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Website: www.playragnarokiris.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PlayRagnarokIris/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RagnarokOnlineIris/

Iris Ragnarok Online Information (Opens on July 05, 2018)
Episode 5: Juno
99/50 Classic 2-1 Classes Starting
Classic Mob Spawn
Rates: 5x5x3x ~ 7x 7x 4x(Weekends)
Equipment Drop Rate: 3x ~ 4x
Healing Drop Rate: 3x ~ 4x
Misc Drop Rate: 3x ~ 4x
Card Drop rate: 3x ~ 4x
MVP & Mini boss cards enabled
Boss Rates: 1x
Guild Capacity: 40/40

PVP mode on all MVP Maps (Automatic Turn-off if MVP is dead)
Ragnarok On Mobile Coming Soon 2-3 Weeks after the release
Protected by GEPARD SHIELD (3.0) (Latest Update of Gepard Shield)
Server location: Singapore
Full Anti-DDOS Protection Server
No Dual Client
Autotrade Implemented

Unique Features:
Weekly & Seasonal Events
Daily Login Rewards
Hourly Point System
Costume System
MvP Rewarder

Player Commands:

Come and Join us as we once again relive the classic days of Ragnarok Online!
that's one of the reasons i usually avoid german servers (hence i'm german myself).
every german admin i met were nice at the first 2 weeks and then turned out completely unreasonable after that.
can't tell much about stargazer, just dl/registered there for testing purposes (played maybe half an hour until i found all the flaws i dislike), but it's usually the same on any german server i tested so far:
admin makes a server for his and a few friends, some others join, and somewhere some drama starts out of nowhere with drama, bans and noone knows why.

so to say: even when i wouldn't avoid german servers in general, i owuld avoid playing THIS one in particular.
Hello. This was my first experience being banned from any type of game secondary to warning players about said game.

StargazerRO opened about two months ago on April 6th, 2018 originally advertised as English- and German-supported. They recently had plans to switch over to only German-supported about three weeks after I joined in late May to early June without any official announcement or any noticeable in-game implementations suggesting so. I only found out today after my entire ordeal here that they have updated their RMS review page to reflect that change being only German-supported; however, the server owner took offense to when a player—such as myself—notified other players in their public Discord channel that the server is not the most welcoming to English-speaking players.

I posted this screenshot of our conversation in the public Discord channel captioned:
"Just a warning that this server is not the most welcoming to English-speaking players."
(I do not have proof of this caption, because it was quickly deleted by the admin and I was banned from their Discord server almost instantly thereafter.)

He not only did not inform me about this recent plan of his to transition to German-only support, but even agreed that it was false advertising despite that amendment—given by the "yep" stated.
Their homepage, Wikipedia, and RMS review page are all still in English as of this thread posting asides from their forum board and Discord channel, which is almost entirely in German. Obviously it will take time to transition over into another language completely, but to ban a player for not being formally told that and for alerting other players for that reason shows how insecure the server owner is.

Here is an extended snippet of our conversations. He has been selectively responsive to players remaining "invisible" online despite talking to other players, especially when confronted with criticism. I can promise that I never deleted any messages in the shown conversations. For some history, I also never asked for any special in-game treatment; I have additional proof of that if needed. One thousand cash points and a thirty-day VIP coupon were randomly given to me and another player whom I play with after they talked to the admin, and I asked the admin why that is. He was silent.
This was already a red flag indicating possible free hand-outs to other players before us.
(Side note: I met an Italian player in-game, so I am not sure why the admin touted a homogeneous player base.)

As far as I know, rumors are unconfirmed statements; they are not considered a rumor if it is expressed by an admin or staff member themself. I highlighted the time stamp of which the admin responded to me following my screenshot post in the beginning of this thread of which resulted in my deletion and banishment from the Discord server and game server without warning or justification. Apparently, my public warning post is equivalent to someone botting or using third-party software. This all transpired within an hour or so.

(I accidentally pressed a button that removed view of my character information, as much of a coincidence of that was.)

My take-aways are the following: While a server can freely change their support policies whenever they want:
1. Banning a player on the spot from warning others about their upcoming plans involving the lack of inclusion suggests a god complex secondary to insecurity.
2. Trying to hide or eradicate any sources of disagreement is a sign of poor leadership and/or impending dictatorship due to the fear of public opinion.
3. Rash decisions with minimal transparency, justification, and/or consideration may foster future consequences.
Server Seeking / Re: looking for playable server
« Last post by heRO-GM on Yesterday at 07:57 PM »
I didn't notice this thread... *Cough*

Anyway, have you heard of heRO? It's a 5/5/3 rates pre-renewal server, Max Levels are 99/50 for nontrans and 99/70 for trans classes and extended. Dual and multi clienting are forbidden, and we have balanced donation system (mostly chance items, all of which are obtainable ingame through various means).

We have several custom features such as fishing, mining, nobility, allegiance system, as well as custom areas such as Thanatos' Basement, Poring Islands, and the Lutia Region. We also have official renewal content customized to fit our pre-renewal mechanics.

Main Page
More Info
Download Links
Register an Account
Modification, Sprite & Tool / Re: Some GRF questions
« Last post by timmykins on Yesterday at 02:46 PM »
hi did you ever find the effect for true sight
Server Seeking / Re: LF> Renewal server 175/60 no P2W
« Last post by iamgnome on Yesterday at 10:40 AM »
How about a stable server and not a fresh one? There are lots of server out there. It's much better than a fresh server then closes.

You have the following.

Good luck on your findings!
Server Discussion / Re: Improved Loot system
« Last post by [email protected] on Yesterday at 07:41 AM »
Ah, never played the 3D mobile version.

I wanted a way to make the loot table of a mob be more than just a simple list and make it be dynamic based on factors for every party member.

And thanks blinzer :)
Server Seeking / Re: LF> 255/120 PRE-RENEWAL
« Last post by Syphon on Yesterday at 07:21 AM »


We have server with many many many custom items mobs instances quests
Please check this page http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/RevivalRO_Customs

This is our Ragnarok server information!

Server Website:

Basic Information
Base Exp: 100x
Job Exp: 100x
Drop Rate: 20x
Quest Exp:
Max Base Lvl: 255   
Max Job Lvl: 120   
Max Stats: 255   
196 Server Mode:

How to Register?
Languages Supported: We support all languages

Here you can find all information about us https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/

We launched 15 january 300 to 500 players online

Hopefully this is something your looking for!

Mid Rates / BrightRO | 20x20x10x | BG & WoE | July 08, 2018
« Last post by janbrenda on Yesterday at 06:13 AM »
Welcome to Bright Ragnarok Online

GM Team will waste no resources on providing this Community a fulfilling and enjoyable gaming experience on this mid-rate, pre-renewal server. Let us play together and take comfort in this lively server and not stress ourselves out over our daily dilemmas. To help you with that our humorous and very knowledgeable Game Masters, together with them Tricky and cunning Events staff who will guarantee that you will never have a dull moment in your stay. Retro games come and go. Ragnarok Online will always be nostalgic, our server will sail you through that reminiscing feeling and provide you with an even better gaming experience!

  • Base experience: 20x
  • Job experience: 20x/20x
  • Quest experience: 10x
  • Normal drops: 10x
  • Normal card drops: 0.50%
  • MVP card drops: disabled

  • Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
  • Mechanics: Pre-renewal
  • Max level: 99/70
  • Max stats: 99
  • Max attack speed: 190
  • Instant cast: 150 dex
  • Max storage & guild storage: 1000
  • Max zeny: 2,000,000,000
  • Max char slots per account: 15
  • Server timezone: GMT +8
  • Main town: Prontera
  • Main language: English / Tagalog

Game and Host:
  • APK (Android RO) supported
  • ROBrowser supported
  • Multiclients: Enabled (Disabled on some dungeon, field and event area.)
  • Adelays supported (Anti-speedhack/nodelay)
  • Gepard Shield supported
  • Advance DDoS Protection and Mitigation
  • Datacenter: Singapore

Party & Guild:
  • Party exp share: 15% per member
  • Max party size: 20
  • Party share lvl range: 20
  • Guild alliance is disabled only in WoE
  • Max guild size: 76
  • Guild members cap in WoE: N/A

Custom NPC Features:
  • All-in-One Job Master: Access to Job Changes, Platinum Skill, Rental Services and Resets.
  • All-in-One Kafra: Allows you to Save, Reset Position, Name and Gender.
    • Bank: Deposit Zeny account wide.
    • Battleground: BG are different kinds of games where Teams fight for victory.
    • Blank Card: Farm blank cards and exchange it into something.
    • Buffer: You have to pay 2000 zeny to have some extra Buffs.
    • Card Exchange: Change your useless card into Old Card Album.
    • Costume: Convert your headgear into Costume or Revert it.
    • Daily Hunter: Daily Hunting and Killing Quests with exclusive rewards.
    • Daily Rewards: Gives you an exclusive reward every day.
    • Healer: Heals your character fully, debuff negative status and refine broken equips.
    • Mall: Sells basic equipments and stuff.
    • Plagiarism: NPC that allows you to copy skills (for Rogue jobs).
    • Stylist: Change your character style.
    • VIP System: Access extra commands, field and dungeon level's and many more.
    • Voice Changer: Make your character speaks like other MMO game.
    • Warper: Warp you to first level Dungeon, Field or Town.
    • And many more...

    PvP, BG, KoE and WoE:
    • AHK and Auto Pots are allowed
    • BG Items are disabled
    • BG Reward will be Consumable, Headgears and Rental stuff.
    • Classic PvP arena for pre-trans and normal PvP arena (with map stats)
    • Improved castle treasure drops
    • KoE is like a mini woe which happens 3-4 times a day and have exclusive rewards.
    • Pets are disabled in GvG zones

    Events, Votes and Donations:
    • Donation Item: Consumables and Tier Box that gives random headgears.
    • Event Rewards: Event Box (random stuff) and headgears.
    • Vote Shop: Consumables, Misc. and headgears (check here.)
    • GM held events both in-game & forums with exclusive rewards
    • Filtered vote system to prevent abuse.
    • Automated Events like Poring catcher, Poring Punch, King of Hill, Disguise and many more.

    Players commands: autoloot, alootid, autoloottype, autotrade (6 hours), changegm, changeleader, go, homeinfo, homstats, iteminfo, jailtime, mobinfo, noask, noks, rates, refresh, request, showexp, showzeny, storage, time, who, who2, whodrops, whereis.
    Duel commands: duel, accept, invite, leave.

    Custom commands:
    • @managebuff: Exclusive buff command. Toggles buffs option with a Buff Ticket.
    • @dpoints {Points} {IGN}: VIP Command to transfer Kafra Points to any of their accounts.
    • @hold: Toggle to lock or release your character's position.
    • @jtws {item name/ID}: Lets you jump to a vendor selling the specific item you need.
    • @noattack: Disables your character from attacking.
    • @removecostume: Removes equipped costumes. Useful for AndRO/ROBrowser users.
    • @removemount: Removes equipped mount. Useful for AndRO/ROBrowser users.
    • @security: Manages your account's security.
    • @settings: Toggles channel announcements as well as other in-game setting commands.
    • @showpartybuff: Displays party members' special buffs in party list (Alt+Z).
    • @showpartylvl: Displays the level of party members in party list (Alt+Z).
    • @showpartysp: Displays the SP of party members in party list (Alt+Z).
    • @whosell {item name/ID}: Displays the list of vendors selling a specific item.
    • @whobuy {item name/ID}: A command to search buying stores.
    • @voteredeem: Redeems your Vote Rewards in-game.

    Client commands:
    • @lgp: Toggles Lite Graphics Plugin (a built-in client analogue RCX).
    • @aoes: Toggles and displays color areas of skill SG, LOV and MS.
    • @circle: Toggles and displays range around the character.
    • @square {1-14}: Toggles and shows square around the character. Resizable.
    • @shake: Toggles the screen shake effect.
Server Seeking / LF> Renewal server 175/60 no P2W
« Last post by hamdin16 on Yesterday at 05:52 AM »
iam looking for fresh ragnarok renewal server high or mid rate
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