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Author Topic: Core Ragnarok Online 255/120/Modified  (Read 822 times)

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Core Ragnarok Online 255/120/Modified
« on: Mar 24, 2018, 02:13 PM »
Core Ragnarok Online

Come and Join us here in Core Ragnarok Online! Opening this March 28, 2018

Website: www.ragnacore.com
Forums:  www.core-community.com

Server Rates: 8k/8k/Modified
Max ASPD: 197 (SINX Edp skill -2 ASPD Reduction. DARK RO BASED)
Guild Package!
Ready To PVP Server! + More On Quest!
Up to 255/120 Transcendent Class Only
Guild Capacity: 36/36
PK Unfrozen-Server

Modified Soul link effects (Dark RO Based)
Modified Lhz Cards effect (Dark RO Based)
Fixed Cast delay for some skills for balancing purpose
Purely balanced server
Wing and Weapon quest enabled
Break the Seal quest
Mini WOE Event
Invasion Event
Token Quest hunting
Gold Room
Deadbranch Room
Hourly System Enabled (@Reward)
Server location: Los Angeles Optimized for Asian Country
Maximum DDOS Protection 99.99% uptime Guarantee
Server Protection: Gepard Shield ( No WPE HACKS and Bots )
Autotrade Enabled: @autotrade
Multi Client Enabled: Max 3 Clients

Break The seal quest

Sealed Card NPC

-Doppelganger Card.
-Battle Manual 300%
*Black Valkyrie Set:
*Black Valkyrie Armor
*Black Valkyrie Shield
*Black Valkyrie Manteau
*Black Valkyrie Shoes

Guild Package is Available! Minimum of 10 Members!
*(GuildPack)Black Valkyrie Armor
*(GuildPack)Black Valkyrie Shield
*(GuildPack)Black Valkyrie Manteau
*(GuildPack)Black Valkyrie Shoes

Server Featured Commands
Turns on and off your pk status.
Toggle it ON, you can fight anywhere outside of towns.
Toggle it OFF, you can only fight in certain PVP rooms or maps.
Note: Your pk status is ON by default when you log in or change character.
          Your pk status can only be changed once every 15 minutes to avoid people from abusing it.

@whosell <item ID/name>
Display the list of vendors selling the specified item

Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP) is a client-built in plugin, which allows its user to display cells with customizable colored shades.
These shades mark different Area of Effect skills (AoE) as well as cell range from the user in the circle or in a square.
LGP is not part of the effects, therefore it can be used with /effects turned off.
LGP can be customized by using this commands:
@circle <on/off> - Enable/Disables the display of colored shape in the shape of 10-cell circle around the user.
@square <on/off/1-10> - Enables/Disables the display of colored shades in the shape of the square size you desire.
@shake <on/off> - Enable/Disable the shaking effect of your screen due to AoE skills

Register now! http://ragnacore.com/
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