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Title: Overhaul?
Post by: BabyJosh on Feb 24, 2010, 09:23 AM
well i've been looking at the 3rd jobs and I think people need mroe variety when it comes to the number of characters you can pick from instead of just going and adding more skills for the same job practically

yeah there's 50+ Jobs but if you take out all of the "Buildup" Characters there are really only 14 Classes worth even using, and considering the world of midagard is a cosmopolitan and varied one, this should be reflected in the number of jobs a player can choose from; also I beleive that the trancendance mechanic is a farce and was just put in place to make people have to grind before having a character that is PVP Worthy.

Less Advancement, More variety!!

A few ideas That i may try one day:

-Scrap Trancendance and 1st Jobs and go straight to the 2nd
-More Gender based Classes (Kunoichi+Shinobi??)
-More original jobs (Noble, Mechanic, Tamer)
-Jobs based on the mercenary classes

Tell me what you think, i cant type much because this version of IE stinks!!