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General Discussion / Re: Best Farming Spot
« Last post by yennar on Today at 05:11 AM »
is autoloot enabled? Then just go for sniper.

Geffenia  > Moscovia > Hill Winds > Kunlun.

But normally when there's low population, zeny won't get you anything.
Best farm the gear you need yourself
General Discussion / Re: [Non-Renewal] x30 rate Zeny making
« Last post by yennar on Today at 05:03 AM »
try change your Farming Character.

Autoloot + FlyWings/Teleport + Sniper is the way to go.

For Zeny
For Equip
For almost everything
Server Reviews / Re: Revo-Project Review
« Last post by Hoclaerhilz on Today at 04:39 AM »
Can you guide me to increase your knowledge and develop it?
Server Discussion / Re: New MVP Card effects
« Last post by Hoclaerhilz on Today at 04:37 AM »
The important message I want to learn in this forum.
General Discussion / Best Farming Spot
« Last post by Domz on Today at 03:30 AM »
Hello guys Im playing in a non renewal mid-low rate server with rates at 25x25x5x
and i need some guide whats the best place to earn zeny? the server is episode 12
Server Reviews / Eris-RO
« Last post by azharradiany on Yesterday at 11:07 PM »
Come and explore the story of heroes, the joy of battle and the glory of battles in our Ragnarok Private Server, Eris.
A no pay to win server, with fully protected Gepard Shield Experience a balance and fair play with 2nd-Trans Job, immortalize your guild's name by taking a castle on the War of Emperium.

Hone your skills by hunting the MvP that roam across Midgard and test your mettle and wit against other adventurers through PvP and GvG. A diverse and unique world awaits you as the Game Masters work around the clock to make sure that you get the best possible experience.

  Ragnarok Eris Online Private Server
2nd-Trans Job, Balanced MVP-WOE-GVG-PVP Server.
We are looking for battle mania and farm mania!
This is the most balanced server! NO-OP (NO-OverPowered)!
 /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg /gg

- Server Spefication -

* Language: English / Indonesia ( Main ) /lv
* VPS No LAG / Balance Server 24/7 ( International Server : SGP Host )
* High Rate Pre-Renewal !

> Gepard Full Protection + @LGP ( RCX )  /omg

* Main - Town : Prontera
* Job 2 Trans : High | Priest | Gunslinger | Champion | Paladin
* Max Lv : 99/70
* Dex : 150 No Cast
* Max ASPD: 190
* Instant Lvl UP / Aura (NPC)  /lv /lv /lv
* Experience Rates : Base 5000.00x / Job 10000.00x
* Drop Rates : Common 1000.00x / Healing 1000.00x / Usable 1000.00x / Equipment 1000.00x / Card 10%
* Boss Drop Rates: Common 100.00x / Healing 100.00x / Usable 100.00x / Equipment 1.5x / Card 0%
* Other Drop Rates: MvP 100.00x / Card-Based 100.00x / Treasure 1000.00x
* MvP Card : Disabled
* Battle Ground : Disabled
* Godly Equipment / Item : Disabled
* Free Ransom (Usable Items for Battles)  /lv /lv /lv

Free Reward For New Player  /omg /pif

Eris Harmonia Starter Pack: Refine/Trade Disabled

Harmonia Scarf
MDEF + 2
Defense: 8
Slot [1]
Harmonia Shoes:
Resistance to Water Property  by 3%
Defense: 8
[+ Harmonia Scarf]
HP Recovery + 5%.
Increase Maximum HP by 7%.
Harmonia Cutter:
Attack: 175
No Slot[]
Harmonia Glove (2)
Effect: Dex+4
No Slot[]

Ready For Hunting •PvP/ MvP / WoE•

# ( Freebies Box @1stmaptospawn ) #

Free Guild Migration For Every Guild  /omg /omg

Eris Harmonia Guild Migration Pack:

Harmonia Scarf (Added Defense by 2)
Harmonia Shoes (Added Defense by 2)
Divine Clothes (Free Enchant 3)
Orleans Server +4 / Bradium Shield +4
Customized Cap Dex+3 Reduce Demi Human +3% Hp +2%
WOE VIP Buff Ticket

# ( Freebies Box @Yuno ) #


- Interactive Events/NPCs:
- Instant Lvl UP / Aura (Monthly/Weekly Event)
- Item Mall Quests Npc: Kafriodan in Mall!(NO PAY TO WIN)
- Chicken Event
- Headgear Quest
- Turbo Track
- Devil Square
- Endless Tower
- Poring Dice
- Disguise Event
- Jackpot Machine
- NPC Stylish
- Eris Fishing Pond
- (And many more)


# Commands:

@go | @autoloot | @alootid | @autotrade | @duel | @leave | @accept | @load | @whodrops | @whereis | @mi | @ii | SPECIAL @lgp + @hold| @request | and many more!


# Friendly GM :

( Head GM / Admin )
- GM Event
- GM Police / Patrol
- Sub GM (From All Over The World)

More Site :

* Group : Eris (High Rate Pre-Renewal) Gaming Community
* Site : http://www.eris-ro.com/
* Register : http://www.eris-ro.com/module=account&action=create
* Download : http://www.eris-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=download
* Discord  : https://discordapp.com/invite/Z2R54Kw

Be ready to become Erisian!

 /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv /lv
Server Seeking / Re: Looking FOR > WOE SERVER [99/70]
« Last post by azharradiany on Yesterday at 11:01 PM »
After some time on woe-ro will be hot. After sometime i will buy professional DDoS mitigation service for USA Host, (up to 30Gbit/s protection) (more than 800$); I will start to make event. Massive event in RO world.

P.S. Sorry man, i think you never find pure woe server better than woe-ro.net; Sad, but it's true. DDoS ruin all RO servers. If you see any server who tell "profesional ddos protection", etc  they just hosted in limestone networks (maximum their datacenter can mitigate 20Gbit/s for whole datacenter). And if you see, ASURAHosting tell about burstable to 10gbit/s protection. Some part of this words is true. But they can mitigate just simple udp flood from public software. But they never help against serious attacks what some idiots do it in 2012 (4.2Gbit/s TCP syn-flood) to woe-ro, or etc s***. Really professional ddos mitigation service cost more than 500$ per month. 98% servers in the RO world it's for money profit. Our WOERO server it's not profit server (more than 1.3 month up, and stable) without donation, where all players can be the same, and have the same items without anything. Here is the problem. I can pay money to much for server for follow only my dream, and entusiasm. Another server owners cannot do it.

So, all information what i want to give to you by this prelude. Please notice our server, when we will ready, you will be informed. We planning to make only for 1 month!!! (not more) professional massive woe without any troubles. So already invested alot money to architecture, + need the same price invite for protection. When server will be ready, we will invite all guilds to make WOE-RO Unficial World Champion in Ragnarok Online (Super WoE) between most dangerous guilds in the world.

Sorry for my really ugly english. I hope, you understand.

With love to players frm WoE-RO.net  /lv

I am so looking forward to this. Please let us all know!

PS: Send a message when you're ready!
Server Reports / Re: Ragnarok Classic
« Last post by yC on Yesterday at 08:39 PM »
Without knowing what the server owner have in mind, I could only guess that your mention of balance make him think you wants a higher/lower rate server so that got him replied with relation to rates.

For the Tagalog part of the review, I cannot find a translation on that.  I believe it doesn't affect the overall meaning of his reply, so I will remove that.
Server Discussion / Re: Server types
« Last post by yC on Yesterday at 08:31 PM »
I am not sure what is it mean by "Frost Server" too, someone give an explanation/example on that would be nice.

In terms of "Based on rathena", most of us know rAthena is the emulator engine that runs behind many of the private RO servers out there.  I guess that is very self-explanatory, with that tag it could be there isn't much modification (to skills or items for example) or just as Yuzo said it's meaningless.
General Discussion / [Non-Renewal] x30 rate Zeny making
« Last post by Drachenlord on Yesterday at 07:52 PM »
Hello everyone.

I just started playing Ragnarok Online a few weeks ago. Currently I'm on a private server with x30 rates for normal monsters. There are no MVP Cards right now because the drop rate is 0.01%. Miniboss card drop is also set to 0.01%.

Now I was asking myself 2 things.

How do I gather a lot of raw zeny in short amount of time? I do have every class right now. Should also have good enough equipment for most of the things.

I was currently farming Geffenia with my Clasing Spiral LK (Cardo+Aspersio) but it is exhausting going back to get Aspersio every 3 minutes.
Mavkas are very crowded. Would they be better?

So what is the fastest way for me to get Zeny on x30 rates?
We have a weak economy, nobody buys stuff. So no need to farm good items.

And second question would be:
how do I gather a lot of SP food? What is THE way to get SP food?

Thank you guys very much in advance. Looking forward reading the answers!
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