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« Last post by endureroph on Today at 04:38 AM »
Hi everyone,

I just want to ask for suggestions when it comes to running a server because to be honest, I have one of my own and it's my first and probably the last (since I don't plan on shutting it down) I want mine to last for years and even though our community is small, i'm still happy because they are all supportive and friendly. So my question is, what setup should i do with my server since i think that is the reason why i only have a few players? I've spent a lot of  money on facebook ads, manually reply to people here in RMS looking for servers like mine. My server is truly a non-donate one and you really don't have to donate just to get stronger since almost everything is farmable. What gimmick or setup should I do to attract more players? Currently we have about 20-25 active players only and it would be fun to atleast get a 100. Thank you and I hope this message finds you all well. God bless everyone! /lv
Modification, Sprite & Tool / Re: Need help for fire pillar grf
« Last post by Zereges on Today at 04:36 AM »
If I am not mistaken, it's texture/effects/ring_red.tga, which takes care of many many red-like effects.
Modification, Sprite & Tool / Need help for fire pillar grf
« Last post by Fugues on Yesterday at 07:56 PM »
Need help which resource at texture that used for fire pillar
Cause mine its invisible with minimizw grf for woe

Edit 1:
Fire pillar from wizard
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for a new home
« Last post by heRO-GM on Yesterday at 04:16 PM »
Hey there! Consider checking out heRO, a 5/5/3 pre-renewal server. We just celebrated our 12th anniversary. It's a very stable server with a great community. We have many custom quests, gears, monsters, and dungeons that are all balanced. Our test and development team constantly works on improving gameplay and keeping things interesting! We have seasonal quests through which seasonal headgears and other items can be obtained. We have allegiance, nobility, orphanage systems, a custom storyline, and a monthly event called Trial of Heroes where custom wings can be earned. Monster of the Moment offers three monsters that have increased exp rates that change every few weeks. Custom gear and rare items can be bought with zeny monthly in fairy auction. Donation items are balanced, and there is nothing that can only be obtained through donating. There are numerous features heRO has to offer, many more than were listed here. I hope you check us out!

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Server Seeking / Re: LF > for a fair server! <3
« Last post by heRO-GM on Yesterday at 03:55 PM »

HeRO is a 5/5/3 pre-renewal server that just celebrated its 12th anniversary. Our donation items are all balanced, and there is nothing offered that can only be obtained by donating. We also have a vote for points feature through which headgears, GM services, and consumables are offered. The headgear is changed monthly, and the previous headgears for that month can be chosen.

Donation Information

We also feature many custom dungeons, monsters, quests, and gear. We have an allegiance system, nobility system, a custom storyline, among many other features. Our Test and Development team constantly works on improving gameplay. There's so much to say about heRO. Here's more information for you to check out.

Hope to see you around!

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Server Seeking / Re: LF a Low rate/mid rate(on the low side of the rates)
« Last post by heRO-GM on Yesterday at 03:41 PM »
Hi, you should consider joining heRO if you're willing to try out a little lower rate server than you posted. HeRO is a 5/5/3 pre-renew server that just celebrated its 12th anniversary without any wipes. It is a very stable server with a friendly community. We have some of the drooping headgears you're looking for, such as Drooping Morroc Minion, Drooping Pixie, and Drooping Valk. They are offered through promotional quests, Fairy Auction, and a custom NPC for obtaining headgears, Mr. Hatter. We also have recently implemented a NPC to create costume gear.

We offer many custom headgears, dungeons, and monsters; seasonal quests; light vs dark, nobility, and orphanage systems; fishing and mining systems; among other features. 

Hope to see you around!

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Server Seeking / Re: LF>Mid/High Server with balanced class
« Last post by alderaminro on Yesterday at 03:15 AM »
Greetings! try alderaminro.com

Servers are located in singapore ang have unique features to offer such as instant heal pots are now heal over time and weapon skill randomization. we're 255/120, soul linkers can cast es skills on players, however though that super novice and EX novice are still in the works for balancing,

Visit us at alderaminro.com for more details!

see you there!
looking for  high/mid rate SEA server renewal 255++++ will all the latest quest possible and latest cards possible i wanna try the new stuffsss ^_^
Server Seeking / LF>Mid/High Server with balanced class
« Last post by turqoise on Nov 19, 2017, 09:04 PM »
I'm searching for a server mid or high, which have balanced class, max levels must be at least 175 to 255 not too low or not too high just enough to have a insta cast, great donation items, server around SEA for better ping (optional)



thats it
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