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Author Topic: GatheringRO [RENEWAL] [5000/5000/UNIQUE]  (Read 1929 times)

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GatheringRO [RENEWAL] [5000/5000/UNIQUE]
« on: Apr 11, 2014, 10:13 AM »
Website: http://www.gatheringro.ch/
Register: http://www.gatheringro.ch/index.php?module=account&action=create

9+ Years Online!
Base Level: 250
Job Level: 120
MVP/Normal Cards Droprate: 1%
No MVP/Mini Boss Card allowed on Lower Headgear
Custom 3D Arenas
Balanced Custom MVP Cards
No Overpowered Donator
All God Items Questable

Main Town: Althea

Basic Commands
@go <town name/number>
@warp <map name>
@jump <x, y>
@whosell <item name>
@whodrops <Item name>
@whereis <monster name>
@dye <1-694> - Cloth Color
@hstyle <1-53> - Hair Style
@hcolor <1-128> - Hair Color

We are still undergoing skill balancing as we change emulator last August 2013 (where we lost lots of players).
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