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Author Topic: PvP Ragnarok Online . PVP server / FREE ALL ITEMS!!!! NO DONATION  (Read 2246 times)

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Offline jasonadik89

Hello we proudly present to you this new Ragnarok Server ( PVP RO). It was made for pvp lovers. Download Register and start the intense PVP experience. no hunting - you just have to buy all the items you need in the Item mall.  what are you waiting for? come on! join us now!

Basic Information
Base Experience: 10k
Job Experience: 10k
Non-MVP Mobs Card Drop Rate: free
MVP Mobs Card Drop Rate: free

3rd Jobs: disabled
Trans Job Only
Max Level: 99/70
Max ASPD: 190
Instacast: 150Dex


complete Healer/Buffer
Universal Rental
PvP Warper
headgear npc
Automated Events
Battle equips npc

what are you waiting for? join us now! and experience the most intense PVP Experience.

Website: http://pvpro.vpsrohosting.com
Register: http://pvpro.vpsrohosting.com/index.php?act=register
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?uefj442gbnuo4to
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