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Server Seeking / Re: LF> MR
« Last post by Stachelbeere on Today at 03:51 AM »
Ok, i'm going to try this again (pls admins, verify this post - thank you  /wah)

Launching October 5, 2019


Rates: 50/50/50

Community Links

Forums: http://forum.ragnaland.com/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/TjTfrWM

Server Seeking / LF> MR
« Last post by gmquema on Today at 12:43 AM »
Looking for Midrate 99/70
Active BG
1% below mvp, mini mvp card rate
Farming server
New or Old server
Pre renewal trans

Rant and Rave / Re: Anti-Nova ( Save the People of NovaRO )
« Last post by Thanos Friend of Thor on Sep 15, 2019, 07:26 PM »
yC should just ban his ip here too so we don't have to read this copy/paste full of errors all the times. He's like a kid waiting for a pacifier.

Go and do as what someone says above - join MemeRO and play it until they find the type of player you're. They don't have most of the latest content, the server is pretty much f*** up in terms of balance with MVPs being easy as s*** to get, and always have tons of things wrong that players have to complain about on Memebalance videos, but they're the "true kRO experience" so it should be fine for a person like you.
Paid Services / Looking for Video Intro help. (willing to pay)
« Last post by Oldschooler on Sep 15, 2019, 05:31 PM »
just looking for someone to customize a few video intro's for me with a few guild emblems in it. willing to pay for their work, nothing crazy tho lol

dm me on discord No Chills #9903
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Sep 15, 2019, 04:48 PM »
Im done the basics of my residential homing stuff.. id like a few more things but leaving it there and gonna build more

So with all the things considered im thinking this is the best option :

- Civilian Timeline > Everything is still pretty un touched , nature windows and buildings were just evacuated
> Pretty big map.. mostly just preparation phase with your chosen class, maybe some secret loots
>So if you go do your advancment they say the training will take a few years , but you can bring all your items with you, but cant turn back... so youll have to make a new character with no storage system in the first time line

Pretty much just gotta find someone who'll train you, military at military check points, and the others mentioned below...

-Main Timeline > Windows broken, fires everywhere, signs of stuggle and everything is messed up... Your allowed to play again but youve advanced jobs with whoever is the job masters...

Military - Probably got some base on the high way or some actual building for an hq somewhere else
Scouts - Local parks. Nice and open... maybe find a few wanderers here a there
Knight - Everywhere, local parks and at military points.. we just call them knights
Mages - Libraries, Churchs... other odd places like antique shops looking to preserve valuables

Then ill balance the undead for this timeline, and keep things.. a little more cool...

Then the plan is to throw down another point of no return, not sure aboout storage... but next your find your new job master... some pro wandering.. and proceed to the next time line

Final Timeline - No idea but maybe some temporary thing... not sure yet

After I use all the skill effects I can for the main timeline, ill decide what to do after

Like alot of stuff will be attached to equipment, but its either that or just buff up the archtypes or add more... not sure yet

But after I add the lobby and front door, its back to the out doors
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for Classic Pre-Re RO server.
« Last post by cyraa on Sep 15, 2019, 11:36 AM »
i know you said pre-re but i suggest you go look at Ragnarok Asgard Legend asgardlegend.com . it's a classic server with really good balancing for skills and items .
Server Seeking / Looking for Classic Pre-Re RO server.
« Last post by Khinaya on Sep 15, 2019, 07:54 AM »
I wish to play Ragnarok Online again. Is there any servers that is below 10x, that doesn't have Job Changer/Healer among other game breaking NPCs?

The minimum requirements for me is:

10x rates and below

MVP card enabled: Don't care.

No extensive NPCs such as Job Changer, Healer, Buffer, and so on.

Pre-Renewal or Classic preferably.

I just want a old school server to grind on. I tried some low rates like OriginsRO and OriginRO, and didn't like the community of either. Was thinking GaiaRO, but I wanted more options before I decide.
I play it almost everyday on SEA server.

As for what I can say, it is a good RO though, it has some of the same mechanics, skills/stat building, jobs/classes (no extended class yet on SEA/Global) and equipment.
Most equipment here on EL is crafted or looted from Mini-boss/MVP, and is tiered, (Tier I > Tier II > and so on) some crafted equipment when tiered to the max it'll be a brand new weapon/armor.

A mechanic for MVP/Mini-boss is also present, they are: Firepower Attracted, Damage Achieved, First Hit, Last Hit and so on. They're a point basis, for miniboss the first to hit has the most points, in MVP, the last hit has the most point.

GvG or War of Emperium is also present here on SEA/Global server, and it remains mostly the same (2 times per week), the 1st WOE of the week, is of course getting castles, killing players for points (Honor Proof (for items)) the 2nd WOE of the week is still the same, but with an added mechanics if a guild defend the castle perfectly for 15 minutes (no emperium damage) there will be a 2nd phase of WOE.

Character improvements largely depends on guild, because there is a rune mechanics here, you need to spend Guild Contribution and Gold Medals to unlock the nodes, GC/GB is acquirable by donating certain materials on guild, largely drop by mobs.

Also the game has a stamina a total of 300 to farm +60 minutes by going in the music box, the more you exceed the given stamina, the less loots you'll get in the mobs.
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Sep 14, 2019, 06:20 AM »
Didnt do any 3ds work yesterday at all,

Im thinking about my classes


Citizen/or something >
(beginning of timeline)      (Normal timeline)                >Spec Op
                                   >Mercenary/Recruit/Private  > >Sniper
                                  > Knight                          >

Havnt thought of many because im mainly thinking about the 1ST advancement

Assault rifle skills
Knife Skills
Then equippable gear for throwing, electronics
Few masteries and electronics prof

blitzkrieg - Knock all targets off of you and give yourself endure + movement speed buff.. not sure about the cool down
-foresight > enter defensive stance for a few seconds lower  movespeed, unable to attack and can be toggled off
-rapid recovery > sacrafice your flee and movement speed, but gain increased hp/sp recovery
-blade / blunt mastery
-conditioning - increase hp / movement speed and reduce impact of move bonus in foresight  and rapid recovery

so the idea is to make a GOOD base build, skills that are ambigious ( mercenary receive training in handling gun better certain styles.. and depend on masteries)

Thinking about the Mage, Scout and something else... but im not sure what skills to let the mage use since itll be mostly converting Junk into spells... >-<

Oh I do have alot of undead skills planned, Skills, chains , impaling spikes.... all sorts of cool stuff and ill have huge MVP style job sprites for some of them too..

so taking these all as FIRST job and the BASE of whatever we advance into, gear will have their own skills that take masteries into account

i think i like these
Mage /

Whip mastery
>Pull placeables around with it ( gas tanks , propane, and other things)
>Reap - huge aoe in front of you 3x3 and stops them for 2 seconds but knocks you back and you lose 30% of your hp
+Thick Skin - Reduces the amount of hp damage you take from whip attacks
Free casting
Pyro Mastery, Electric Mastery, Explosive Mastery
Traps Mastery, Bombs Mastery

he can make throwing grenades for all classes except knight tree

Scout /
Starts with a dog homunculus

Shotgun mastery and Small Fire arm mastery
dog suffers from the loud shotgun, and prefers you use small fire arms
>small arm rapid fire .. dex/hit bonus to style
>small arm single action.. aspd bonus to style

pyro mastery
dog hates your fire skills

throwing mastery
back step - jump backwards a few steps
nimble feet - increase move speed

Mechanics mastery - good with vehicles, building and tools

undead :

Fledgling / Vampire

bat form - super fast
bat cloak - summon bats that circle around you hitting targets and interrupt cast time.. cannot use bc or bb
shedding - release bats and hit targets all around you, but unable to call them again for 60 seconds

blood cycle - jump towards enemy slashing all targets in path and drain your hp..
prepare viel - boost your flee rate , but unable to attack
cloaking - simple cloaking that is removed on hit
blood blossosm -explode and slash targets around you and drain your hp
frenzy - change weapon form to deadly claws that drain your hp every hit
feed - only usuable on humans , restore hp and sp 


Tantrum - Start smashing the ground around dealing high damage to med - small monsters .. toggleable..
Running - start running forward (taekwon). .. activates a status that dissallows Tantrum
+tackles through targets ... can push and carrry targets if placed perfectly
Slam - usuable while running for increased damage, slam and send target flying
Backhand - can counter attacks and send the target flying

Still thinking about the rest but gonna go back to mapping a bit now...

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