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Ragnarok Online : Hera Server
« on: May 02, 2019, 11:57 AM »
Game History and Goals
Quick brief History of Hera Server. We do specialize on the field of creating a Huge PvP and WoE Server
that based on the build or strategy of a individual. We're encouraging Newbies to Play on our Server
for you to test and experiment your builds while enjoying our Most Nostalgic Ragnarok Online Experience!

▶️ Server Settings : Pre - Renewal Transcended Server
▶️ Server Based : MyRO, BattleRO Server
▶️ Enabled God Item, Lighthalzen Cards & Thanatos Card
▶️ Instant + 10 Refine and Enchantment on Armor
▶️ Free Normal, MvP & Mini Boss Card NPC except Rare
▶️ Free God Items, Diabolus Set and Glorious Weapons
▶️ Emulator : Modified rAthena with a Battleground 3.0
▶️ Max Level : Base level - 99 l Job level - 70 ASPD - 190
▶️ Ready to PvP and WoE Server with a little bit of grind
▶️ Setup your character in less than a minute on our Mall
▶️ Gepard Shield 3.0 Anti - DDOS Low Latency Server.

Server Unique Features
➡️ Charm Stone l Costume Enchantment Stone System
➡️ Third Job Transformation Shield l Aesthetic Costumes
➡️ In-game Cash Prizes l Competitive Gameplay for you!
➡️ Selected Refinable Middle Headgear & Slotted Lower
➡️ Guild of the Month l War Gurus l RPC Style 7v7

Game Events
✅ Disguise Event I Poring Catcher I Dice Event
✅ Automated War Organizer I Seasonal Like and Share
✅ Player of the Month I Agit Lords I Keyboard Warrior

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/HeraServer/
Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeraServer/
Website : http://www.playragnahera.com/[/font]