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Author Topic: NewbFuryRO 3k/3k/6k  (Read 870 times)

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NewbFuryRO 3k/3k/6k
« on: Oct 31, 2017, 07:23 AM »
NewbFuryRO is a high rate private server to bring you
both PvP and PvE Content while
balancing them for the satisfaction of our players.
If you remember/played NoobFuryRO it is almost the same
but with other unique features.

To know more about NewbFuryRO please
feel free to checkout our Server Info (http://alderaminro.com/?module=server&action=status)
To view our latest news please visit our News! (http://alderaminro.com/?module=server&action=info)

If you have any concerns,
The NewbFury Team would like to help you out.
You may send us a pm on out Facebook Page NewbFury RO (https://www.facebook.com/NewbFury/)
Or hit us up directly at our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/Z9Hzebu)

Here are the features you'd like to know:

Rates: 3k/3k/6k
Base/Job lvl: 255/120 Trans Class
Max Stats: 255
Normal Card drops: 20%
MVP/Mini Boss card Drops: 5%

Game Play Features
Frost Server
MU Rebirth System. Max 10 (Additional Stats)
Weapon Skill 3rd Job Randomization
Advanced Refiner up to +20
No cast delay
Revamped Kiel Card
4 slot head gears
Global Drops
New Pots System
Stalker NPC
Mining System
Luk Based Status Resistance 400luk = 100%
Movement Skills are Binded when using Binding Skills (Close Confine,Ankle Snare etc..)
Renewal Mobs
Ported some renewal mechanics over to pre-re
MVP Bosses rescaled for higher difficulty
Instances has a "potential" to drop donate items
Customized PvE Content with Lore (Soon)
Close Eye on Class Rebalancing
Daily Bossing(Easy Mode)
Every Custom Item is Unique, No redundancy
Christmas Events Starting at December 1 until end of December!
Best time to join as it is the month of giving!
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