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« on: Feb 17, 2018, 04:27 AM »
Server Opened - February 13 2017
Base : 10000x Job : 10000x Card : 1000x
99/70 Pre-renewal TranscendServer
PvP and WoE Server
Free All Items l MvP Card Seller
Instant Job Changer
+10 Sure Refiner
No need to hunt. Setup your Character in less than a minute!
Singapore Host!
Automated Events and In-game Cash Prizes!
Obtain Donate Items without Donating!
Freebies List :
20x Steamed Tounge
20x Steamed Scorpion
20x Dragon Breath Cocktail
20x Hwergelmir's Tonic
20x Cooked Nine Tail's
20x Stew of Immortality
30x Yggdrasil Box
Register Site: https://goo.gl/MQGrmZ
Facebook Group:https://goo.gl/utQWzG
See you soon! Invite more players and let's make a community together! I'll be expecting you /gg -Administrator