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Author Topic: B E A S T Ragnarok Online -NEW- (2018) [INTERNATIONAL]  (Read 929 times)

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B E A S T Ragnarok Online
High Rate - 1000x/1000x/300x
WOE/GVG/PVP/Party v.s. Party/Battleground
Mall/Hunt/Quest/Common Bosscard NPC/Rare Card2%drop
99/70 Transcendent - 190 Max ASPD
Kiel Based
Balanced Server
Balanced Donation/Questable Donation
TCG Shop/Cash V4P Shop
Disabled GODs/THANA

• Server Features •
1000+COSTUMES Common/Special/Rare Box
Freebies Giver
Hourly Points
Automated Events every 30 minutes win TCG
GM Hosted Events
Party v.s. Party NPC
Emperium Breaker Test
Punching Bag
Gold Room
Modified Refine, easy +7 +8 +9 +10
Armor Enchant
Slotted Middle Headgears
Max Party Size: 12
Max Guild Cap: 24

• Game/Host Features •
Only 1 trusted Admin/Owner
Multiple Client: Enabled
DDoS Protected
Adelay system
Gepard Shield soon

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