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Author Topic: Raijin Ragnarok Online (PK Server) 10k/10k/100%  (Read 964 times)

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Raijin Ragnarok Online (PK Server) 10k/10k/100%
« on: Jul 03, 2013, 12:42 am »
•~~~~Ragnarok Gaming Online~~~~~•

•RO-Gaming Online has already release their first High Rate server the "Raijin Ragnarok Online". Raijin Ragnarok Online has been officialy release July,01,2013. Ro-Gaming Online wants to bring you into a new style of gameplay and more challenging server that you never seen before. Our plan is to release 3 server Mid-Rate 2-2 Only, High Rate 2-2 Only and a High Rate with 3rd Job. As for now we are finish our works with Raijin RO..Our Next step is the OutBreak RO (Mid-Rate Server)..If you have some question or suggestion please kindly send us some mail at support@rogaming.net or raven@rogaming.net .Thanks and join us and have some fun with us.. /no1

•~~~~~~~~Information ~~~~~~~~•

•Max Level 255/120
•Release Date: July,1,2013
•Rates: 10,000x/10,000x
•Pure 2-2 Trans Only
•No Need to level it's Instant!!
•Easy Zenny!!
•Easy Quest!!
•Cool set of Freebies!!
•Normal Card Drop Rate 100%
•Normal MVP Card Drop Rate 50%
•Rare MVP Card Drop Rate 5%
•Custom MVP Card Drop Rate 1%
•PvP Ladder Match
•GvG Ladder Match
•Everyday WOe!!
•Active GMs and Friendly GM
•Hardworking Staffs
•Fix damage for no IMBA Damage!!..
•24/7 Online
•Always up-to-date
•Dedicated Server!!
•Full Customize Server
•With Private MVP Room
•ViP System!!
•Hourly Points for Hourly Points Shop!

•~~~~WoE Time~~~~•
~Monday to Friday (Philippines Time)

First Woe 1:00PM to 2:00PM

2nd Woe for GOTM 8:00PM to 9:00PM

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ci38y3cro9r1ok1/Raijin_Ragnarok_Online.rar

Website Link: http://www.rogaming.net/

Raijin RO main site link: http://raijin.rogaming.net/

Register Link: http://www.raijin.rogaming.net/

Official Page Link:https: //www.facebook.com/rogamings
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