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At the Moment I can recommend AsgardRO for a customized lowrate server with good and balanced customization.
(Just look it up in the low rate servers on this site - Ragnarok Asgard Legend)

But lowrate isn't 50x for me - if you ask for a lowrate, i recommend 2-5x
Otherwise you should try the lower midrates on this site

For One Live play i recommend Diablo2 - Path of Diablo. Try Hardcore, there is even a good and active community. You won't find a Ro Server with this option.
Actually looking for a fun server to play with friends/strangers. I have no aims for WoE or PvP or mindless MvP hunting
Just want anything fun, could play custom low server
Server Seeking / Re: Lf HR or SHR pre renewal 255/120
« Last post by Heydar on Yesterday at 01:07 PM »
Hello, RagniteRo has almost all the features you're looking for a High Rate server, except the Aspd cap.

      Max Level: 255/120 - Pre-Renewal (2nd Job)
      Max Aspd: 194 (Auto-casting Sonic Blow doesn't cancel the auto-attack animation [Ex: Injustice Card, Ifrit Rings combo, etc]. Sonic Blow skill of Assassin job class is unchanged.)
      Instant Cast: 150 Dex
      Donations: Low-Mid range donation prices mostly for Costume Items (visual) and Currencies (Cash Points can also be obtained from Battleground).
      Equipment ( Headgear / Armor / Shield / Garment / Footgear / Accessories): 1 Slot only, preserves the original idea of Ragnarok.
      Normal Card drop: 5.00%
      MvP / Mini Boss drop: 3.00% (Low-Level and Mid-Level MvP/Mini Boss have a respawn of 30~35 minutes [Example: Moonlight Flower, Angeling])
Server Seeking / Re: Lf HR or SHR pre renewal 255/120
« Last post by Beyond Antartica on Yesterday at 12:13 AM »
Have you tried Forsaken Ragnarok Online (fRO)? I've played in the two servers you mentioned before, but fRO's my home now.

195 aspd (pretty close)
Old server. 11+ years.
Mid range donation prices
2 slot armors
MVP card drops standard (10%)

Give it a try!!
Server Seeking / Lf HR or SHR pre renewal 255/120
« Last post by gmquema on Feb 13, 2019, 07:57 PM »
Looking for dark ro and zeta ro like server.

No less than 196 aspd
New or old server
Cheap donations
No 2 or 4 slotted armors
Mvp card drop below 10%

Long Lost Friends / Re: Got Ragnarok Online (gRO)
« Last post by Nameless_ on Feb 13, 2019, 04:26 PM »
Holy s***, this thread made chills crawl down my spine.
The nostalgia is massive.

I used to play gRO and I really enjoyed my time there and I could say it was definitely one of the precious moments I experienced during my life.
I was known for my Champion called Nameless and still remember I made a lot of friends but unfortunately, I lost contact with them.

If anyone still remembers me as ''Nameless'', feel free to say hi.
As for now, I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy life.

I would suggest you read the requirements.
He needs a server, which he can play on mobile phone.

Altough i never have seen one on Android with Renewal, does it even exist?
Good day sir, I would suggest the server I'm playing right now. A fresh renewal server and the rates are x200 (EXP) and x50 (Drops). A distinguishing feature here on this server is that it has a cash point farming system in where you turn in items from the cash dungeon and convert them into cash points and also HD Ores are farmable at a dungeon at a high and fair rate. Farming cash points is easy and the cash shop items are fairly cheap. Equipments quest are not those quests that takes you days to finish (Gather 1000pcs item A, 3000pcs item B, etc). It's quest are reasonably constructed that even a first time player can complete. Right now its having a x2 rates event and I think you'll have fun here. Its still fairly new so population is an issue, around 20 people at peak hours. Below are the links on the server, do PM the GM at discord for more information. Hope you'll you'll find what you're looking for here!

Website: https://crazyragnarok.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/akeFPve
« Last post by tamukmol on Feb 12, 2019, 09:53 PM »
Hello! Have you checked out HeRO? It's a 5/5/3 rates pre-renewal server located in Montreal, Canada, with renewal content & locations modified to fit our pre-renewal mechanics.

Main Page
Download Links
Register an Account
Discord Server

We have many headgears and costumes, official or custom, and expansive custom locations such as the Lutia region, an expansion of Lutie fields, or the Faeheim Region, the product of several server storyline arcs, all of which keep RO fresh, but still feeling like its part of RO.

If you're interested and want to become a hero, stop by and give us a try!

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