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Author Topic: Ragnite RO [Bringing the Renewal content to Pre-Renewal]  (Read 1050 times)

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Offline Heydar

We believe the Pre-Renewal enviroment has a lot to offer by bringing constant updates and new content from the Renewal, balancing the updates to give new experiences to all types of users: the competitive player and the casual player.

                              Register: http://www.ragnitero.com/Accounts/Register

                              Download: http://www.ragnitero.com/Home/Download

                              Web: www.ragnitero.com

                              Forum: https://forum.ragnitero.com/index.php

           Mastela Fruit
         Restores 400 to 600 HP ⇒ Increased healing amount. Main healing item HP. No porcentual healing.

           Light Blue Potion
         Restores 60 SP ⇒ Increased healing amount. Main healing item SP. No porcentual healing.

           Yggdrasil Berry and Seed
         Fully/One half restores HP and SP. ⇒ Added 8 seconds delay, disabled during WoE, Bg and PvP.

           Ragnite Coin
         A special coin that can be exchanged for Costumes headgears or Gravity slotted headgears. Obtained by automated events, Instances and Daily Reward.
         More Information: https://forum.ragnitero.com/index.php?threads/patch-1-0-notes.4/

          New to the enviroment of Level 255/120? Guides for you favorite jobs/classes:
              Sniper: https://forum.ragnitero.com/index.php?threads/pvp-woe-sniper-guide.16/#post-28
              Whitesmith: https://forum.ragnitero.com/index.php?threads/pvp-woe-whitesmith-guide.21/#post-37
              Paladin: https://forum.ragnitero.com/index.php?threads/pvp-woe-paladin-guide.19/#post-33

          Original builds from Level 99/70 and New alternative builds are available:
           + Creator: Acid Demostration, Mammonite/Cart Revolution, Acid Terror
           + Paladin: Devotion, Sacrifice, Grand Cross, Shield Chain/Shield Boomerang, Holy Cross/Bash
           + Scholar: Dispel/Land Protection, Double Bolt, Battle Sage/Autocast Link

          Introduction to Ragnarok Online

          Special Features of Ragnite Ro

          Guild Pack Information

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