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Deux Ragnarok Online
« on: Sep 21, 2017, 02:07 PM »
Server Opened - September 23 2017
Base : 10000x Job : 10000x Card : 1000x
99/70 Pre-renewal TranscendServer
PvP and WoE Server
Free All Items l MvP Card Seller
Instant Job Changer
+10 Sure Refiner
No need to hunt. Setup your Character in less than a minute!
Singapore Host!
Automated Events and In-game Cash Prizes!
Obtain Donate Items without Donating!
Freebies List :
1x DeuxRO Smartphone
20x Steamed Tounge
20x Steamed Scorpion
20x Dragon Breath Cocktail
20x Hwergelmir's Tonic
20x Cooked Nine Tail's
20x Stew of Immortality
30x Yggdrasil Box
200x Proof of Donation
1x Gold Coin
See you soon! Invite more players and let's make a community together! I'll be expecting you /gg -Administrator
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