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Author Topic: Server help 2  (Read 1877 times)

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Server help 2
« on: Sep 14, 2007, 07:06 AM »
Alright, I am so close to getting my server up I can taste it, but its always one problem after another. I feel that I am getting close to success. Now... I've been to the eAthena forums and posted this problem there, and after a good 10 or so hours with no reply, I've come here.

When my char-server.exe is trying to connect to the login-server, the login server refuses the connection request made by char-server, and char-server shuts down.

Keep in mind, that I am trying to get up the SQL version, and not the TXT.

Please, someone solve this riddle?

In the SQL tutorial, it says I need to

Code: [Select]
change the last value in each section to the name of the new database.
Talking about this in inter_athena.conf - Maybe that has something to do with the problem? What am I supposed to do, the tut is very unspecific in some places, and this one confuses me.

Code: [Select]
// MySQL Login SQL Server
login_server_port: 3306
login_server_id: ragnarok
login_server_pw: ragnarok
login_server_db: ragnarok

// MySQL Character SQL server
char_server_port: 3306
char_server_id: ragnarok
char_server_pw: ragnarok
char_server_db: ragnarok

// MySQL Map SQL Server
map_server_port: 3306
map_server_id: ragnarok
map_server_pw: ragnarok
map_server_db: ragnarok

// MySQL Log SQL Database
log_db_port: 3306
log_db_id: ragnarok
log_db_pw: ragnarok
log_db: ragnarok

// MySQL Mail SQL Server
mail_server_port: 3306
mail_server_id: ragnarok
mail_server_pw: ragnarok
mail_server_db: ragnarok
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