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Server Seeking / LF > 3rb Job server no delay no MVP cards
« Last post by cute_fenrir on Today at 02:55 AM »
im looking for a server :

- 255 cap or more 500 cap max
- 3rb job ( if possible it includes the kagerou/oborou , rebellion and the other new jobs forgot the name actually :D )
- no skill cooldown
- no imba mvp cards ( such as valk randgris, thanatos, LHZ card, detale card )
- no edited cards ( except MFC / BKC like in xilero all stat +10 its ok )
- easy berry/seed
- no OP donation
- low status resist, since the server will be having huge stat ofc the normal resistant will be useless, so the owner need to change it in order for negative status can
  effect if someone using status card, like marina,magnolia,savage babe, metaller, plankton, familiar card etc
- disable icepick
- balanced damage ( if needed, such as ashura, tetra vortex or whatever skills that needed to be balanced )
- normal slot, i dont like a server with ridiculous slot, like an armor with 3 or 4 slots, or shield with 3 or 4 slots ( top headgear, i dont mind it to become 4 slot tho )
- PK system ofc

thats all i want to say
hope there is one
i know todays mindset will having a rough time to think about the server im looking for, but before the flaming on me started, i want to tell that there is a server like this before about 5 years ago or so, i forgot its name, it was a success, 400 - 500 players online and it was no @autotrade, balance classes, i was retired from RO since 4 years ago so i was looking for a server resemble like the last one i played (back then i was playing xilero it was around 2006 until 2009 and retired then few years onward i found the server like i mentioned above ) btw todays server is no good at all :P , i dont have fun playing it tho

thx before
RO is alive because of potato internet and toasters.
Server Discussion / Re: RebirthRO Hijacked By Ancyker
« Last post by SukiChii on Yesterday at 11:32 PM »
Yeah sure let's go with that /...
Do you think that Ragnarok Online is gaining or declining in popularity over the last few months?

2 questions. when you say RO, you mean official servers or private servers?

**Summary of what i was supposed to say:

Official Servers had a huge hype last year. nostalgic feel as they gather old players and some younger generations to play RO again. You can ask different RO communities or websites, I bet they will tell you RO indeed gained popularity, because they can see their website page views increasing lately than any other years back.

EXE had the opportunity to make RO big in SEA regions. But as you may had noticed, they simply just f it up. I must say, 2017 was a harsh year for pservers to launch. If you are not good with advertising, there is no way you could beat official server's marketing and resources.

A lot will probably tell you that "RO died a long time ago." Maybe those who said that were pserver admins or players themselves that had been fed up of RO server kept dying. For them, everything simply became a cycle. But actually, it didn't. RO is still alive and kicking. it may had declined since starting way back in 2002-2004, but people still play the game. Point is, google all games excluding RO that had been released in 2002, 2003 or 2004. then, let me know which ones are still actively being played in 2018?

Yes it was a harsh year last year for pservers; however, official servers just promoted and brought RO back. If I will be honest, for me, that's an instant free advertising for us pserver admins. people will end up being lazy, they love the game but if they cannot win the competition and if the server is too grindy for them, they will be demotivated. People doesn't have the time to grind unlike their younger years. Same as what happened 10-15 years ago. The rise of pservers had begun. people will end up wanting to play pservers as it is more "ideal" for them.

Although, not all pserver admins are that optimistic. Mostly had been upset as they think no pserver could ever beat official one and just hoping for its demise. To answer your question, yes it is declining on the official side (note ROPH will soon merge all 3 servers into 1). but no, it is not declining in pserver-side. For one, my server CGRO, we are already expecting 1000-2000+ players during launch date.
Server Discussion / Re: RebirthRO Hijacked By Ancyker
« Last post by Syphon on Yesterday at 10:28 PM »
While I give sympathy to this incident and am glad to see you are able to get on with rebuilding your server, I'll have to call off the daily self-promoting posts.

-- Any unnecessary status update or promotion related to your new server will be deleted below this point --

Sorry Yc got little bit enthusiastic about the preformance forget about the updates from my server that was my last one!
General Discussion / Re: Re: Re: Re: What do you think about this?
« Last post by Blinzer on Yesterday at 09:42 PM »
Sigh, I compared it to starcraft because both it and ragnarok are similar. You use one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard (and it has similar key presses, for most people). Should have mentioned it, my bad, sorry.
But sure, if you place both hands on the keyboard and just click-spam with any amount of dexterity you'll reach much higher APM. It also depends what the game counts as an "action" (in starcraft setting camera hotkeys doesn't count for instance, there's also a mismatch between game and real speed and there's latency).
I also never said it was impossible to be faster, hence the arguably. There's also hardly any games that track APM and display it so you can know.
Point is APM doesn't even matter that much, it's more about accuracy and being able to maintain that speed. Btw, we have seen starcraft pros hit the 4 digit APM mark several times.

Because you mention ffr (I'm assuming finger finger or flash flash revolution or whatever it was called?), most songs in the hardest difficulty have between 10~16 notes per second (or used to). Easily achievable with 8 fingers on a keyboard.
Related: If my memory serves me right, during AGDQ 2016, Staiain in Step Mania just hovered around around 14~20 notes per second, peaking at 27ish. (skimmed the video) He's among the fastest. He had to take breaks between (under 3 minutes) songs. It's all muscle memory (he doesn't have to adapt). Not to mention the switches on his keyboard respond to the lightest tap. Also, no latency.

I also assumed Baldy was right in counting the backslide timings, I just watched the video once. It seemed suspicious, but it's by all means possible.

the video is for sure someone who is not playing legit, there never was a dispute there

anyways, that is correct. there's different ways to measure apm: controller, controller but thumbs only, keyboard, mouse, each have their own definitions of what's fast and what isn't. sometimes brute apm doesn't mean much either, since a lot of the times it's not just about the button presses but also timing or precision of where you press the inputs, so ye. also, since we're on the topic... i don't mean to brag, but i am the standard of excellence when it comes to thumbs only apm


my peak is around 14 to 15 inputs a second per thumb, though it's not really sustainable for long periods of time. it usually occurs in bursts(as per required by the game). so we're talking 600-900 apm per hand, or 1200-1800 apm. obviously i can't compete with multiple fingers, but i've been stuck at this threshold for a long time because controllers have physical limits that don't let you accurately go beyond that. some wonky stuff starts to happen inside controllers and the design flaws really start to come out when you start pushing the 12+ mark
ragnarok died a long time ago

2009, to be precise
Server Discussion / Re: RebirthRO Hijacked By Ancyker
« Last post by yC on Yesterday at 08:29 PM »
While I give sympathy to this incident and am glad to see you are able to get on with rebuilding your server, I'll have to call off the daily self-promoting posts.

-- Any unnecessary status update or promotion related to your new server will be deleted below this point --
Server Discussion / Re: RebirthRO Hijacked By Ancyker
« Last post by Syphon on Yesterday at 07:20 PM »

Im very happy to announce this!  /no1

No Vendors online yet!
15 january players online peek 154 low point 55
16 january players online peek 179 low point 82
17 january players online peek 251 low point 105

http://ragnarevival.com/  /lv

Friendly Regards

I think it is gaining in popularity (in terms of publicity), a majority is gained from the official servers promotion in the last year when they did the relaunch in a few countries.  As for overall population, I'd say it is on a slow decline, because there are old people that come back here and there while others want to take a break from RO at some point.

Very helpful, do you think it will be more popular in the next 6 months compared to the previous 6 months?  Are you optimistic about user growth in 2018 compared to 2017 or will it flat line?
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