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Author Topic: ZenRO Rebirth - 99/70 l Pre-renewal l Launch: July 7, 2018  (Read 645 times)

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Offline ZenRO

ZenRO Rebirth is a Refreshed & Improved Version of the Legendary server ZenRO. We aim to bring back the total action packed Game-Play with our Highrate and Medium Drop Rate. Players are going to have a massive blast with Hunting/PVP/BG & War of Emperium! What are you waiting for?!

Basic Information
Base & Job Experience: 1,000x
General Drop Rate: 100x
MVP Drop Rate: Default
Normal Card Rate: 1%
MVP Card Rate: 0.01%
Max Level: 99/70 - Transcendent
Max Stat: 99
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Guild Capacity: 28

Server Features
Controlled Economy
Action Packed PVP/BG/WOE/PVM
Class Balance System: Play your Favorite Class with Competition.
Automated Events with Amazing Prizes
500+ Headgears to Obtain
Amazing Starting Items
Gepard Anti-Cheat Protected
@LGP ( Build in RCX )
Provoke,MBK,Sharp Shooting can be used within Guild ( WOE Feature )

NPC List
Job Changer, Healer, Warper, Reset Girl, Platinum Skills, Card Remover, Dead Branch Room, Rental Service, Costume Hat Maker, Super Quest, TCG Card Shop, Donation Redeemer, PVP Warper, MVP Shop BG Recruiter, Restock Manager, Stylist, Useless Card Trasher, Ammo-Weapon-Armor Basic Store & Many More.

Command List
go,whosell,joinbg,voteleader,listenbg,rates,refresh,autotrade,me,iteminfo,help,homtalk , noask, pettalk,reject,autoloot,go,noks,time,channel,showexp,changegm,showdelay,accept,whereis ,whodrops,security,leave,showzeny,homeinfo,invite,commands,jailtime,restock,homstats,duel,lgp,hold
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