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Interesting timing, I was clicking around youtube few days ago and I found out the show ended.  Then I came back to check this topic but saw all the broken images.
Hey nice to see you update this topic, I was planning to do that sometime if you don't come back.

Once again good work on the videos. /no1
Can't believe this is still stickied! Updating the first post.... Also, even though that was like 4 or 5 years ago now, I have no idea who the hell that "JermZ" guy is, and he has nothing to do with the show, and we are not affiliated with anything lol. It's just me and my friend Clemente slowly making the show over the course of a decade when we have spare time.
Server Discussion / Re: LF> old/new potential players for a MR.
« Last post by Reality on Yesterday at 06:23 PM »
Lowkey wanted Reality to give me attention but I'll settle with your reply as compensation.


There was a reason that I typically responded to baiting with things like "no u", or "sure", or "ok kris".

I gave you a spicy shout-out right there.


P.S. Also we are Skype contacts. Also Cass is still alive?

P.P.S. To keep this on topic, as much as I want to play RO, I don't want to play on a server (under active development anyway) with crappy management. I think I'm quite a bit less interested in Daifuku's server since this thread began as a result of the milquetoast responses to negative posts here. I think most of the U.S./EU RO population is too old for sugarcoating and stunts.
Server Discussion / Re: LF> old/new potential players for a MR.
« Last post by Kris on Yesterday at 05:46 PM »
I want to start by saying I'm always right about everything I say. With that being said, why y'all derailing this thread by writing extended essays. I mean I used to feel hard in 2k14 about taking over servers, destroying guilds, rampaging pvp rooms, dethroning admins but that was when I was 20. Hitta enough of this game of thrones s***.

We gotta realize that this outdated mmorpg does not get as many new players as it used to a decade ago. Most of us who still make the 'occasional return' to RO are all mature now, like we all 20+ or s*** we gotta act our age sometimes. Yes elaria failed and yes woon failed but there were literally 100s of servers that failed before both these servers failed. Every private server is ultimately destined to fail. Don't get it twisted tho, it's the good times that you have with the people that you come across that matter. Out of the gazillion servers I've played, it's funny that I met one of my main internet homies on a yrvine server. Shoutout my boy cass one time.

I know this post is a little hazy but as I roll my third spliff and get ready to meet this bad one off tinder, I just want to say that I think we all should be a little bit friendlier. This dying RO community needs it. We are living in a strange time. We hide behind our devices, ignoring the people around us. We click through feeds of updates from our friends from under our covers in the dark. Too often, we are hateful toward what we don't understand. But I'm hopeful about you keyboard warriors, including the late - Bue.
Let's all stop hating each other and give thanks to the people who are still making RO possible in 2k17.

More Life to everybody
Server Discussion / Re: LF> old/new potential players for a MR.
« Last post by Whalekins on Yesterday at 04:01 PM »

And despite it all being a "flop" you and a lot of other players still logged in to check the server out - see you soon, Den.

Can't know if it's a flop if you've never played it. Even a bigger failure to address anything in my post.
I'm sure people would rather hear it from someone who's actually played the servers than from a troll.
Server Discussion / Re: LF> old/new potential players for a MR.
« Last post by Daifuku. on Yesterday at 03:59 PM »
Still looking for a good Medium Rate (MR) server here..
I hope its Boss Card-Disabled, or at least.. 50% effect (full effect is boring for me)  /heh

and I mean all of the cards have 50% effect, not just GTB  /gg
I'll throw you a PM soon.
Server Discussion / Re: LF> old/new potential players for a MR.
« Last post by Daifuku. on Yesterday at 03:54 PM »
but if anyone knows me here, is that I'm adamant and mostly right about what I say.

And despite it all being a "flop" you and a lot of other players still logged in to check the server out - see you soon, Den.
Server Discussion / Re: LF> old/new potential players for a MR.
« Last post by Whalekins on Yesterday at 03:17 PM »
This will probably be a very disorganised post as I am rushing to type this before a flight, but here's my two cents:

ElariaRO was a flop.
WoonRO was (surprisingly) a flop.
Elaria-WoonRO was a flop.

Speaking anecdotally, I have played WoonRO since almost its birth till its inevitable death, and I can definitely say that Nihad is one of the worst Administrators in the RO scene, almost as infamous as Boreas. Aggressive, hot-headed, stubborn and typically unfriendly are a few words that describe Nihad as an Administrator. He's terrible with the community, and his developing skills are not exactly stellar or life-changing. I could name a handful of other developers that have made a mark on RO private servers. In saying that, props to this potential team in making the decision that Nihad will not interact with the community and administrative side of things. Let's hope he doesn't fall under the same category as Cookies in ggRO where he, too, claimed the same absence in larger responsibilities of the server, we all know how that turned out.

Back to WoonRO - the only reason why the server lasted so long was because the players there did not want to ditch the gears and friends that they earned over WoonRO's longevity. It was not the quality of the server. The server would have died sooner if Seffi had not stepped in to finally acknowledge players' opinions. Unfortunately, there was not much else going for WoonRO. Just addition of kawaii hats and lack of additional end-game content to fulfil the boredom of its 150~ then remaining players.

When you look at pre-renewal Mid-Rates objectively, what are its typical end-game content? PVE? Not really. There is only so much a small team can do in revamping pre-Renewal's abysmal PvE content. Any attempt in furthering the pre-Renewal PvE content through customisation usually ends in an epic failure. Devil Square from WoonRO was arguably successful, but there was no real end-game towards it.
Theoretically you could steal Renewal instances and revamp it to fit pre-Renewal mechanics (as many have tried, and failed), but most people on your team has barely any understanding of proper balancing, and I have seen countless servers attempt to do it, and none of them have integrated them into pre-RE to the point where it became a mainstream part of the server's PvE content.

Now, the other aspect of pre-RE mid rates that attracts players is the ease of settling into the PVP/BG/WOE scene without grinding hardcore (compared to a typical low-rate). Yes, submitting to WoE players' mentality of "if you don't do X, we're going to leave" is counterproductive, but these issues are not black and white, which Nihad often viewed them as. For example, Seffi managed to satisfy the wants/needs of PVP/BG/WOE players without compromising the aims of WoonRO itself.

Having passion does not necessarily mean the server will ultimately bloom. Elaria, DoM and Elaria-Woon, all of which Daifuku had some sort of influence on, flopped. Sure, learning from mistakes is key, but what makes this particular attempt of creating a new mid-rate any different to her previous disasters. Your survey is completely flawed. Asking for demand without having a no option, is similar to asking how many people in USA suffer from diabetes, but using an already diabetes-diagnosed population as the sample. Another flaw is that, you are assuming that of those acclaimed 100+ supporters that you have, all 100+ will stay once you announce the details of your proposed server. That is unrealistic and rather amateur, given your boasted 2-5 years of Administrative experience.
Maybe this is a marketing strategy - creating hype before you make the server. You know what they say, a bad review is still a review. However, it says so much about the incompetence in the vision you have for your server.

Shourei and Seffi are decent people, I am sure they would be a great asset to your team. The rest, I do not remember or I do not want to remember.

I did not bother to read over what I wrote, so you can tear my post apart and white knight Daifuku, but if anyone knows me here, is that I'm adamant and mostly right about what I say.
Opens: July 19, 2017

Server Reviews / Re: VALOR RO
« Last post by achelicious on Yesterday at 12:01 PM »
Hello2 I've been joining this server for nearly 2 months as a ranger, it's been fun so far /ho /ho. So I kinda feel like I need to write some review for a nice server heheh... the gm is nice and very informative about what's goin on inside this server(he can be annoying at times though haha).
There's been some mods about the drop rates but he balances it out so it's not too easy or too hard.
And as far as I've been playing, the server rarely ever malfunctioned or down and it never took a long time for maintenance or bug fixes (valor usually fix them less than 2 hours as long as he's online)
There have been quite a number of people inside of the server at the moment, mostly indonesian and SEA region players, but we mainly chat in english, and recently we had 1 guild migrating here (I'm joining them at the moment >_>)
And each hour everyday valor made various interesting event with various rewards to keep us from getting bored.
The cash shop/donation system is not making the players becoming super OP I think(this is important since some f2p games such as a*ka tends to become Pay to win game) and some in game events enables us to get cash points/cash items.
The only downside is maybe we'll be needing more people or 1 more opposition guild to start woe hehehe
So we'll be expecting more people to join us /kis /kis
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