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Project No Class 5k
« on: Aug 11, 2018, 11:36 AM »
Project No Class
Features a High Rate Setting

You only have Classes as Sprites, you Build your own Class with Skills

Basically you have 4 Slots, for each Step into the Class System, (First, Rebirthsecond, Third) 4+4+4 Slots for Skills, that are obtained via Shops, Monsters etc.

Custom Monsters, Challenges and more.

Help me out, create this "new and fresh" Experience.

Released : 11 August 2018

Base & Job: 5000x
Item / Drop Variable 500-5000x
MvP Exp Rate 5000x
Party EXP Bonus 30%
Item Drop: 500x
MVP: 500x
Normal Card 3%
MVP Card: 1%
Max Level: 400
Max ASPD: 195
Max Stats: 350