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Author Topic: UnrealRO HR| 270/skillall 3rd Job | 10k/10k/10k/10% | February 10 2019 Launched  (Read 1169 times)

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Offline elpis

Launched date: February 10, 2019.
Download : http://playunrealro.com/board/topic/9/downloads
Register: http://playunrealro.com/panel/?module=account&action=create
Discord: https://discord.gg/deuvxpH
Forum: http://playunrealro.com/board

Basic Info
Host Location: Silicon Valley
Base Experience: 10,000x
Job Experience: 10,000x
Monster Drop: 10,000x
MVP/Mini-Boss Card: 10%
Quest Experience: 10,000x
Maximum Level: 270/skillall
Maximum Status: 270
Maximum ASPD: 193
Instant Cast: 200
Episode: 15.2
Mechanics: Renewal(with Pre-renewal Cast)
Minimum Skill Delay: Default
Multi-Client: No restrictions
Tomb Stone: Enabled
Same-Sex Marriage: Enabled
Dailybackups: Enabled
Aura Setter: Enabled
Doram Class: Enabled

Unified Shop: Quests, Event items, BG Custom Rewards & Donation Items(those with effects) & other custom items with effects are all located in our Unreal Shop. This ensures that even non donators can achieve donation items.

HP/SP Rate: x10 , HP/SP Recovery Rate is boosted as well
Percent Healing Items such as YGG: Working on at Pots PvP Arena
HP/SP based Skills: Only Original(x1) HP SP are calculated

Extended Battlegrounds: similar to eamod BG. Has WoE Like modes.

Auto Events
Infinity Tower
Cards Recall

Promo Features
Free account bound donation items
Instant Job Changer
Instant MaxLevel

For more info you can also visit our website www.playunrealro.com . Thank you! :)