the gameplay and content. Maybe that is the path you want to go down if you want to run a server.
Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from RebirthRO (LR), DestinaRO or LuminaRO?
« Last post by Basil on Yesterday at 07:23 PM »
Not sure if I met you in-game, but I played on LuminaRO back around 2010.

My main was Rebel, I led the Maelstrom guild.  I think we only stuck around for a few months though.

Good times. <3


I think I remember you though from the forums mainly lol

Used to be in revo guild on Eir!  Filthy Defiler sniper name

I'm assuming Eir is the low rate server?

I remember being in a "Revolution" guild back in I think 2007 or 2008 - was only in it for a few weeks though but some of my friends from a anime forum were in that guild.
[very new server, still subject to some changes]


Website = http://cc-ro.com/
Registrations = http://cc-ro.com/?module=account&action=create
Downloads = http://cc-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=downloads

Discord = https://discord.gg/SbuqMTD

Unique features:

- Normal cards removed
- Cards now give permanent bonus to account on first pickup
- Unslotted equips give handicaps (balancing purposes)
- @ranking to check players with most cards
- Maps of the Day (3 different maps daily with +50% EXP and DROPS)

Rates Experience:

- Base 20x
- Job 20x

Rates Drops:

- Items 10x
- Equip 20x

Rates Cards:

- Normal monsters 1%
- Epic monsters 4%
- Legendary monsters 20%


- autoloot
- autotrade
- etc


- Warper (towns, dungeons entrance)
- Healer
- Job Changer with Platinum Skills
- Reset Girl
- Universal Rental
- Banker

- Keep record of your account's cards with the Card Album interface:
Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from RebirthRO (LR), DestinaRO or LuminaRO?
« Last post by dontdie on Yesterday at 08:29 AM »
Used to be in revo guild on Eir!  Filthy Defiler sniper name
General Discussion / Re: Name the Hat
« Last post by colt95 on Jan 15, 2019, 08:40 PM »
 /omg /omg /omg it was there all along didn't notice Thanks tho!  /lv
General Discussion / Re: Name the Hat
« Last post by yC on Jan 15, 2019, 08:32 PM »
Huh? Since you have the id in the url why don't you just search for it:

General Discussion / Name the Hat
« Last post by colt95 on Jan 15, 2019, 07:44 PM »
Anyone know the name of this Hat? It looks like Beret but it's not it has a feather like thing on it.


zoom too see clearly thanks for the answer
Server Reviews / Origins RO
« Last post by Dank on Jan 15, 2019, 07:27 PM »
Server Ratings:
Stability: The server very rarely crashes and freeze even with 1k+ players online including vendor during WoE, I'm very satisfied with it. You could check the number of unique game account online (excluding vendor) online at the homepage.

Availability: 24/7

Friendliness: I sense the eagerness from veteran to help newbies. Since there is no stats/skill reset, this aspect is very crucial because you have to ask the veteran and use stats/skill calculator to plan your char far ahead to avoid mistakes. Join the discord it to ask for advice and organise a party.

Eventfulness: There is an event for special days like Halloween and Christmas, Pretty decent. The Bloody Halloween with Ghost NPC following you was an innovative gory/creepy concept, didn't really enjoy the sight of blood everywhere but there are people who like it.

Game Masters Ratings:
Friendliness: They kill players out of fun, just kidding!. I'm very impressed by this, WoE scene is very hard to manage because of the insult/offensive behaviour that usually happened after WoE finished. I'm really glad that they didn't kill the WoE scene just because of WoE players famous bad behaviour (If you play other competitive game, you will know it brings out the worst out of people online). In my opinion, they managed it really well with muting people who have over-offensive behaviour in #main chat, although I still encourage players to turn off #main chat after WoE finished.

Availability/Helpfulness: I love when GM replied my support ticket/direct message fast from discord and this is what I experienced during 4 months game time I asked 4 questions that couldn't be answered by the veteran and GMs always replied to me within 24 hours, this is what I experienced with GM-Kreuzbaby and GM-Mathy/Hooch.

Game-Play Ratings:
Economy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sumZLwFXJqE <- MMO Inflation explanation. This server understood it and applied some measure to it. Most items that produce too much zeny are nerfed. I like the idea and origins did it quite well.

Guild Competition: Being in a guild is still one of the best ways to grow up in the game either for PvM/WoE. They will guide you, makes you a better player and encourage you to abide server rules.
PVM: Party levelling and MVP is much easier to organise and more fun to kill within guildies especially in origins where you are really rewarded for levelling in a party with other unique players.
WoE: WoE is still something that other games can't offer. Saturday and Sunday WoE has 70++ people joining with 2-3 big guilds competing. Only WoE 1.0 is implemented means some guild still enjoys abusing the portal casting skills makes it less competitive, require less thinking/strategy and discouraging for a smaller guild to compete. Although I can understand that not all people are fond of thinking.

Class Balance: Not sure about this since I only play a class that I enjoy playing. What I do like though, In Origins party levelling is rewarded and encouraged greatly, you could say that every build/class is needed in the party. PvP Build that is very hard to level will still contribute to the group, all you need is to make an effort to create/join a party and invest time to it. Much easier to organise this if you are in a guild since the beginning.

What I like about Origins is a non-donation server that has been up for 4+ years, so the effort that you put in-game is really appreciated. No fast-track and short-cut to get rich easily, all you need is patience and spend more effort in the game. It is also the longest running and the best classic(non-trans) server out there.

Most players are from EU, server peak time is 14:00 - 22:00 GMT+0.
Outside these hours, there are numerous players from America, South East Asia and Australia.

I played in origins since 4-10-2018 till now. Taking a break, that's why I used this time to leave a review. Let's make a party when I'm online. my In-Game-Name:
PvM: Sebas, Ulbert, Nishikienrai ; Guild: Lazy Lizard, Sushi, Meowpocalypse
WoE: Vegito, Ash; Guild: Olympian, Hivemind

Here I attached some screenshot that I have.
Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from RebirthRO (LR), DestinaRO or LuminaRO?
« Last post by Xarale on Jan 15, 2019, 05:29 PM »
Not sure if I met you in-game, but I played on LuminaRO back around 2010.

My main was Rebel, I led the Maelstrom guild.  I think we only stuck around for a few months though.

Good times. <3

Free Service Recruitment / [Recruitment] Looking for a partner
« Last post by Sirique on Jan 15, 2019, 02:59 PM »

I'm looking for a partner who's mostly willing to work on a project for the love of the game.

I have a steady job, and can easily pay for most of the things needed, but someone who's ready to help a little financially would be of great help to get the project moving. We would of course share the donations within the staff, if we ever decide to implement any, which would only be statless hats for the only purpose of looking good!

I already have a whole server setuped on Digital Ocean and I also own a Web Host at StableHost.

We really need someone dedicated and who's comfortable doing a little bit of everything:

  • Basic scripting
  • Basic scripts modifications
  • Basic SRC files modifications

We also need someone who's ready and motivated to learn how to use platforms such as:

  • Ubuntu linux droplet, on which the servers runs. You only need to learn some basic commands which I can teach you in 5 minutes.
  • Github, to modify files right from the server's repository instead of directly on the SFTP, where the server files are hosted.
  • Bitvise, which is used to access the sftp for the server files, the SSH window to access ubuntu on which you use the commands to start, stop the server and many other things. Also, the web host to modify any files related to the website.

I'm very patient and open minded, I will gladly guide you through it all if you don't know how to use any this.

If you're interested or you know someone who might, you can contact me on Discord: Sirique#9034


If you don't use Discord just PM here or send me a good old email at [email protected]

Thank you for your time and hopefully you'll be interested to join me on this great adventure that is the making of an awesome Ragnarok Online Private server!

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