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Author Topic: EvianRO - Pre-Renewal 255/120 PvP/WoE/PvE. Unique Features!  (Read 598 times)

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Offline EvianRO

Welcome to EvianRO, are you looking for a brand new server?
A balanced 255/120? One that isn't overrun with ugly customs and Overpowered Items?
Try EvianRO, opening on the 26th of August 2013
We strive to be different from any other server and always deliver!
We promise you a unique gaming experience!
Join now!

Grand Opening:[Now Open!]
25th of August 2013

Basic Information:
Max Base Level: 255
Max Job Level: 120
Max Stats: 270
Max ASPD: 195
Instant Cast: 170 Dexterity.

Rates/Drop Rates:
Rates: 3000x/2500x/Custom.
MvP Cards: 10%
Rare MvP Cards: 1%
Normal Card: 50%
MvP Equipment: 50%

No third classes, Transcendant classes only.
Guild Package available.
Starter freebies available.
Fun automatic events.
Custom PvP System with Rewards
Daily quests.
Well balanced.
WoE Rewards.
Custom Currencies.
Custom Main Town and Starting Grounds.
No overpowerered donations.
Beautiful custom items.
DDoS Protected.
Edited MvP's.
Donations aquirable through Quests, PvP and WoE and PvE activities.
Party Share Range = 50 Levels.
Daily WoE.
Hosted GvG Events.

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255/120 Pre-Renewal PvP/WoE/PvE, Unique Features, Custom systems.