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RIP Seireitei-RO

I do understand Admins, who wants to make quick money.

I do not understand the Players, who do RMT like this with admins for money.
Really - What do they expect?
As a player, if it is possible for me (even when the GMs tell to stay silent) to buy top gear for WOE/PvP, it is completely logical that you are not the only one who can.
If you are not the only one, it is a completely shortlived P2W System on the Server, just trying to milk the players worth.

What will the players of SeireiteiRO do after the first WoE, when everyone recognizes that their opponents also have top +10 MVP Carded gear? What will they do if they like PvP and join in only to meet top geared guys with too much money?

Non RMT Players will quit pretty soon. RMT Players will stand alone on the server with nothing to do. SeireiteiRO is doomed.
So why are players paying money for Items? To get an advantage? over what?
This is the reason, why at the first hint about such trades the normal, logical and rational player quits such servers.
The RMT Players will get pissed a month later, when the server goes offline due "maintaince", "got hacked" or something similar.

But do not worry folks - the next server, maybe even by the same persons (under different names obvsly) will open some weeks later.
Merchant / Re: [Non-Renewal] Help ws
« Last post by Zereges on Today at 05:50 AM »
What is Thor WS farming?
I googled that and no one concerns that Kasa's have Shield reflect. Does all servers disable this, or what?
Yes, it works if using the normal data.grf. Cause i tried to edit the map into gray scale maps, it's weird i can login prontera but not other edited maps...

So you didn't do it correctly. Use GRF Editor's flatmap tool to do that.
Thanks for making a report of this, RMT and population management is not covered by our Terms of Services for having a listing so I can only move this topic to the appropriate section of the forum for discussion.
Server Reviews / Re: SeireiteiRO Faith & Hope
« Last post by CDaigleRO on Yesterday at 11:04 PM »
This is a must play server for sure.

They have incredible mechanics like a pokemon evolution system to enhance damage for pets and they were smart to cap it so its not totally OP. MVPing is much funner and interactive instead of feeling like a grind. You can also check which mvps are currently up with @checkmvp instead of going to every map and wasting time. It is a very casual and convenient server. I recommend it 100%

 They've got great ranking systems too.
Server Discussion / Fake Population Servers
« Last post by JonesseA on Yesterday at 10:10 PM »
I was looking at playing a low rate server so I tried a couple of the top 10 servers, but I just want to make sure players are aware of some of the servers that have a massive fake population.

1. heRO - Showing 142 players, all vendors. Their installer is massive as well and patching takes forever. Had high hopes for a classic server.

2. OriginsRO - shows about 200+ vendors, 150+ players, but there is really only about 50 players as well, which is not bad, but very inflated still.

3. Old Chaos Ragnarok Online - Mostly auto traders as well, especially in the US time zone.

Just watch out and temper your expectations for playerbase
Low Rates / EggRO 10x/10x/5x
« Last post by Sirique on Yesterday at 05:10 PM »

EggRO is a new pre-renewal server with a simple goal: Nostalgia. We really want to hit right in the feels.

That's why many training spots that used to be very popular in the good old days are back on our server.

Our main town is the beloved Old Payon, which is a huge part of our memories of this great game.

Here at EggRO balance is very important, that's why we don't plan to ever stop finding ways to improve.

Here you can see some of our most important features: Click me (please)

Our team is very dedicated and respect is not an option for us, it's an obligation. We guarantee fast support and we're very open minded, we intend to create polls for some of our features while we're in Closed Beta. We want to offer our community the best experience possible.

Here at EggRO our staff members all have a very long experience as players, we know how it feels to go from servers to servers to never really find a new home. That's why we want to offer something that will bring you back the best memories this game can offer, but also something new.

We're well aware that there's already many LR servers out there that made or will make these kind of promises, but we take it very seriously and we principally do it for the love of the game. Money and power don't motivate us at all, we just want to be able to bring back the game we fell in love with at first glance.

We will be announcing our Closed Beta very soon. Every players that'll participate will receive a special gift.

RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: Adel's Sprite Showcase
« Last post by Adel on Yesterday at 02:06 PM »
Valentines Sprites








words <.<
Server Seeking / Re: Seeking Low to Mid Rate Pre-Renewal
« Last post by Bug on Yesterday at 02:03 PM »
  • Pre-renewal. No custom locations/ items. No donation rewards. No unbalanced content, ever.
  • English is required on main channels. The English on the website/cPanel is of a professional level.
  • Prontera always has actual players scattered about, and running to and fro. Shops are restricted to the sidewalks (@autotrade shops are automatically kicked after a week).
  • Rates are 5x/5x/5x/3x (Non-multiclienting parties receive an EXP bonus.)
  • The server itself is in Europe. International player-base, many from North America.

An informative video I made, overviewing OriginsRO:
Good luck! Just use normal data.grf right now to avoid any memory issue. Prolly the texture you used are causing it or its incompatible with the client. Not really in to grfs and stuffs.

hope someone else can give me solution on this.
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