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Author Topic: I'm playing high rate 6k/6k/100% and MVP drop card is 10% need help on card  (Read 2487 times)

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Offline aces189

I need help in PvP my job is sinx and champion , everytime i go in they kill me , i don't know which monster card is suit for PvP , i want cards that got high atk and def , hard to kill me, if anyone know please reply and name the card

Thank You
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Offline aztigin41

does every job pawn you?
and what is the max stats?
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Offline Coach

sinx build

guaranteed none fail

EQUIPS ::::::::
Burning Blood Bandanna :: (str is extra win for the +20)

Sunglasses[1] // Glasses[1] ::
---Deviruchi card for blind immunity and str

crunch toast // cigar :: (this is a must have for pro-ness)

Glittering Jacket[1] // Chainmail[1] // Elemental Armors[1] (ie: volcano armor[1]):: (One for defence, one for owning icepick)
---EvilDruid(no freeze/stonecurse) // Ghostring (anti champion/ sacwhore pallies) // Angelring (element whores such as wiz)
---Tao Gunka (icepick whores).

Manteau[1] // Ragmuf
---Raydric // Devilring (anti-champ...use raydric if your poor) // Aliot (more str) // Giant Whisper

Boots[1] // Crystal Pumps
---Antique Firelock Soldier (no other choice!)

Ring[1] x2
---Mantis card



+10 Main Gauche[4] x?
---Two Hydras Two Turtle Generals is best combo imo.
---Thanatos Card w/ TG and hydra rapes most

Icepick x2



STR -- 200 (or w/e max is)
AGI -- 140-160
VIT -- 100 - 120
INT -- 0
DEX -- 170-190ish

Will continue tomorrow...
haven't played HR sinx in a while so bear with me and its 11 PM =(

Offline aztigin41

how do you plan to pvp on that gears?
the best thing you can do in a champ is to stay away from them...
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