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Server Seeking / Re: LF> Server with customized spawn rates
« Last post by Halfman on Today at 01:32 PM »

If you are looking for pre-renewal mid-rate server. You can try Combat Ragnarok Online. We opened last August 11, 2018. Some of our maps have customized spawn rate. Please give it a try.

Server Seeking / LF> Server with customized spawn rates
« Last post by inethh on Today at 12:19 PM »
Hello!  /heh

I'm currently seeking for a server which has a customized spawn rates like for example, instead of having __ Number of mobs in a certain map, there would be x Times of that in your server.  /lv

If there's any clarification please reply, I'll reply ASAP. Thank you   /ok
PornRo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
LimitRO, they have a very unique Admin ~~ named Lai.
Low Rates / Ragnarok: Asgard Legend
« Last post by Insomnia2000 on Today at 09:44 AM »
Important Links
Website: https://www.asgardlegend.com/
Forum: https://www.asgardlegend.com/forums/
Discord: https://discord.gg/8HeFGRg

Brief Overview
This project was started roughly 3 years ago by myself and two others. It was on the back-burner for all of us and was only worked on occasionally. Now, it is just myself working on the project in my spare time. I posted about it a few months ago on reddit and received a lot of interest, so with my free time over the summer I was able to get quite a bit of work done on the project. I solidified the mechanics and ensured that most all features and aspects were working as advertised on the site in order to provide a beta access for players interested in such a project.

In doing this, I made sure to stick to the original goal of the project: to remake pre-renewal Ragnarok Online with plenty of new features and aspects to fix RO's shortcomings while keeping the original ideals in place. It's important to remember this if you decide to participate in the beta. This isn't simply another RO pserver nor is this RO2, it is a remake of the original.

What to Expect from the Open Beta Access
Open Beta will begin on August 17th, 2018

There are a few important things to note, however. Firstly, it is a beta and there will likely be bugs or other imperfections to the game that will need tweaking or revisiting. Secondly, this is a passion project that is worked on in my free time; updates and fixes will happen as my schedule allows. I wanted to open the beta up to those interest as to gain feedback as the project is being worked on. There are currently a few features that are missing that will come in later updates to the beta prior to a grand opening. Below is a list of those upcoming features. Otherwise, Asgard Legend should play as advertised on the main site. There are quite a few differences between Ragnarok Online and Asgard Legend; however, the feel the game is going for is a revitalization of pre-renewal mechanics. Below is an incomplete list of some notable features you'll see in-game. There are many, many changes. You'll have to experience the game to find them.

Master Account System Completed
  • This project utilizes a master account system in which your forum account is your master account. Players are permitted only one master account, but are free to make numerous game accounts underneath it.
  • Game accounts are genderless as each character on the game account can be a different gender.
  • Guest access and more control over each game account will come in the future.
Novice and First Job Classes Completed
  • The novice class has been completely redesigned as well as many changes made to 1st job classes. Of course, all changes are made in the spirit of the original Ragnarok Online.
  • For a full list of classes and their skills, visit the main site: https://www.asgardlegend.com/classes
Monsters and World Map Completed
  • World map is mostly based on a more "classic" world including pre-destruction morroc with all the original morroc fields, the older payon, but with a few newer locations and changes on existing maps.
  • Monster stats/drops are based off of pre-renewal to provide the original feel of the game while still providing a unique experience. Each monster has been manually reviewed to provide proper balance.
  • Note that while most exp/drop rates are similar to official values, players are more likely to find armors/weapons/cards than they would on official servers.
Clans and Guilds
  • Players are able to join both a clan and guild at the same time.
  • Guilds can participate in WoE to compete for holding a castle. (WoE currently disabled)
  • Clans can compete for world territories by working together with their fellow clan members. Holding territories rewards players in the clan holding the territory.
Pet System Completed
  • Pets are tamed as normal, but level up as you feed them and can provide assistance in combat. Pet evolution will be introduced after pet functions are finalized.
Dynamic Weather Completed
  • The world cycles through night and day every 3 hours.
  • Adverse weather, events, and their frequency are triggered based on various conditions such as where the map is located in the world and what monsters spawn on the map.
  • EX: Rain occurs on non-desert maps, sandstorms occur on desert maps, and a fog can bring in a hoard of monsters based on monster spawns of that map.
Weapon and Armor Variations Completed
  • Upon identifying an unidentified item, players will find minimal, but unique stats associated with their weapon.
Unlimited Share Range Completed
  • (The de-leveling system known as Friend Play was removed in favor of this)
  • Players of all levels can party and share EXP and drops together so there is no worry of out-leveling your friends and being forced to play alone. However, there are diminishing returns as your level difference increases in order to provide a more balanced approach to an unlimited share range.
Professions Completed
  • Players have the option of joining one of three professions in addition to their main job choice. Each profession offers different types of crafting to aid the player in their journey.
Various NPCs and Client Improvements Completed
  • Note that the project started from scratch with zero NPCs. Therefore all NPCs you will interact with will be unique to Ragnarok: Asgard Legend. This includes things like the introduction tutorial, job quests, tool dealers, etc.
  • There have also been many improvements made to the client such as fixing blind and poison statuses for widescreen users and offering a fully compatible Mac client in order for both Windows and Mac users to participate.

What is Currently Unavailable
Below are a few features that are missing or incomplete from the open beta access. Some features can only be properly introduced towards finalization and others need more discussion and thought. Remember, this project is fairly large in size and every aspect of it needs to be thoroughly tested before being introduced and thoroughly tested again by players.
  • 2-1 and 2-2 job quests - Although 2nd job classes have been completed, the job quests are currently unavailable and will come at a later date in the beta.
  • Dungeons/Instances - These are currently unavailable until a decision is reached on how dungeons should be implemented. There is an on-going discussion on the forums.
  • Lore/Story Quests - There are a few NPCs scattered about that hint at some background/lore of the game. However, full-fledged, lengthy quests are not available yet since there may be many changes made to the base-game first.
  • Hat Quests - These are on the very end of the to-do list as the base game needs to be completed before hat quests are introduced.
  • Achievements - Like hat quests, achievements will need to be added towards the end of everything in order to create the best achievements.
  • The Full World - Currently, only a portion of the entire RO world is available. More areas will be released as time passes in the same episode format as before.

How You Can Help
First, you'll need to create a master account by registering on the forums. Then, login to your forum account on the main site in order to create game accounts under your new master account. Remember, each person is only permitted one master account. Then you simply need to download the game client to play. Create a new character and experience Ragnarok: Asgard Legend!

After you've created your character, you can feel free to roam the world, change jobs/professions, etc. You can help shape the project by providing your feedback (negative or positive), suggestions, and by reporting any issues or bugs that you encounter while playing.

My goal with this project is to provide a long-standing game to provide players with a new experience of the original Ragnarok Online. In order to get to that point there are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out and anyone willing to help would be appreciated.

I wonder if euRO (and most MMORPGs, really) actually complies with the GDPR. As far as I know stuff like email address and password is saved as part of the Aegis database. Wouldn't it require to save that data encrypted and with a sufficiently secure encryptions then? So would require to adjust Aegis to support that. And if they did that for one country, could also roll it out for other countries.

Of course same goes for private servers if they actually care about being GDPR conform.

Plus of course updating all the websites to block access until you confirmed "Yes, I accept [company] temporarily storing my personal data that is required for the website to function" and saving that data in a secure way and delete it once it's not needed anymore.

- Main hub and only active town was the monk job change place
- Monster spawns were randomized using certain patterns (like preferred races and elements per map)
- Pretty much all skills had been reworked, they were also implemented to work properly when used by monsters (e.g. Asura Strike)
- Monster skills were randomized (you might encounter a Poring that Asura Strikes you)
- Difficulty setting
- Monster level and strength on a map was determined by the average level and average difficulty setting of all players currently on the map
- Any randomization was "rerolled" once per hour (new spawns / skills)
Apparently the RU release had a lot of initial interest, but cooled off almost immediately. At least it's proof that RO is still going strong!
Rant and Rave / Re: Legend RO
« Last post by Corgers on Yesterday at 05:29 PM »
That's unfortunate. Owls are supposed to be wise enough to not pull these high jinx!
Server Seeking / Re: LF> RO HIGH RATE/MEDIUM RATE Renewal/Pre Renewal
« Last post by Corgers on Yesterday at 05:21 PM »
Corgi Ragnarok Online is the1!

We have a lot of interesting features, including a Multi-Classing system that allows you to train every class on the same character, and switch between them using a special NPC.

Here's our RMS introduction. I'd be happy to walk through specifics with you.

Some additional information about CorgiRO - feel free to drop me a PM or swing by our Discord if you have any questions!

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