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Author Topic: Ragnafied - Your High-Rate Renewal Home Server  (Read 375 times)

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Ragnafied - Your High-Rate Renewal Home Server
« on: Feb 08, 2018, 03:02 AM »

Story Information About Ragnafied (In General):
Long time ago, renewal was introduced to the world of Ragnarok!
So we have to adapt to it. Something new came up with different formula's and etc.
But right now we all know what it is! We all have the information!

Still not interested huh? Keep reading below but on the left side!  /heh /gg /ok

Server Information:
Server Age: 3 Months!
Server Type: Renewal
Server Environment: Player-Kill
Server Rates: 500x|500x|500x (Normal Drops Including Cards)
Server Episode: Episode 15++ ish with updates
Server Max: 175/60 (Base/Job)
Server Client: 2017 Client
Server Security: Gepard Protection
Server Availability: Always
Server Location: US West Zone
Server Job/Class: 3rd Job, Expanded & Doram

Other Information:
Client/Server Feature:
   • New Refine UI
   • Achievement System
   • M/F Create Section
   • Passive Skills Critical
   • Pet Evolution
   • Battlegrounds Queuing - via "@bg join" or "@bg leave"
   • Clan + Guild Settings

   • BG/WoE/PvP Maps are restricted to 1 client only!

MVP Card: 0.01% Normal Rates not disabled. Just need your luck!
Party Share Limit: 100. Because why not?
NPC Enabled:
   • Dress Room - You can use alternative costume for free! And oh with 699 colors!
   • Warper - Abracadabra you're no on a map!
   • Job Reset - I forgot this one!
   • Job Changer - No need to quest!
   • Universal Rental - No need to pay!
   • Platinum Skill - No need to quest! Same as above!
   • Healer /w Buffs - With soul link!
   • Eden - What to do?
   • PvP/GvG Warper - If you have what it takes!
   • Zeny To Cash
   • Cash To Zeny
   • MVP Room
   • Lotti Gurl
• and many more.

Other Server Feature:
   • Headgear to Costume Converter - Unleash your inner fashionista!
   • Item CASH drop-able
   • ITEM can be converted to CASH (All mobs drop the item)

   • Weekly PvP Ladder
   • Weekly MVP Ladder
   • and many more to come![/i]

Char Command Information:
   - @go, @warp, @storage, @refresh, @iteminfo, @mobinfo, @homstats, @hominfo, @autoloot, @autoloottype,
@alootid and other informational/helpful command.

Daily Events:
   • Cluckers - Yeah the annoying chicken!
   • Dice - You need to test your luck. What are the odds? Its always 1 out of 4!
   • Run for your life! - Novice vs Zombies!
   • Poring Catcher - Try to find the real poring!
   • Battlegrounds automated! - Server automated battleground
   • Guild Level Event - http://board.ragnafied.net/index.php?/topic/21-guild-level-event/

   • 1 Time Account Freebie (Account Bound)
   • Per Character Freebie Package (Basic Package for Normal Classes)

What you waiting fow? Join our community now! See you!

Homepage: http://ragnafied.net
Forum: http://board.ragnafied.net
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ragnafiedcommunity/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/A5u5qw