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Author Topic: BeatRO (Renewal Server) - Close to official | x1000 | x1000 | Modified  (Read 1486 times)

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Offline abraham991103

Server: BeatRO Renewal Server

WEBSITE: http://beatro.net/


Rates: x1000 | x1000 | Modified

Normal Drop : x100

MvP | Boss Drop : x10


175 / 60 | 3rd Job Official

Max ASPD: 193

Max Stats: 3rd Job 135 | 2nd Job 99 | Kagerou/Oboro 125 | Baby 3rd Job 117

Full Renewal Server

RPG | PvP Server

Currently Running on Official-like Server

WELL-BALANCED Donator and Non-donator players

WELL-BALANCED Freebies, No Spoon Feeding

Being Official-like server features what makes our server unique from other Private Servers

No Server Downtime since opened

Internal Guard Protected ! No bots! No 3rd party programs! Pure talent Gameplay!

Enjoy the whole official ragnarok feature! (Mora Quests,hunt,leveling,etc..) Running on Updated Ragnarok Emulator!

Type @commands on in-game for available commands information


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