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Server Reviews / Honest and impartial review about NovaRO
« Last post by Fu Wind on Today at 02:12 AM »
I always see people who had bad experiences take a long time to express themselves about NovaRO. So I think is fair that people who had good experiences (which is a huge majority) also take the time to say what they think. But I wan't to be honest, so i'll explain both positive and negative points of the Server. So here's my honest review:

During my years of experience in RO, I've played in almost 10 servers. No server is perfect, all servers have their positive points and drawbacks. But NovaRO is objetively THE BEST renewal server of actual times. Since January 2018, I always come back to NovaRO. Updates have only a few months of difference with KRO.  Bugs are fixed in a few days after they're confirmed. Customs are fun and so balanced that they seem to be like official content.

The game is not so hard as 1x but no so easy as 100x kindergardens (like the good mid-rates it is)...  I don't like its Bio 5 system cause is TOO grindy for the server-rates, but that's my personal opinion.

It's very pollished and GMs put a lot of effort in all the aspects of the Server.
Yes, it has some issues but they're OUTSHADOWED by the great amount of positive points.

- Stability: 10. 5 years straight, and population STILL GROWING. This is a huge achievement considering the majority of servers start lowering their population after 3 years or less. Right now, there's about 2600 accounts ON during the pic hours (counting autotrades, obviously, something that all servers have). And the population keep growing and growing...
- Avaibility: 10. Literally always on. I've seen ZERO fall-overs in all the time that i've been playing (1 year and a half). Update disconections last about 5 minutes.

- Friendliness: 8. PVM community is very kind and helpful. If you ask for tips or support, there will be always someone there to help you. On Gramps parties, people wait for everyone to finish their killing counts, even if they lose their precious time by doing it. When finishing a party, people always say "tyfp" (thanks you for party). /lv This is very cordial behavior, and you see it in Gramps, Instances, Bio 5 and generally on any PVM party.

However, PVP ambient is not newbie-friendly, is hard for new players to get into it. BG is very active, which is rare in servers nowadays. But PVP community is very troll with people that comes with an idea of "PVP balance" based on Official Servers, or in their previous servers. But, as in every community, there's always kind and unkind people. If you wanna get into it, you just have to be patient with trolls, farm a lot of time to improve your gears, and adapt to the customs of the server.

- Eventfulness: 10. Big events every season (Summer, Halloween, Christmas). Small events everyday organized by GMs ingame. PVP Tournament once every month, with a lot of concurrence there to watch it! One of the coolest activities of the server!

- Friendliness: 8. Most of GMs are usually very kind. However, Head GM Nova has a strong personality that is not liked by some people. I by myself have no compability with Nova. But he acts with maturity, impartiality and he doesn't get biased about the imcompability of our personalities, something that I thank a lot. And I have to accept that he puts A LOT of effort on his Server, working day and night to improve it. He even has improved the cordiability of his answers to the Bad Reviews in RMS, which requires a lot of patience and maturity. Good work there, Nova.  /no1

- Avaibility: 10. Always an available GM on the official Discord, at almost any time of the day.

- Helpfullness: 10. All of them are totally Helpful. When I've had problems ingame, GMs have been always there to help me.

- Economy: 9.: Is not perfect, but it works well and there's always movement. There's no excessive price inflation on items, cause there's a lot of active players, which also means there's a lot of competition on Market. You can watch it by yourself in the Market Page, that is a very comfortable Page by the way:  https://www.novaragnarok.com/?module=vending

- Guild Competition: 8. As said, PVP ambient is not friendly with newbies, especially the ones that come with ideas from Officials or their previous servers. But at least they keep a status quo with old players and keep the WOEs active. Even Draft WoE is extremely active, that is a custom version of WOE that's more newbie frienly, cause team distribution are leaders picking players by turn, and everyone gets picked (even the newbies). And BG is also very active, which is extremely rare nowadays.

- Class Balance: 8. Class balance has always been an issue. But that's normal. This is not a server-related problem. Not even a RO-related problem. Literally ALL VIDEOGAMES have their own meta-games (Pokemon, WoW, LOL, TCGs), and competitive players will always prefer the characters that are easier to use to achieve victory.

In the case of NovaRO, a few time ago the top-meta class was Doram, then SE, now is Ranger. One just have to accept that classes are not equal, there will always be a dominant class. If you like a class that's not the Top-meta, you just have to work harder than them to have the same performance.

That's everything I have to say. Thanks you for your time reading!
I explained both positive and negative points, so I hope this helps outsiders to form a right opinion about the Server.  /no1

RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Yesterday at 02:33 PM »
thats done...

seems like monster have a lower priority in the sprite formation then me........


that wont really work

ill just give job sprites a "Tripped" animation where you can be attacked while you pathetically lay in last stand until

1) i wanna give you a "second wind"sort of skill that has a 3 minute ish adjustable cooldown that automatically gets you to your feet
2) you manage to pull yourself together
3) wounded etc

working on my attack animations for zombie

Throne Ragnarok
Balance Server
Ready PVP WOE Server
No Need Donation Server
A-Z Headgear and Costume Quest
Cheap Consumble for PVP and Battleground
Easy Farming and Easy Leveling
Free Cash Point by online time and Exchanger
Freebies Equipment Ready for PVP

Server Rates
- Base 1000x | Job 1000x | Drop Custom
- Boss Cards: 100x (1%)
- Normal Monster Drop : Equip 30%, Common 80%, Card 5%
- MVP Monster Drop : Custom

Server Settings
- Episode: 13.3+ - El Dicastes
- Server Mode: Pre-Renewal
- Job 2 Trans ( Lord Knight, Champ,Ninja, Gunsling,etc )
- Max Level: 99/70
- Max Stats: 99
- Max ASPD: 190
- Instant Cast: 150 dex
- Type: International Private Server
- Main Language: English / Indonesia
- Server time (Timezone): Jakarta +7 GMT
- All in one trader ( Usable, Ammunition, Alchemist, etc )
- Job Changer
- Reset NPC
- Daily Login Reward
- Free Hat and Costume Quest Maker
- Auto Event every hourly
- Warper Field and Dungeon
- Healer & Buff
- Vending use zeny and CP
- Cheap PVP Supply WSP and BP
- Godly Item Disable
- Battleground Enable
- Battleground Equipment Disable
- Godly Item Disable
- Guild Slot 36 Players
- Snap Dodge Enable
- Trap Skill Rebuild
- Automated Event

Server/Game Client Protection
- Anti-bot system and auto-detection algorithm
- Gepard Shield 3.0
- Nodelay protection (Game client side)
- Encryption of traffic
- Packet bots protection (OpenKore), WPE/RPE & DLL Injection
- Anti DDoS protection
- Daily Auto-Backup

RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Jul 19, 2019, 09:49 AM »
so thats done... i need a monster to test this with now... should be easy

the only thing i was thinking about was :

What if  I did give GENERIC zombies their own sprite ? I could use the special monster spawn for job sprites and just have them switch between clothing items.............

BUT whats the point

I can just draw a bunch of them lol

cant swing my arms around but thats fine... i could probably just change job sprite and switch to something with an attack / receiving damage animation of you being on the floor resisting and fighting back

i could actually make it pretty cool

hmm i actually have to do that now unless i wanna make a perfect flee thing... lol

alright so after developing the skills to do this its only possible to do this like this :
(oh i know you wanna know the code i used)

soooooooooooo .....................

the idea is to use the job sprites to support all my monsters,

also having an invisble job sprite who mearly, walks monsters although it would be targetable... hmm maybe not that but i can probably just use mob sprites for hordes and just give hordes a eating thing idk ill think about it later

but just using a simple ball and drawing over it will work for most encounters

and merely changing items or something... thats next  /pif

"can you just draw stuff for us?"


cant use mob avail simply,, gotta take a closer look tonight

but in the mean time gotta redo it with monster

probably done tomorrow :p
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Jul 18, 2019, 10:28 AM »
Although I have started working on my new sprites, I cant upload gifs on my back up laptop....

Guess thats ok, should be back next month though  /no1

Hmm more like I cant so easily post my gifs so casually anymore >_> nyann.....

Anyways this is litterly just 1 frame flipped between each other haaha

Hmm although my map is awesome, i might still have to do the same amount of work.... maybe just a bit less care to detail which is a good thing

All my current effect tool effects are getting kicked out now and replaced

but... maybe this will work...

wow this quality is garb

ah right and the last few seconds show how the sprite squishes at the 90degree angle, so i gotta set it to like 85 degree which is pertty good too but ill have to fix a few things... and dedicate my new mapping style to accomodate the 85 degree thing...

lets see how much i do today then

I was gonna do weapon animations next but.... gonna see how clothing looks now

ive only added like 1 hat tbh i think it was a back pack by adel or something

alright so i finished lining up all the anchors and sprites, and that whole angle thing is annoying but can be dealt with...

so that aside everything looks awesome,

alright so i do have upload them as webms for the time being so bear with me, im not cutting my music out sorry


its kinda funny im the creator/developer for this stuff and i enjoy watching and re reading everything i post... wonder if my favorite authors are the same too

alright next up is weapon animations, ive prepared my stances while doing the dishes today, and will be reusing the old ranger one i did with two hands out where i can stick a pistol in one or replace it with a two handed

and of course a melee weapon, wasnt sure if i wanted an over hand or horizontal swing for the mercenary class....

Unfortunately Im not sure how to edit the animation slots.. so it will remain class based until i do figure it out...(probably not so thats why ill just keep working)

dual wield, two hand... you know katana wielder animations etc etc

like i said i  can probabbly get away with some of these things 

i was gonna go for some fancy angle stance but wait isnt ro 4 sides for attacking stances?

maybe i should do it like this and see how it goes

id say thats about 3 verticle torse lengths wide...

gotta do something about those animations but ill just copy hunter for now


looking pretty good though . . . (my hd actually did blowz up)

so i finished the job sprite along with the realignment of all my anchors for weapons (guns anyways... pistols huh? i actually didnt consider it for some reason... oh right its in case i cant add anymore specific slots ( like im limited to 20 bow slows and so on )  swords arent too bad cause i can split fist and sword slots  ( pretty sure that how they are after 120 + )


probably gonna do a melee animation tonight

also i was thinking about what to do with the sitting animation seeing how we are going to go top down instead of isometric  style

actually i decided this a while ago but didnt feel like posting it

ill be using the sitting animation for a PINNED sprite... you know in left4dead when you get pounced by a hunter and no one knocks it off you and your just staring at it claw you out for like 2 minutes because in versus hunters do 0 damage to you once your downed. . .

. . .

anyways ill be using for a pinned animation, how to incorporate a monster to pin me?
Well by making it transform of course i can even give it unique skills while its pinning me...

ill probably be able to stack it

i dont lie that often

editor note : you might have a heart attack if you try to do that tonight  /swt

hmmm i was never that good at drawing.... but after reading a ton of manga I guess i picked up a few things...

i can see a few things... not just pins but also maybe bleeding out and getting eaten by zomboidddsss

but its not just zombies here folks

"why not just do this from the beginning?"
- i did! >_>  . . .  .

(click to show/hide)
Low Rates / OkaniRO 15x 15x 10x
« Last post by OkaniRO on Jul 17, 2019, 05:39 PM »

❗️Información básica de OkaniRO❗️

▶️ INFO:

📌 Episodio 12: Resurrección de Satan Morroc

📌 Nivel Máximo: 99/70

📌 Max Stats: 99

📌 Máxima ASPD: 190

📌 Instant Cast: 150 DEX

📌 Party Share: 25 levels


📌 Base & Job: 15x

📌 Quest EXP: 10x

📌 Item Drop: 10x

📌 Card Drop: 10x

📌 Miniboss Card Drop: 0,01%

📌 MVP Card Drop: 0,01%

▶️ NPCS:

📌 Healer

📌 Warp Agent (TODAS las dungeons de 1º lvl abiertas)

📌 Job Master

📌 Reset Girl

📌 Estilista

📌 Skill Platinum


📌 Mercado (merchants)

📌 Eventos Automáticos

📌 Baby Class NPC

📌 Ciudad Principal: Prontera Capital de Rune Midgard.

📌 Battlegrounds

📌 Gepard Shield 3.0

📌 WoE dos veces por Semana

📌 Servidor Hosteado en América

📌 Cliente Actualizado 2018 - 2019

📌 Banker (implementado en menú)

📌 Sistema de Logros Oficiales

📌 Permitido Doble Login


Este Viernes 19 de Julio tendrá lugar la apertura Oficial del Servidor.

Horarios de Apertura

México: 15:00 D.F hrs

Colombia: 16:00 hrs

Argentina: 18:00 hrs

Chile: 18:00 hrs

Brasil: 19:00 hrs

USA Washintong D.C: 16:00 hrs

Reino Unido: 21:00 hrs

España: 22:00 hrs

¡Recibe este estupendo Pack de Bienvenida!

Battle Manual x1

Red Potion x70

White Potion x10

Orange Potion x30

Yellow Potion x20

Grape Juice x60

Fly Wing x30

Novice Figure x1

Blade x1

Hood X1

Sandals x1

Costume Novice x1

Registra tu Cuenta de Usuario

Descarga Okani-RO (día 18)



🔵Registra tu Cuenta de Usuario:


🔵Descarga Okani-RO (disponible el día 18)




🔵Fan Page:




¡TE ESPERAMOS!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

General Discussion / Re: Your saddest moment in RO?
« Last post by Shuchou on Jul 17, 2019, 02:00 PM »
When renewal was released on iRO  /sob
Server Seeking / Re: 5 players LF> Mac compatible, low/mid rate
« Last post by Sirique on Jul 17, 2019, 01:25 PM »
Thanks for the fast reply!  I'll give the server a go  /no1.  Do you have a guide on how to download this to Mac?  I can't seem to find one on your forums.

No problemm mate hehe.

Do you have discord? I could guide you myself there, but I’ll make a guide for it as well.
Server Seeking / Re: 5 players LF> Mac compatible, low/mid rate
« Last post by Shuchou on Jul 17, 2019, 02:01 AM »
There is Origin Ragnarok Online, it's a 1x server that is about 2 months old with a small player base. http://originragnarok.online/
Although there are moments when the logged in count does hit 0 but you can normally see 10 people on from time to time
Server Seeking / Re: 5 players LF> Mac compatible, low/mid rate
« Last post by SushiBoy on Jul 16, 2019, 11:32 PM »
we'll offer you support for mac which can be a guide for a VM (virtual machine) or Wineskin. There's ways to access a server running on rAthena with a mac without having a special client. Our scripter is using a mac with a VM and it runs perfectly.[/b][/color][/b][/i]

Thanks for the fast reply!  I'll give the server a go  /no1.  Do you have a guide on how to download this to Mac?  I can't seem to find one on your forums. 
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