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Creative Kings Online
« on: Nov 29, 2017, 04:24 AM »

Server Details

Website: www.creative-kingsro.com
Facebook Page: Infamy Community

Classic Transcendent Jobs
Episode: Ep. 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
Base and Job Level: 255/120
Max ASPD: 193
Max Stats: 255

Server Rates
Base Level: x250
Job Level: x150
Normal Drop Rates: x50
Normal Cards Rate: 0.1%
Mvp Card Rate: 0.01%

Customized NPC's
Healer NPC (1k Zeny)
Warper NPC
All in One NPC (Job Changes Reset etc etc..
Npc Zone Npc (via Zeny)
Battle Grounds Warper
Pvp Warper
Daily Rewards Npcs
Donation In-Game Store

Other Server Information

We have balanced out how the farming system in Creative Kings Online goes, and we will still observe how each and every player tackles this on a daily basis to make it fair to current and future players alike.

Players each all have a chance in getting in game items from different sects and features of the game Equips and Items can be obtained through farming or by going to battle grounds and war. The server has a very great and balanced economy. Everything in the server can be bought via Zeny even Creative Kings Points or CP.

Yes, as administrators we also have our jobs and personal lives but our outlook on automated events are different. Yes it is nice to have these automated events in game to boost activity but we personally want to do the events and show our players that as admins we observe on what to improve on the server.

These events also build a relationship between us and the our dear players.

The server is very active when it comes to its PVP, Battleground and Wars, in doing so we also hold the events where players who have farmed and climbed their way to the top of the ranks get recognized via our social page, our discord channel and especially in game!

The Battlegrounds feature of the server works really well and players even newbies get a chance to participant in such activities to earn badges and achieve several items through working with other players and coming up with strategies to defeat the other team.

War on Emperium is an event that each and every player in Creative Kings Online look forward to, this is where they test their builds and their strategies into capturing and taking hold of their very own castles that have great rewards awaiting to the winners of the war. Through these wars we pick our Guild of the Month where-in a guild could win cash prizes and in game items and be crowned the best.

We want donations to go back to players by installing new features for the server and improving the gaming experience of each and every player. Through donations we would like to show our dear players that we don't intend on using donations for profits but to give them back to the community of the game through events and system upgrades for the server.

Daily Reward System - We installed a Daily Reward NPC and a Daily Reward Store NPC. It is located in Prontera on the mid right of the town below the NPC Hub. Players must keep an eye on their  daily timers whenever they play. The npc gives CK Tickets that can be traded for several items in game and eventually will be changed and improved from time to time. Costs vary from season to season, players may store their coins for latter use.

Instances - We are planning on releasing several instances for the server that will improve camaraderie between players that will give out various rewards and items that will make gameplay in Creative Kings better and more challenging to everyone these instances will be improved from time to time.

Player Commands
@autoloot item
@autoloot (+1-6)