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Author Topic: Beast Ragnarok Online ~NEW~ (July 11,2017) [INTERNATIONAL]  (Read 656 times)

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B E A S T Ragnarok Online
High Rate - 2000x/2000x/100%
WOE/GVG/PVP/Party v.s. Party/Battleground
Mall/Hunt/Quest/Common Bosscard NPC/Rare Card5%drop
99/70 Transcendent - 190 Max ASPD
Kiel Based
Balanced Server
Balanced Donation/Questable Donation
TCG Shop/Cash V4P Shop
Disabled GODs/THANA

• Server Features •
Custom Maintown @go 0 "crystilia"
1000+COSTUMES Common/Special/Rare Box
Freebies Giver
Instant Job Changer
Hourly Points
Automated Events every 30 minutes win TCG
GM Hosted Events
Party v.s. Party NPC
Emperium Breaker Test
Punching Bag
Gold Room
Modified Refine, easy +7 +8 +9 +10
Armor Enchant
Slotted Middle Headgears
Max Party Size: 12
Max Guild Cap: 24

• Game/Host Features •
Only 1 trusted Admin/Owner
Multiple Client: Enabled
DDoS Protected
Adelay system
Gepard Shield soon

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