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Author Topic: Ragnarok Wintermoon - 175/60 Renewal 3rd-Class with NO DONATIONS  (Read 474 times)

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Offline expletive773

Long story post about why there are no donations (read at your own risk):
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PS: Forgive the server name, it was the name of the Guild me and my "friends" used to play on. Also pre-emptive apologies if I'm breaking a rule already.

(Modified/Separate Drop Rates for Normal, Mini-boss and MVP Cards)

Full Changelog: https://pastebin.com/raw/MGhsYAut (Updated 1/24/19) /ok

  • NO DONATIONS. Everything is free and obtainable.
  • Quality-of-Life tweaks like a Dispel NPC, a purchasable Soul Link talisman, purchasable Gym Passes & Bubble Gum and etcetera.
  • @restock command enabled, makes it easy to restock emptied consumables from @storage.
  • Max levels at 175/60, 3rd Job Classes.
  • Server uses Pre-Renewal ASPD Calculation and Pre-Renewal Cast Time as well (150 DEX for no Cast Time, including Bonus Stats).
  • Purchasable "Fenrir's Power Scroll" at NPC, reducing Cast Time by 50%.
  • PvP Enabled on fields.
  • @commands enabled (@warp has been disabled, but all Warper NPC's can warp to Fields, Dungeons, Nightmare Dungeons and Instances).
  • @allskills also enabled, there is no need to stress over skill points.
  • All Costumes are free (priced at 1 Zeny each).
  • Cheap jRO Sprite switching.
  • All Instance Equipment NPC's are all at Prontera, complete with their Enchanters all organized into one.
  • All time-wasting animations and progress bars on Enchanter NPC's have been removed, some dialogue has been stream-lined as well.
  • Refine rates and Enchanting rates tweaked to be easier, with 1/3rd chance of failing +20.
  • High-rates easy leveling, with 30% Card Drop rate on Normal Monsters and 6% on MVP Monsters.
  • Player HP rates at 200%, preventing one-hit kills (tested with players and seems to be the most optimal).
  • "Stuff Trader" NPC has all basic consumables organized, including re-usable infinite potions.
  • Cash Shop items are also purchasable at NPC (like Emerald Earrings, Fallen Angel Wings and Adventurer's Backpack).
  • Only one WoE Castle enabled with a custom Special Gift Box (per member) reward that gives unique items (with IP Check to prevent scumming).
  • Maximum members per Guild has been reduced to 36.
  • Nerfed Golden Thief Bug Card to only reduce 50% of Magic Damage.
  • View distance is extended as optimally as possible to prevent sudden appearances of players or monsters.
  • Private MVP Rooms and MVP Ladder Rooms with tweaks to add better feel.
  • Points are rewarded every hour, and a Special Gift Box is given every 8 hours.
  • No cool-down delay on Instances before you can retry again (also removed required completed quests).
  • Pets do not lose loyalty when owner dies.
  • Pets and Homunculus gains loyalty faster.

Website (Registration is separate from in-game, registration details are at the Game Launcher):
Website is used only for support, there is no "Top 100 Voting" or whatever in it.

Full Installer:

Install this on top of your current installation if, for some reason, you cannot connect:
http://tinyurl.com/winterlaunchermf3 OR

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