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Author Topic: OMG!RO Renewal (Episode 16.1)  (Read 786 times)

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OMG!RO Renewal (Episode 16.1)
« on: Mar 17, 2018, 02:12 PM »
OMG!RO (Opened September 2017) 
*Active GM
*Monthly Cool Events with awesome rewards
-Facebook Cover Design Event
-Like And Share
*Monthly Events Depending on real time events
-New year
-Chinese new year
And Many More
*Weekly Event During Saturday
-MVP Summon Event
-Hide and seek
-Gift Giving to all participants
*Weekly Rotation MVP Boost Event
-Weekly rotation of random mvp with increased stats and exclusive rewards
*High Rate
*Episode 16.1 Banquet of Heroes
*Main Currency Zeny
*Cash Shop items has same items  in quest shop all could be get by farming and grinding
*Weekly Rotation of Headgears in cash shop and quest shop still same what new hg in quest are also new hg in cash shop
*New 3rd Job Sprites Available
*Real Money Trade Legal
**Active BG/Woe/PvP
*Guild of the Month
*36 Guild Cap Implemented
*Alliance Disabled for much more Intense Woe
(5,000,000 RP)  Prize Money GOTM
With 200+ daily Players
400+ During Woe
3 Guilds Playing
*Aneka Jajanan
  • Gepard Shield
  • Full Renewal
  • Latest rAthena
  • 1000x/1000x/custom drop
  • Job3 MaxLv 175/60
  • Awakening Rebellion
  • Doram with latest skill
  • ASPD 193
  • 2017 Client
  • RODEX System
  • Lasagna Town / Field / Dragon Nest
  • Official item
  • All item farmable

  • Mvp Killer Rank (Weekly Reset and Exclusive Reward)
  • New Job 3 Sprite (Sura & Sorceres Available)
  • Achievement System Enabled
  • Title System Enabled
  • NPC Job Changer
  • NPC Reset Stat & Skill
  • NPC Costume Quest
  • NPC Equip Quest
  • Rockridge Mine for farming item
  • Fishing
  • NPC Hat Maker
  • Party exp share limit 15 level
  • Healer with VIP Buffer
  • Hourly automatic event
  • Super Poring Event

=== Refinement Features===
  • Ore Crafting

get this ores by exchanging your oridecon and elunium by ?Number depending on what ore
excluding blessed ore need more required materials not only oridecon and elunium
*Enriched Ores
*HD Ores
*Blessed ores
  • Infinite Space
  • Room Of Consciousness
  • Temple of Demon god
  • Sky Fortress
  • Old Glash Heim
  • Isle of Bios
  • Morse Cave
  • Bakonawa Lake
  • Faceworm Nest
  • Malangdo Culvert
  • Endless Tower
  • Nightmarish Jitterbug
  • Sara's Memory
  • Geffen Magic Tournament
  • Horror Toy Factory
  • Buwaya Cave
  • Ghost Palace
  • Charlseton Crisis
  • Last Room
  • Devil Tower
  • Central Laboratory


  • MVP Card
  • Angeling, Ghostring, Deviling, Maya Purple Card
  • Siege Set, Vellum Weapon, Hall of the Abyss Card

@go @load @storage @mi @whodrops @refresh @whereis @at @rates @duel @autoloot @alootid @request @whosell
  • Newbie Reward
  • FB Group Reward
  • KasKus Reward
  • Guild Migration Reward

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