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Author Topic: Ez Ragnarok Online v2 - [ 700 Exp 500 Job 500 Drops | Full Renewal Mechanics ]  (Read 1945 times)

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Offline Yui

Ez Ragnarok Online v2 [ EzRO ]

Launch Date : April 1, 2013.
Website : EzRO Website
Forums : EzRO Board
Facebook Fan Page : EzRO Fanpage
RMS Server Listings : EzRO on Rate My Server

3rd Jobs
Max 160 Base Level / 50 Job Level
Mora,Malangdo,Bifrost All working.
700 Exp 500 Job 500 Drops 10% Normal Cards Drop Rates MVP Card Drop rates will range from 0.1% to 1%
No Instant Refiners(NO REFINE DEED).
Balance Game Environment.
Costumes will not have status bonuses.
Instances will not have Cooldowns.
Custom Instances.
Healer and Buffer NPC.
Guild Base.
Working Kagerou and Oborou Class.
Post Balance Skill Formulas.
Hunting Mission Quests ( Rewards Zenny ).
No Gold Room/Zeny Farm Area.
Guild Points,Guild Quests & Guild Points Ladder.
Vote for Points & Vote Shop. Vote for Us and get Vote Points.
Fishing Area.
Item Mall.
Auto Trade Area.
Extended Vending System. Cash Coins Zenny.
Job Changer NPC.
Warper NPC.
Platinum Skills NPC.
Identifier NPC.
New Mounts for All Jobs.
Quest Room.
and More..

Commands Available :
go, warp(premium accounts), whereis, mobinfo, iteminfo, autoloot, alootid, time, uptime, guildstorage, storage, guildmes, homtalk, pettalk, and more..

Why we will not Implement a Gold Room/Farm Land?
its because we want to preserve the use of zeny as much as possible, we want to have an economy.
You can gain zeny via the quests provided.

How will the Fishing Area work?
The Fishing area will serve as a place to get healing items, such as berries,seeds and more.
There will be 2 fishing areas, the Normal Fishing area which is and easy place to go for a fishing trip, and the Exotic Fishing Area where it is dangerous and you must have the required items to fish.

Security Information
We are protected by Harmony Anti-Cheat, and by far we are confident about its functionality.

Why do we have low MVP cards rate?
We want the players to enjoy the feeling of getting rare MVP cards but a little bit easier than the official servers.

Will there be Donations?
Yes, but rest assured we will not be having an IMBALANCED DONATION EQUIPMENTS. We will only have Normal Equipments to Minimal Customizations for donation rewards.
Donations will not be available for the first few months, we are prioritizing your enjoyment we are not doing this to earn money. :)

Donation Equipment Questions?
Donation Equipments will not be Overpowered, you can also get them from hunting and quests. you don't have to donate to get the equipments you want.

Why Play with us?
Play with us and you'll have the experience of a lifetime, no unbalanced equipments, original gameplay feel, no corruptions,
we will be building a friendly community for everybody. We will not be like one of those servers popping out everyday, we will be sure of that.

GM and Player Interaction
GM Player interaction will be at the forums, and also you can use the ticketing system at our website for faster response.

See You In-Game!
Server Master

PS: Moderators please if you could move my topic to the appropriate section thanks /kis
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