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Offline Tontonyen

« on: Jan 21, 2018, 01:11 AM »
Welcome to KaiserRO

Server Rates:
Base Exp: 5000x
Job Exp: 5000x
Item Drop Rate: 10000x
MVP/Mini-Boss Card Drop Rate: 10%

Server Information:
Max Base Level: 255
Max Job Level: 255
Max Stats: 300
Max ASPD: 195
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Max Cart Weight: 8000
Max Guild Members: 76
Max storage and gstorage: 600
Custom Headgears Slot Range: 1-2
Custom Armor Slot Range: 2
Custom Shield Slot Range: 1
WoE Days: TBD
Transcendent Classes
Unlimited Arrows/Bullets
Main Currency: Zeny
Main Language: English

Multi-Client enabled
Running on eAmod
Gepard Shield enabled
MVP Card effects modded (See forum to see which)
500+ Clothing Palletes

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