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Moon Ragnarok Online
« on: Jan 01, 2018, 09:39 AM »
Welcome to Moon Ragnarok Online.

We are focusing to balance WoE and PvP.
Aiming to get the Old School Ragnarok Flair

Server development strongly affected by Players
Drop rate cant be Quantified on every item, some items have custom Drop rates

Im First Time Creator, but very eager.
Thats why Im really very open to every suggestions.
Come drop by and see how you may able change this Server too.

Server EXP: x200
Max Base/Job: 500/120 Transcendent Job
Card Drop Rate(Non-Boss): 8%
Card Drop Rate(Mini-Boss): 4%
Card Drop Rate(Boss): 2%
Common Items Drop(Non-Boss): x4000
Healing Items Drop(Non-Boss): x4000
Usables Items Drop(Non-Boss): x4000
Equipment Items Drop(Non-Boss): x8000
Equipment Items Drop(Boss): x8000

Pre-Renewal Transcendent Class!
Pre-Renewal Stats and Skill Formulas!

PvP-Rush Hours
Quest Headgear's
Many Mini Games
DiceBet Commands

                - Healer ( Level 500 and below will get beneficial buffs from the NPC. Level 500 will receive none )
                - Shops (Pet, Ammunition, Creations)
                - Tool Dealer (Sells most basic consumables)
                - Quest NPCs (Costume Quests and more!)
                - Special Stalker NPC (Provide a Skill for Stalker)
                - Character Gender Changer
                - Job Changer
                - Reset NPC
                - Reset NPC
                - Platinum Skill NPC
                - Rental NPC
                - Bullion Exchanger
                - Character Gender Changer

Default Commands: aloot, aloottype, commands, whereis, jailtime, time, request, changegm, jump, autotrade and many more

Download link:

Website :

Join to ask any open questions you may have.

Your Sincerely
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