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Server Reviews / I've been RAGNAFIED!!
« Last post by xcrzex on Today at 12:52 AM »
Hi! /no1  I just want to share my opinion about this server. Me and I friend started here around 4 days ago, I know it's not much to say that it is a very good server, but me and my friend really like the server a lot, we need more people inside, there have been a competition around pvp, you can farm everything here, it is not a pay to win server. for those people who's reading right now, please give this server a chance and try it for a few days.. and I'm sure you'll be in love as well!!
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: Adel's Sprite Showcase
« Last post by Adel on Today at 12:35 AM »
wonderful adel ~*
I really like the dancing snowman hat

Thank you  /kis
Server Discussion / Divergent Ragnarok (Dystopia)
« Last post by emancipate01 on Yesterday at 09:58 PM »
Hi RMS Fam,

I'm asking for advise or some feedbacks with regards to the community I'm planning to build. I'm halfway thru it but hesitant right now.
P.S. Please be gentle with the feedbacks  /heh  /kis /lv

So yeah, the concept of the server is a Mid-Rate Trans-Revo. Why Trans-Revo? Well to be unique since I've been searching/browsing lately and all 99/70 Trans are in PRE-RE mode.

If my memory serves me right in renewal, 99/70 Trans has a designated WoE which is the Training Edition so from there I think Trans-Revo will work.

The general information of the server is listed below:

Environment: Modified Player Kill
Level: 99/70 Transcendant Class
Cast: Renewal w/o Fixed Cast Time
Aspd: Renewal kRO Based
Stats: Renewal
Mobs: Renewal Spawn /w Pre-RE Drops ? RE-Drops (Awakening/Random Option System)
Exp: No Penalty
Drop: No Penalty
Episode: 13.2 Into the Unknown
Refine: +20 Max Refine

And some customization will be done such as evolution system and shadow system.

What are your thoughts about it?

More info about the server is on the link provided: http://board.divergent-ro.net/index.php?/topic/3-server-information-in-beta-design/
Server Discussion / Re: Beta or no?
« Last post by emancipate01 on Yesterday at 09:02 PM »
My honest opinion, having beta is far better because you can fix things while on it without interrupting your players and not pissing them because you have the rights like "The server is in beta mode expect lots of server restart and stuffs to fix things". Also you can check if you're system is good to go. Even if you have tried it locally, system works fine if its being tried with others.
Server Discussion / Re: The Pre-Paid Hands-Off Server
« Last post by emancipate01 on Yesterday at 08:49 PM »
Pre-paying will not be an option unless a dedicated team put an effort to it and its main goal is to just play ragnarok. There are some self-sufficient servers that can pay their asses out using advertisement.
The best mix I think is using renewal system but pre-re monster database. But its only my personal preference :)
Server Seeking / Re: LF > Renewal Server
« Last post by iamtheking on Yesterday at 05:10 PM »
Try out "Ragnafied". The population is somewhat small in the nutshell but it's because the playerbase comes from different regions.

I would recommend you this because you can get anything through grinding here.

There's no donation locked items and the cash shop is very very accessible because you can farm up cash points here.

The server has somewhat minimal customization to keep it as close as possible to official servers.

I've been playing this server for a month now and I must really say it's great. Just need the attention it deserves so that it'll get more players. I sincerely hope you come.

And oh. If you need help, you can pm me. haha

Server Reviews / Probably the best PLAY TO WIN server you can play on.
« Last post by iamtheking on Yesterday at 05:01 PM »
(Note: I don't know why my previous post was deleted, but I'm posting about this awesome server again.)

Hi. I'm an old Ragnarok player who transferred to playing MOBAs a few years ago (about 5 years ago) and played that genre for a long time, due to its nature of casual gaming. But a few months ago, I missed the genre that I really loved since I was a kid, MMORPGs. So yea, I started looking for a good game to play and decided to go back to my roots (with a twist).

So I started looking for a good renewal server where I can try out all the new classes and contents of Ragnarok online with a good balance (meaning there's not too much gap between donators and non-donators as I've always been a nondonator player who took it as a challenge to play without any donation).

So I stumbled upon RAGNAFIED server and decided to try it out. And oh boy, I'm glad I did.

At first, I was also turned off by its low population (like most of you will, too) but I overlooked it for now and decided to play it for a couple of days, and I saw that the population was actually bigger than it seems as the player base is actually from different regions, hence playing on different time zones.

Regarding the server, this server has NO DONATION LOCKED ITEMS or whatsoever. You can pretty much get everything in the cash shop and the cash shop is VERRRRRRY ACCESSIBLE due to the fact that you can exchange ZENY to CP. So yea. THIS IS TRULY A "PLAY TO WIN" server.

As for the PK, for those you wants it, then you'll like this. If you don't, then just turn it off in town. That's it.

The server is somewhere in between episode 15 and 16 and the moderator is really working hard to keep it up to date.

I've been playing this server for a month now and I'm really loving it. If you're looking for a good server to play on, whether you're a veteran, or you want to try out the new contents of Ragnarok, then this server is for you.

The server has all official contents of the official servers and the moderator is quite active.

I hope you come so we can build probably the best server you can play on.

- A player who just wants the server he's playing on to thrive as he believes it deserves so much more. :D

 /ok /ok /ok
Server Discussion / Re: The Pre-Paid Hands-Off Server
« Last post by Blinzer on Yesterday at 04:42 PM »
Yep, there's quite a few different factors that go into being successful aside from features, like you mentioned. I just wondered if, assuming all the usual factors are met, would pre-paying for a year of host time have any effect on the server's outcome? Or would it end up in the same fate despite this additional step?

I'm starting to lean towards pre-paying not having much influence on the server's health since they tend to die for a lot of other reasons.

it doesn't change s*** man, someone who's even half dedicated to their work wouldn't just drop out and disappear. you're used to plebeians running the servers you play on.

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-Social Media savvy (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Instagram.)
-Good documentation/writing skills.
-Have a showcase/portfolio.


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