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Author Topic: Hybrid Ragnarok Online - 500/70 Pre-Renewal Hybrid  (Read 604 times)

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Hybrid Ragnarok Online - 500/70 Pre-Renewal Hybrid
« on: Jul 16, 2018, 02:49 PM »
Hybrid Ragnarok Online is a Hybrid server in which it is Pre-renewal with some Renewal features including the latest items that were added after Renewal and modified so that Transcendent classes can use them.

We are a Hunt and PvP focused server dedicated to bring out your competitive side wether it's WoE, our own custom Battleground WoR or just your ordinary PvP.

Heavily customized, soon we'll also be full of Custom Gears that have effects exclusive to HydRO.

Server Settings:
500/70 Trans
Max Stat - 500
BEXP/JEXP - x1000/x1000(w/ Max Leveler NPC)
Useable Drops - 100%
Equip Drops - 100%
Misc. Drops - 100%
Normal Card Drops - 100%
Boss Card Drops - 1%
Drop Chance Increases base on Luk
Vanilla Aftercast Delay
190 Aspd
150 Dex nocast
Riding skills increases character size by 1 level
+20 Max Refinement
20% Natural Status Resistance Rate(e.g. 500 Vit for Stun Immunity)

Server Features:
-Max Leveler
-Job Changer
-Sex Changer
-Custom Wings on Robe Slot
-Race Changing Items

-Multiple Currencies:
--Cash Points
--Killer's Insignia
--Emperium Crystal
--WoR Crest

-Automated Events:
--Last Mand Standing
--Poring Catcher
--WoR(Custom Battlegrounds)
--Raid Boss(Soon)

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