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RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Dec 13, 2019, 09:06 pm »
Got my Rathena server up and going

Since the primary theme of the server is dot hack, a few things are changing to the vanilla gravity stuff

Starter town prontera is changed to this with a removed fountain

some model conflictions but its ok

I took the time to build a real portal model, since i can now :D art level up boys

then i wanna do this

however, the area around the portal in prontera, that sends you off to Macanu  is clean, itll be clean and all map variants will be clean and considered a BACK UP OF MIDGARD ? thinking about it (Like the place you start will be infected with this , but once you get to prontera youll see the portal clean , but all iro dungeons will be filled right... but if you take the portal to macanu and start the dot hack stuff, youll get to play on the clean versions of the maps)

Obviously this could take a big of time but rather simple to fill the pre renewal world with

off topic from the primary goal but all for the same thing

see you soon  /no1
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Dec 12, 2019, 03:36 pm »
Hmm when i first started, we tried a bunch of things and now we got it all completed

just a few tiny things and ill be done with this... for now I wanna do some spriting and other things.

Every map is the size of prontera field

So I wanted to double it using all the pieces Ive made and then make a DOWN TOWN tile set... I drew something a long time ago and i know what i want

along with that we got the apartments mini dungeon and the other field, the subway tunnles infested

With over 100+ new modern models... we can easily build alot of interiors but, i actually got millions of pictures for textures for use

Also we went over how horrible the client graphics are set up... i wish i knew but its not easy to edit  /pif

Our warp will be sort of blood fire flies ? lmao it looks fine but its shared with our existing blood splash, the other pieces have to stay transparent

And last notes regarding this project, ive decided i think were gonna use weapons in hat sprites definitely, ive barely started :P and use weapon sprites as effects... im thinking arrows and other stupid things

So if youve followed you should know im a fan of dot hack and prepared lots for it... I wanna open a server soon, next year anyways... like this:

-Pre renewal Rathena server ----------- Ill be doing things and adding some third job skills to pre renewal LIKE I STARTED AGES AGO but, less touchy touchy on the main features, I want this to be familiar to people who played ragnarok Woe and other things... but generally split the two until i can manage a few players
(me? I dont really care much for pvp ragnarok I love it but i dont woe so i need sheep, ive rocked assassins and soul link tank in woe emperiums for lols but thats it really)

- main town will be, not sure yet :) but maybe a NEW mac anu...
>key word system for randomly designed ( but man made ) maps, chunks of existing gravity maps and stuff i steal can be added as a key word from other people, even if i gotta balance it, itll be simple

>BUT, Mac Anu/dot hack will be SEPERATE, meaning the home town will be PRONTERA and you can start the dot hack stuff by hitting the portal there, or use normal wapra stuff ... itll be balanced

>completing gravity content, will reward you with usuable key words, so completing gravity quests and stuff will give you key words related to that quest  /lv /lv

My ROpocalypse is pretty much the NETSLUMS tile set, itll get a bit of work when that day comes but, itll all be re used in the end game of my DOT HACK CAMPAIGN

That leaves us with a ton of un used Renewal graphics that i can play with , I have a ton of minigames in mind and not just poring catcher.... elaborate monsters and skills etc

Someone has asked me to split with them before but i wasnt interested... im gonna have to figure out all this server side nonsense though and then figure out what im gonna do but hopefully we can get a kicking ragnarok server

99 but this will depend on weather or not people wanna pvp with me or just be gay

"What do you plan to do about unexpectedly OP items in your pre renewal server"
-turn it into a weaker version and remove it from the drop table, then release the new version. Depending on the situation, can be traded for the real version.

"What about bots?"
I dont mind, ill kill you and make you work on bot related items hehe like auto heals and stuff youd wonder whyd youd wear if you werent botting

i dont really believe in that stuff, but thats something i need to look into seeing how i can open my sql and do anything i want

"wut about nuked server"
ill keep personal back ups and close nit relationship with it, but ill be releasing it all in tidy campaigns like we see on rathena

no money involved, but i do care deeply about anyone who would sink time into my servers

"last words"
yeah i like anima collabs... a bit too much maybe >_<

oh my is it getting hot in here, someone please open a window

Dont matter much , besides drop rate and for woe? meh.
Server Reviews / Re: OriginsRO
« Last post by dahman on Dec 10, 2019, 04:55 am »
oRO is currently one of the most healthy servers out there.
quite a huge population and this with a "No donation" setting while beeing set up for a long term server (frequent episoide updates that are cming out one after another in a BIG (like 5-6 Month) interval.

you can see alot lvling pvm partys recruiting ppls

There are serval WoE guild videos out there

i linked you thje recent ones that shows some latest WoE scenes:



RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Dec 09, 2019, 03:30 pm »

a bit of a bus crash going on

I finished the firetruck, leaving it at that, no ones tipping over a fire truck

but i did finish the public bus, maybe ill change the cockpit i was gonna morph it up but i didnt really >_>

Need to add a bottom to my civilian vehicles,
need a taxi and school bus

and a bunch of glass


finished the school bus today

need to change the bottoms on the small vehicles tonight  /wah
Mid Rates / ReverieRO
« Last post by Najara on Dec 08, 2019, 11:58 am »

Hi there!

ReverieRO is a passionately handcrafted mid-rate server with astonishing customizations to game-play and visual appearance. Our competent, multinational team strives to deliver an immersive experience by combining old Ragnarok Online classics with completely new, revamped and tweaked content, which is going to be released in custom episodes on a regular basis. We'd be thrilled for you to check us out and deep-dive in our fresh take on the battle against evil within Rune Midgard and beyond!

Note: The server is currently under development and will make it's big debut on February 1st, 2020. A count-down timer to reflect that date has been placed on our domain, for your convenience.


Episode: 13.2
Setting: Pre-RE
Platform: rAthena
Max Level: 150/70
Max Stats: 120
Max ASPD: 192
Instant Cast: 160 DEX
Anti-Cheat: Gepard Shield 3.0


Base/Job/Quest/Boss EXP: 30x
Usable/ETC/Cards Drop: 30x
Equipment Drop: 10x


View the 'NPC' section on our domain!


View the 'Commands' section on our domain!

Features & High-lights

Our features include amazing content such as our beautiful seasonal themes of our capital city ━ Prontera ━ which accompanies dozens of NPC, some never seen before in Ragnarok Online.  Be sure to explore our vast character customization opportunities, such as: a ton of hairstyles, an extensive amount of clothing & hair color palettes as well as the ability to switch between outfits of your class branch (including the alternative third job set). Furthermore, we offer a generous amount of auras to choose from upon reaching the max level and have a completely custom quest-line available ready for you to explore.

What else? Voting for points with a server-wide monthly vote goal system, daily presents that only requires you to log in in order to collect, player peak gifts when certain online milestones are reached, a Multi Job Master that lets you reborn into different classes, inventory charms, a colored character names modification, +5x bonus EXP during the weekend, regular headgears as well as costume headgear quests, plenty daily EXP quests to complete, exhilarating altered card effects, a revamped guild system, multiple custom currencies which can be obtained through voting, events and defeating monsters to exchange for various goodies. Our server packs a hard punch in terms of fierce dungeons, which will leave you hungering for more and more challenge. Be sure to bring a friend or three to tackle our all new, unique instances, filled to the brim with the most vicious of foes. We'll guarantee a fresh experience to new players and hardcore RO enthusiasts alike. There's much more, though! To learn all about it, be sure to check out our (WIP) Game Manual!

Lastly, our server is ran by a group of competent and dedicated staff, which is ready to tackle any problems that may arise concerning your gaming immersion. With strict rules and expectations we've laid upon ourselves, we'll never interfere with your ReverieRO experience nor be unjust towards our player-base.

In the name of all of ReverieRO's team, I want to thank you for your time and your kind consideration, we hope you'll find a new and blissful ragna-rocking home within our server.

Download  •  Rules  •  Game Manual  •  Discord  •  Staff

Mid Rates / what the f... wtfRO by woerogm opens in the next 2 weeks
« Last post by woero on Dec 08, 2019, 05:53 am »
The project is created with the idea of how to make the most attractive project and allow a variety of options in the game based on years of experience from WOERO. I believe that the wtfRO project will surprise you with a variety of entertainments in the game.

Opening Date: 21 December 2019 (Saturday)

Website: https://ragnarok.WTF/    /no1
Registration: https://ragnarok.WTF/cp/     /gg

Basic Information:

  • Episode: 13.3 (13.2 + Brasilis)
  • Max Level/Job: 99/70 (pre-renewal mechanic)
  • Rates: 100x (base/job); 30x (items & quests); 10x MVP equipment; 0.5% normal cards; 0.01% MVP cards;
  • Server location: Europe (with good latency all over the world + optional proxy servers)
  • Server timezone: London (with time for WoE like you wish)
  • Server main language: English, but the server type is international (allowed to use any languages (but follow in-game rules))
  • Gepard Shield protected with server-side NDL protection + anti-Titan sprites, bots, and much more.
  • Maximum open windows: 4
  • Custom changes based on the community suggestions to make an ideal mechanic for BG and WoE.
  • WoE, Battlegrounds, PVP, MVP, PvM, Quest oriented server.
  • Nerfed zeny, a lot of quests, events, headgears, styles, palettes, pets.
  • Created by WOERO gm, and open for any optimizations and suggestions to make the project ideal for your dream.
  • Custom commands such as !vsync to support up to 100 fps (WTF!!), optimizations, LGP built-in in the clients, and other exciting features...

Detailed Information:

PVP / BG / WoE details:

  • First of all, I have around 7 years of experience in WoE world, and I'm the first pioneer in different features to make WoE world better, I also have lots of skills to organize and make ideal WoE for players. In my background, you can find almost a thousand videos of WOERO server.
  • The paragraph above means: This server have different fixes for creating the ideal WoE taken from years of experience on WOERO, plus protection from Gepard Shield which will cover toxic behavior on WoE time (titan sprites, different hardcore cheats and so on).
  • Also, we have some kind of special no delay protection on the server-side to bring good protection against critical cheat softwares.
  • Any type of WoE can be organized on the server, at ANY time! (We can start to discuss it 3 weeks after the server opening when everyone will be ready). We're open for any WoE time what players want (or Guild Leaders) any castles, any mechanics, any... Any literally - everything. So bring your guild to wtfRO and enjoy the true fight!
  • About Battlegrounds, we know that many players like such type of entertainment, and bored of doing things over and over again the same stuff in the game with farming, so we tweaked some things to make sure that you will interact in the BG while doing quests. BG Badges can be used in many in-game NPC's and systems. The secret key for success - Play BG.
  • We have detailed web stats after WoE, BG, PVP that you can find them in our Control Panel.
  • Beside the WoE and BG part, we have improved Guild Wars between guilds in any place (activated by Guild Leaders)
  • And even this is not the last thing what we can offer, we'll keep 'em as secret, but we hope we will surprise you by these features.

The project is not only for WoE Guilds

You need to understand it, literally we have improved all possible aspects in the game like MVP, PVP, WoE, BG, Quest part, and others.

Let's dig in into details:

  • We have Achievements
  • We have Tomb System
  • We have Bloody Branches on the server
  • We have Dead Branch Room
  • We have good rules about MVPs
  • We have Endless Cellar, and Endless Tower + other custom instances (will be activated later after some time)
  • We have guild locations with MVPs
  • We have some kind of freebies for players too for easier hunting
  • Oh, I'm tired to explain what we have here, it's better to put the list of what we don't have here in this server: We do not have boring features in MVP and Monster hunting part.
  • Optionally you can start to finish achievements while hunting and doing quests.
  • Go to the Prontera, explore and enjoy the world around you.

Did you say events?? WTF?!!!!1!1!!!

Yes, events, we have several types of them:

  • First of all, it's loved by everyone! Classic automated events (regular every 30 mins) with lots of rewards.
  • Second, we promise to do regular dedicated events and tournaments.
  • Also optionally we have systems on the project that will not make you feel bored in the game.
  • What about rewards? You can exchange rewards easily for gathering items from the cash shop or event shop or use it for quests, or exchange between players, or gather some cool and useful items!
  • Have you read about achievements on wtfRO? Yes, we have it too.
  • Maybe the paragraph sounds too "coldish" for you, but this is a mistake, try it once, create your account and join the game, and you will be speechless too like we're about entertainment part that has been prepared earlier for the wtfRO.

You can make your own truly wtf style on the project!

Let me explain, instead of classic palettes and some modified, ugly, out of sync hairstyles we also have:

  • Summary over 1000 palettes (customs)
  • Summary over 1000 different really beautiful headgears (non-customs)
  • Also, we have for some popular headgear along with their recolored versions
  • Also, we have implemented costume system (items without bonuses) and you can convert each real headgear that you like to a costume
  • We have a set of nice pets, you'll start to fall in love on the first sight with them.
  • Hats, costumes, pets, palettes, hairstyles and colors are not good enough for you? Challenge accepted!
  • How about different aura types? Yes, you can change your aura under your character.
  • Also, you can change your nickname colors, custom carts, and so on.
  • Is it still not enough for you? Offer us your wanted pet or headgears and we will implement it.

Be sure to customize your characters by using everything we've got here in the server, until everyone near you says
"What a cool style! WTF!!!!"

What's next?  /gg

Well, I will be maximum clear with you, we have prepared tons of contents, yes you read it right, literally tons of contents. But we can't launch everything at the same time because the rates do not allow us to do that.  /kis


Simply because we have our own way to manage the server, that's why.
We will introduce regular updates where we will implement your suggestions and will add more and more contents including items, quests and other contentc, in a long perspective.
We also have prepared really tons of different systems, features, and so on, but presenting all of the features from the beginning is not what we want to do.

@Commands on the wtfRO

(click to show/hide)

So, what are you waiting for?
Go to: wtfRO Registration - Control Panel
Create your account, download the game client and join wtfRO now!
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Dec 07, 2019, 04:54 pm »
I finished the police car, and ill convert an ambulance into one too

screwing around with effect tool... sometimes it looks good but i dont know how to work it .. maybe its impossible

i could line a shiny-ness with the lights on top but f*** it  /swt

and i also completed the fire truck mostly

Free Service Recruitment / [Recruitment] Content writers & in-game staff
« Last post by Najara on Dec 07, 2019, 01:28 pm »
Hey everyone!

For a server that's being developed as we speak, we are looking for a few (2~4) creative team members that can help us with writing tasks (quests, events, instances) as well as with the future public (entertainment, support and monitoring) aspect.
Perhaps needless to say, but we do not expect you'd be able to commit to both, one or the other is perfectly fine as well- in fact, anyone sufficiently capable that's willing to help will be very much appreciated.

The name of the server is ReverieRO, our rates are 30/30/30x, Pre-RE, and max level is 150/70, lots of quests, costumes, palettes, etc. I could go very in-depth about the details, but you would probably be better of checking out our domain, our (currently delisted) RMS server listing advertisement or better- our (WIP) Game Manual so you can be your own judge whether there is any potential in our project.

We currently have a team of 5 and each of us excels in their own field. We're a fun, friendly and competent bunch. Among us are relatively known (ex-)staff members of rAthena, who have been staff of some of the bigger servers out there, so we - by no means - lack in skill or knowledge.  What brings us here, then? We feel that - if we should welcome lots of players on our launch - we'd be better of by having more than just a handful of staff. That's where we hope you could come in.

Did checking out the links above spark your interest? Then, without further ado, I recommend you to fill out our > application form < in absolute, sincere honesty. Please be aware that the application will be strict and consists out of multiple steps, including a voice interview and a post acceptance, self-study procedure. However, we won't just reject you for the slightest of hiccup in your application, because we'd really like to give promising applicants a chance to flourish among us.

One thing, though; we have but one requirement worth mentioning before you apply. Please have a clean RMS record, those listed in the hall of shame won't be offered a place in our team.

Looking forward to receive your applications!  /lv

~ S
Server Seeking / Re: 2 RO players looking for a cozy home.
« Last post by aerolite on Dec 06, 2019, 11:05 am »
Hello sir Artemsis,

You might want to consider our Classic server. The rates are 8x/8x/3x. We offer 300% Battle Manual and Job Manual to newly created accounts (Npc is located in Prontera).

The server just opened about 2 days ago. So no one reaches level 99 yet.

if you are interested, please visit https://aerogaming.org/forum/index.php?topic=42167. for more information about the Server.

Classes available are the following: Blacksmith, Knight, Hunter, Priest, Wizard, Assassin, Rogue, Alchemist, Sage, Crusader, Monk, Dancer and Bard  /no1 /no1 /no1 Rock on and I hope you find what you are looking for!
Server Seeking / Re: 2 RO players looking for a cozy home.
« Last post by Neffletics on Dec 06, 2019, 09:42 am »
Join SolaceRO. We meet most of your requirements except that the rates are below your expectation, however, you'll surely like how role-playing is very active in the community. We're opening on Dec. 13, 2019. I hope you'll consider us. Thank you!

If you any questions, feel free to message me here or in our Discord server (www.solaceragnarok.com/discord).

More info:
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