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Offline Residential

« on: Jan 31, 2018, 01:39 AM »
After a long wait and putting together items and modifications. It is now ready!

New (January 31, 2018)

Welcome a brand new and fresh high rate server. 0 players! Be the very first to start grinding and getting to know the server.

GM Applications is now opened. (Visit staff section for info)

Website : http://residential-ro.net/
Discord : https://discord.gg/BDNxx75

Server Information:
Main Island: @go 37 / @go 16
High Rate - Pre-renewal
Max Base Lvl: 255
Max Job Lvl: 120
Max Stats: 300
Max ASPD: 197
Base Exp: 5k
Job Exp: 5k
Drop Rate: 10x
Equip Drop: 10x
Card Drop: 10%
Mini-Boss Card Drop: 5%
MvP Card Drop: 2%
Thanatos Card: 0.10%
Main Language: English
Data Center host in London, United Kingdom.
Farming, MvP Hunting, Quest, Event Participation, Zeny farm based server.



ResidentialRO Starter Kit includes:

5x Bubble Gum
2x Kiel-D01
5x Yggdrasil Berry Box
5x Yggdrasil Seed Box
5x Convex Mirror
1x Turtle General Card
1x Doppelganger Card (Modified) (Bonus Speed Rate 100%)
1x Costume Husky Hat
1x Starter Balloon
1x Str, Agi, Vit, Int, Dex, Luk Accessory.

Server Feature:
MvP Room
Gold Room
Quest Shop
Vote Shop (In Progress)
Event Shop
Yggdrasil Room
Custom Leveling Zone
Item Mall
Reward Claim Room
Channel system : #main #support #trade
PvP Room
PvP Ladder Rank

Player MvP kill annnouncer.
Custom Main Town BGM.

Automated Events:
Find the mushroom.
Type Fast

GM Events:
Dice Event, Hide and Seek, Last Man Standing.

Many more to come.
Extensive customization.

Join us now!
Many more to come in the near future!

Thanks for choosing us.