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rebelion (gunslinger)

with skill round trip you can farm geffenia/magma3/thanatos/any high density map.

with any weapon.
Low Rates / CanadianRO Grand opening FEB 27/02/2020
« Last post by CanadianRO on Feb 27, 2020, 09:57 pm »
 /?? /ok
An exciting low-rate Renewal server with the latest mobs, items, maps and instances from Renewal. We are  Looking to build a longterm community.
We are focusing on end game pvp.woe.gvg.pve

Exp Base & Job: 5x
Item & Equip drop: 5x
Normal Card drop: 5x
Miniboss Card drop: 2x
MVP Card drop: 2x

Episode: 16.1 Renewal
Botting allowed!!
Max Job Level: 175/60 (Transc/4th)
Max ASPD: 193
Server Location: Ontario, CA
Pre-Renewal leveling calculations no penalty from the renewal.
Multi Client
World Wide Woe Times


hi guys. i just starting to play in renewal, and this is really confusing for a classic player. any advice? thanks :) /ok /ho
Server Reviews / Re: Esper RO
« Last post by yC on Feb 26, 2020, 08:16 pm »
This is too short to be an in-depth review, look around in this section for other examples and check the sectional rules.  PM me if you need a re-validation after edit.
Server Reviews / Re: TalonRO
« Last post by yC on Feb 26, 2020, 08:15 pm »
This is too short to be an in-depth review, look around in this section for other examples and check the sectional rules.  PM me if you need a re-validation after edit.
Server Seeking / LF>New Renewal Server
« Last post by emman03 on Feb 25, 2020, 11:44 pm »
As the title says. I'm looking for a fairly new renewal server that is based on Singapore. Rates should be at least 20x to 30x and also allows dual clienting. Thanks
Server Seeking / Re: In Need of Server with Friendly Pops
« Last post by Neffletics on Feb 25, 2020, 03:48 pm »
Join SolaceRO. We're stable since day 1. We used to be hosted in LA but moved to Singapore in January.

Players say that our community is very friendly and our economy is so good that any player can easily catch up.

I don't want to write everything in detail with highfalutin words like the guy above me, since most people have a very short attention span anyway, haha. Here are some links that will prove my claim:



Friendly Community:

This is what you see in #main-en

Ready to play?
I need active battlegrounds.

I need brazil national flag hat [1] to stack with things like bloody axe, wing garment and staff, moonlight flower card, and the paper card set. Tongue mask as well if available on the server.

I need slotted mids and 2 gemini-s58 cards that stack.

99/70, customs are okay but only if they're to create balance.  Rates? I don't really want to level, hunt or farm, but I will if I have to.

Snow man hat is OP but cool.

My build, and why I love it;

The cards
2 x gemini-s58
The paper card set
marc card

Assassin Dagger [1] x2
Infiltrator [1]
Drill katar [1]
Katar of raging blaze/piercing wind/frozen icicle/quaking earth [3]
Ivory knife [2]

Battle grounds [1] gears
Valkyrie manteau [1]
Diabolus boots [1]
Kandura [1] +3ench
Aebecees [1] +3 ench
+9 black leather boots [1]
Crest of rider [1]
Valk shield

Horn Of Buffalo [1]
Bradium Brooch maybe? not so important
Slotted shinobi sash would be a cool custom

I of course do not want to spend years gathering all of this. If your server has an item mall it would be a relief. If not, I'll find a way.

Base stats

10- 17 base str
90 - 99 agi
80- 95 vit
1 int
50-80 dex
1-30 luk

Why I love this build:

My favorite aspects of what appears to be an underwhelming build is the adaptability to a battle. It's not a 1 shot SB sinx, nor a heavy hitting crit sinx, nor a 2 second emp breaker and yet on my previous servers this build consistently changed the tide of battle again and again. I have always felt the build was very well balanced for RO, I've sacrificed a great deal of damage for status immunity to everything (other than coma) that would otherwise stop me in my tracks. Maximum walk speed can be achieved with speed pots, but the BR hat[1] stack with paper set syngergizes in a way that gives a very slight movement advantage. This isn't a build I've seen any one else play or even attempt but I was often praised by my team mates for being a one man barricade wrecking machine giving them plenty of time to focus on killing the opposition, assisting kills. I've also managed to consistently win many duels with this build in pvp, pvp is another passion of mine.

Fingers crossed some one will let me know where I can recreate my sinX fleshfuxxor. I miss him a lot.
Server Seeking / Re: In Need of Server with Friendly Pops
« Last post by GMHelios on Feb 25, 2020, 11:24 am »

  Give us a try on Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online.

Our main objective is to develop and innovate game mechanics that strengthen and expand entertainment among users in a cordial and respectful environment added to exclusive game features that will keep you on a jovial adventure like no other. Innovation and constant development has become one of our priorities as we intend to revolutionize the current style of play without neglecting the classic aspect that truly embrace us. We are an end-game oriented server as with all of our custom and unique features we have to offer: Beginner Adventures, Daily Login Rewards, Bounty Chests, Monster Headgears, Evolving Pets, Shiny System, Player/Guild House System, Battleground Division System, and our most featured: Hero Quest. Our goal as a project is to promise you a quality and long-lasting server where your time and dedication can be highly valued.

Discord: https://discord.gg/eeNkGGU
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yoyotales
Website: https://www.yoyotales.com/
Control Panel: https://www.yoyotales.com/register
Forum: https://www.yoyotales.com/forum
Wiki: https://www.yoyotales.com/
Long Lost Friends / Re: SeHiRO? D:
« Last post by QuickeN on Feb 24, 2020, 10:16 pm »
Damn mobile ads for mobile RO games keeps reminding me Sehiro  /ok
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