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SinAstrea Ranagok Online
« on: May 10, 2012, 09:21 pm »
Website : http://www.sinastreagaming.net/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/sinastreaRO
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/sinastrea
Other Features: http://www.sinastreagaming.net/index.php?module=info&action=features

 /lv More about SinAstrea Ragnarok Online  /lv

 /lv NPC SHOPS  /lv

COUPON SHOP ( Worth 250 SinAstrea Coupons )
Asteria Upper Headgear
Asteria Middle Headgear
Asteria Lower Headgear

COUPON SHOP ( Worth 300~1000 SinAstrea Coupons )
Asteria Armor & Accessory
Asteria MvP Card Shop

QUEST SHOP ( Same effects from the headgears in the 250 Coupon Headgear Shop just a different style/looks)
Rare Headgears
Upper Headgear Quest
Upper Headgear Quest 2
Middle Headgear Quest
Lower Headgear Quest
Rental Upper Headgear
Rental Middle & Lower HG

MVP Voucher Shop ( MVP Voucher dropped by MVPS/BOSS )
Pet Quest Shop ( iRO/Anime Pets )
Exchanger shop ( Put your YggdrasilBerry,YggdrasilSeed, Speed Potion, Cold Medicine into a box for weight carrying purpose. )
Asteria Tool Shop ( Items like Convex Mirror, Box of Sunlight, Bloody Branch can be bought here using SinAstrea Coupons. )
Asteria Weaponry ( Custom Weapons that cost 220m if discounted using a Merchant Class it only cost 167m. )

Coupon Room ( 20% drop rate )
Treasure Room (SinAstrea Gold: 110k, SinAstrea Treasure 230k)
---Treasure Drop Rates: Gold 100% | Treasure 20%

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