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Author Topic: Good Gamers RO(ggRO) | Pre-Renewal | 100% Balance | Fair Play Competition  (Read 1509 times)

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Offline HatoriMatsuzaki

                    http://goodgamers-ro.tk/panel | https://www.facebook.com/ggroofficial2017
Beta Phase - September 15-16 | Official Opening -  September 17
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♦ Tired of playing your current server and looking for stable 99/70 with exciting adventures?
♦ A fair-play competition with a very active community?
♦ A non-stop Battleground system where you can receive a reward and trade badges for supplies and items and enjoying PK'ing at the same time?
♦ Long time running server?
♦ A newbie-friendly server that you can possibly SURPASS a pro player if you're an active and doing research for item builds?
♦ We established way back in 2012 with more than 700+ growing population.
♦ An INTERNATIONAL server when you are able to greet other players from all over the world.
♦ Now we're back for action and we introduce a new features that you haven't seen in any Ragnarok Servers. Introducing Good Gamers Ragnarok Online - For Gamers by Gamers..

♦ Our vision is to provide a satisfying gameplay where everyone is on the top of what they're doing, meaning we will provide a non-boring server because of our hourly automated events and our professional team that can host a fun entertaining events. We wanted you to experience again the old days where everybody is overwhelmed of playing ragnarok online.

♦ We would like you to know that we have a current PRE-REGISTRATION reward happening today and we would like to invite you to participate our event.
♦ For the FIRST 99 Players who will participate the said Event will received a 3x Kafra Token Where you can trade it to Quest Headgears and Zeny. To know more about the event here's the link http://goodgamers-ro.tk/community/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2&sid=91772e1dad43c10a8a4af59056cc76ab

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