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Ragnafied Chaos
« on: Mar 18, 2018, 02:28 AM »
An Episode 15++ Server that has Doram Classes! It utilizes 2017 Client to give new features such as Achievement System, M/F Char Creation, New Refine Interface, Multiple Hit Critical! and more!

Basic Info:
175/60 - Renewal (3rd Jobs):
100 Lv. Share Limit

Not heavily customized.
Balanced Gameplay.

Item Cash Drop.
Friendly/Supportive GM's.
Competitive Players. PVP/WOE/BG

Your Renewal Home Server!

More to be updated!

P.S. Not a PAY to WIN server.

Hi. I'm an old Ragnarok player who transferred to playing MOBAs a few years ago (about 5 years ago) and played that genre for a long time, due to its nature of casual gaming. But a few months ago, I missed the genre that I really loved since I was a kid, MMORPGs. So yea, I started looking for a good game to play and decided to go back to my roots (with a twist).

So I started looking for a good renewal server where I can try out all the new classes and contents of Ragnarok online with a good balance (meaning there's not too much gap between donators and non-donators as I've always been a nondonator player who took it as a challenge to play without any donation).

So I stumbled upon RAGNAFIED server and decided to try it out. And oh boy, I'm glad I did.

At first, I was also turned off by its low population (like most of you will, too) but I overlooked it for now and decided to play it for a couple of days, and I saw that the population was actually bigger than it seems as the player base is actually from different regions, hence playing on different time zones.

Regarding the server, this server has NO DONATION LOCKED ITEMS or whatsoever. You can pretty much get everything in the cash shop and the cash shop is VERRRRRRY ACCESSIBLE due to the fact that you can exchange ZENY to CP. So yea. THIS IS TRULY A "PLAY TO WIN" server.

As for the PK, for those you wants it, then you'll like this. If you don't, then just turn it off in town. That's it.

The server is somewhere in between episode 15 and 16 and the moderator is really working hard to keep it up to date.

I've been playing this server for a month now and I'm really loving it. If you're looking for a good server to play on, whether you're a veteran, or you want to try out the new contents of Ragnarok, then this server is for you.

The server has all official contents of the official servers and the moderator is quite active.

I hope you come so we can build probably the best server you can play on.

- A player who just wants the server he's playing on to thrive as he believes it deserves so much more. :D
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