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Author Topic: Warpportal Blocking European Region Access except for Russia and CIS Countries  (Read 3000 times)

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Offline DeePee

Another nail in the coffin for iRO I guess.  I imagine there'll be a nice new influx of players coming over to private servers though, if it's not already happening that is.


It is, we're starting to notice it already, haha.


Offline yC

Just took a look around the WP forum, to my surprise this EU ban is killing the RE:restart server that opened roughly one year ago.  It was said half the server population were banned because they are from the affected EU countries.  Sad for them, I guess these players wanted to play a classic official server a year ago when there weren't a more local official server available.  When WP said they are not going to bother with the GDPR most of us think they estimated the impact will be fairly small.  Still can't believe even if you settles for the official server, you could still be affected by things other than "server closed" or "owner ran away" that result in losing your account / hard work.

Offline yennar

even the website is blocked within Europe now?  /hmm

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Unfortunate that EU is closing down - would love to see RO continue to grow across all regions.

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