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Server Discussion / Re: What is the true behind all of this?
« Last post by Hagoromo on Today at 05:45 AM »
  I had been playing in Gravindo server since the beginning of that server untill end of May. I am really curious. If there are so many BOT, and some of them performance a platinum skill that belongs to other class, what is the possibility of that thing?

 GREED, is a platinum skill that available in Renewal ONLY FOR BLACKSMITH. What if a swordman ( BOT ) can DO GREED?
   1. Is hacker infiltrated Gravindo?
   2. Is there any possibility that Gravindo GM PLAY THEIR DIRTY TRICK?

  For everyone that understand this game source code, please, answer my curiousity honestly.
  Thx for reading my post.

It may be a feature of their server. If BOT is working then they have no anticheat
Server Discussion / Re: whats wrong about my server?
« Last post by RistrettoJoe on Today at 05:42 AM »
Make fake RMS accounts then give fake reviews to your server in RMS. Also, you could also add an "online-people counter" in your website then @autotrade vend your fake players in secret maps to increase the "online-player" count. That's how AbraRO does it  /ok
Server Discussion / Re: whats wrong about my server?
« Last post by Hagoromo on Today at 04:41 AM »
well.. ive been running a server for almost a week now.. and it seems i cant get people's attention to play on my server..
i tried my best on advertising.. almost all kinds of groups on FB i posted it..
so here's the feature of my server.. tell me and suggest something so i can get thier attention
so the rates are 15x15x10x, i dunno the version..
i did add renewal equips tho..( but modified so it will be balanced)
i putted a lot of effort to make and search for NPCs
NPCs are hypermart(for donation)
poring coin shop
badge shop(MVP loots)
added events like find the mushroom/diguise/cluckers/last man standing/ i even enabled battlegroundz since i disabled woe for now bcause of low population.. there are like 5-9 peeps playing
i always helped them .. because of they are few.. i dont want them to be dissapointed so i helped them a lot .. giving them leveling items and stuffs..
but after a while.. it seems no ones comming anymore.. and its so frustrating..
my mediafire downloads reached 400+ but only 8 are playing its so sad to be hit by reality

Okay here's the fact. Lets say there are more than 1000+ server running out there. Advertisement is good maybe they're seeing your server but the thing is maybe your server & features are too common to them. Think yourself as a player you are looking for server. First thing that you will look for is the quality and uniqueness of the server. 2nd how long it is running and its population. You must remember that first IMPRESSION is very important. If your advertisement is not working then change your strategy. Try to motivate yourself first try to look on TOP servers and observe why they are successful. I hope my suggestion can help you.

Support / Re: how to register acc. to review a server?
« Last post by Hagoromo on Today at 03:33 AM »
hello everyone can i ask.. how to register to write review in a server?thx /ok

1. Create an account first ( You must use a valid email )

2. Find the server that you will review. (Check the server listing)
- Scroll down and you will see read/write review.
Server Discussion / Re: New server
« Last post by Hagoromo on Today at 03:23 AM »
I'm going to answer your questions one by one
1-You buying/making a brand new server or buying a old project email database etc? What's different between the two types witch better?
2-How much time you got to run the server per day, week, Or hiring someone to run it for you? All the time, i'm going to run it with my friends
3-were you want it to be host, you want proxy servers or just some local host? I think i'll host it
4- proteccion, what type of security you want to run? I think i'm going with strong security
5-type of art you want to run on the website/server sprites etc? i have someone to take care of art and photoshop
6- how much you plan to use on the website, how much you want to use on the adverstise? I think i'll give all need to make it wellm any suggestion how much i need?
7-how much you plan to pay staff, type of donations you want to run? staff like what? for donation i think i'll discuss this later

thank you

My answer:
1. Why you need to buy an old project if you're able to make one? We have lots of forums in different emulator [rathena/herc etc]. In my own opinion its better to make your own so you can know and learn all the ingame bugs that may appear in future.
2. Don't ask for time. Its all about dedication if you wanted to have a 500+ players then you need to put most of your time to your server. Having that kind of population is not easy. You need effort and strategy in able to increase your population.
3. VPS host(w/ DDOS protection) - Its very easy to do DDOs attack this days.
4. Protection? For client - GEPARD
5. Any anime types can do. Depends on what type of server you run. (For classic/official server it must be pre-re photos only but still depends on you)|
6. http://forum.ratemyserver.net/server-discussion/how-to-make-a-failed-ro-pserver/ this is very effective. read it.
7. Don't make a higher price for your donation. Most of the players want a balance gameplay. Make it cheap, for sure many players will play in your server.

Goodluck to your project.
Acolyte / Re: [Renewal] Sura Hell Gate damage
« Last post by Corgers on Yesterday at 11:33 PM »
It's been a while, but I recall GoH damage being difficult to test because it's comprised of two parts.

The first part appears to be based purely on your weapon damage and missing HP, and would be the first portion of what yC posted: ATK_ADD(wd.damage, wd.damage2, sstatus->max_hp - status_get_hp(src)). That portion is forced neutral, increases by 1 per 1 missing HP, is reduced by Ghostring, and ignores reduction effects including racial reduction and the WoE modifier.

The second part is based on your ATK and SP, is amplified by comboing, and would be the second portion of what yC posted. Assuming you're not comboing, the damage formula is: ATK_ADD(wd.damage, wd.damage2, (sstatus->sp * (1 + skill_lv * 2 / 10)) + 10 * status_get_lv(src)) - increasing by 3 per SP used. That portion acts like a regular physical skill, and can be reduced by the target's defense, racial reduction, etc.
The latest trend has been vanilla servers, but don't let that deter you from developing your own content. I personally prefer a reasonable level of customization, and new monsters and effects are partly why players flock to private servers over official. That's why I love Functor's work so much!

I agree the 3D Bow and Sword Guardian mobs look strange. Maybe you can make it work? This Taiwanese artist, for example, has created a variety of 3D sprites that look amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u7nfIh1EEk
Server Discussion / Re: LF> old/new potential players for a MR.
« Last post by Corgers on Yesterday at 10:11 PM »
My heart will always be with mid-rate servers. Best of luck, Daifuku!
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: Adel's Sprite Showcase
« Last post by Corgers on Yesterday at 10:09 PM »
Adel, love your work. Thank you again for designing such a cute NPC for us!
Rant and Rave / Re: The truth about MidiCityRO - current situation
« Last post by Evin on Yesterday at 08:25 PM »
What a happy ending.
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